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Chapter 18 : First Glimpse of the Honed Edge!


The response she heard had not come from Ling Mo Han but an ear splitting roar of rage from the ferocious beast before her eyes.

The moment the fierce roar sounded, the ma.s.sive and ferocious beasts had immediately coiled up and pounced towards the two of them, their wide jaws salivating heavily, exposing long fangs that gleamed, thirsting for blood, a sight that made people shiver in fright.

"Up the tree!" Ling Mo Han's icy gaze swept around, as he hollered in a deep voice.

Upon hearing his call to climb the trees, a wide smile came onto Feng Jiu's face. She had said that the uncle was a nice man!

"Uncle, you be careful yourself too." She slipped quickly up a huge tree beside her nimbly and hugged a wide branch to look down at the scene below, eager to see what kind of moves the uncle would be able to throw out.

But when she spied out of the corner of her eyes from her high vantage point the young man hidden behind them holding up a bow aimed right at the uncle below her, a cold coming glint immediately flashed in her eyes. Her mind raced as she saw one of the ferocious beast ramming itself into the big tree she was on. She released the arm hugging the branch and timed herself to fall off the tree at the same moment of impact from the beast's ramming.


Engaged with more than ten of the ferocious beasts, Ling Mo Han instinctively turned his head back to look and his face darkened slightly. [The troublesome one!] He was about to summon his powers to catch her when he saw her wink at him. Upon seeing that, his eyebrows creased together as he swung his sword at the ferocious beast charging in at him.

At the same moment, after Feng Jiu fell to the ground, she immediately picked up her legs and ran screaming: "Argh! Help!"

Her movements were queer. Obviously not possessing a sliver of mystical aura as she ran around haphazardly among the ferocious beasts, she had somehow avoided being hit. After running a circle around them, she did not run to hide behind Ling Mo Han but ended up running back the way they had come.

"Help me….."

The ten over men hidden behind a clump of trees not too far away saw Feng Jiu running in their direction, with her being chased by seven or eight of those ferocious beasts, and their faces suddenly paled.

"d.a.m.n it!"

The young man cursed softly. He hadn’t been able to get a good aim with the pulled back bow in his hand due to the erratic movements of the black robed figure in front of him and when he saw the ferocious beasts running towards them, he knew his a.s.sa.s.sination attempt had flopped, Hence, he quickly shifted the bow slightly to train his aim directly at the little beggar and released it.

"Ready yourselves for battle!" The middle aged man shouted out and his mystical aura flared out as he whipped out the short sword at his hip.

When she saw the young man release his arrow at her, the corners of Feng Jiu's mouth curled up like hooks, turning into a strange smile that looked decidedly sinister.

Once bitten twice shy, against people who had repeatedly tried to take her life, she would however not repeatedly spare them theirs.

Furthermore, her hands were beginning to itch. She would use this group of people to test her mettle in this world!

Her targets determined, her murderous killer instinct swarmed out, a chilling aura filled with a conqueror's overwhelming presence flared. Just by the change in her eyes and the aura emanating from her being, it had caused the middle aged man, their leader, to suddenly find his heart awashed in illogical fear, shuddering in absolute terror!

He had come across all kinds of people throughout his life, and he was acutely aware that the little beggar at this moment was a completely different person from before. His sudden dominating conqueror's presence, that chilling murderous aura, and that exhilarating air oozing with confidence within those eyes, was enough to make him tremble in fear.

But, this person possessed not a shard of mystical power. He believed that no matter how strong an aura the little beggar was able to push out, there was no way the little beggar can overpower him in battle!

Ling Mo Han's gaze fell into the little beggar girl as well, and his deep eyes flashed a bright glint.

As expected, she wasn’t such a harmless and simple girl as she portrayed herself to be. But thinking about it made him realised that he should have noticed the little beggar wasn’t an ordinary person. What kind of an ordinary girl would dare to enter the Nine Entrapment Woods alone?

However, without an ounce of mystical power in her, she would not be a match for those people.

But very soon, he came to yet another realisation that he had still underestimated her…..

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