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Chapter 1458 The heinous wasteland

“Not advancing within 3 months?”

Master Third Sun looked at her and suddenly smiled. “You’ve been here for some time. Have you ever heard of a place called the heinous wasteland?”

He paused and told her with a smile, “Perhaps you haven’t heard of it, but it doesn’t matter. I can tell you that this heinous wasteland, named precisely, is the place where the most vicious and fiendish people gather. They eat human flesh and drink human blood, and do all kinds of evil. There, only the strong can keep their lives. I think that is also the best place for people to gain experience. I believe that in such a vile habitat, people’s potential can be stimulated and it’s easy to enter the Nascent Soul stage. What do you think?”

Shangguan Wanrong couldn’t help but shiver. Even though her master showed a smiling expression, the smile didn’t reach his eyes. There was a weird and alarming look on the master’s face. That gaze and that smile gave her an extremely terrible sense of danger. She could not help but step back and keep some distance with him.

“I know. Don’t worry, Master! I will be promoted to Nascent Soul cultivator within three months and I will certainly live up to Master’s expectation.” She steadied her mind. “Master, if you have nothing else to tell me, I will go back first.”

“Go!” With a satisfied nod, he motioned for her to leave.

Shangguan Wanrong walked out of the room. Behind the door, she felt a slight shiver in her heart. A chill sprang up from the soles of her feet. Now she could be sure that her master wanted her dead!

However, she had no idea why. Why would he want her life? What was the use of her life to him? Why did he have to wait until she became a Nascent Soul cultivator?

Lost in thought, she left the ninth peak absent-mindedly. It was not until she heard Duan Mubai’s voice that she came to her senses.

“Junior Sister, are you all right?” Duan Mubai stepped forward. Noticing that she looked a little dazed, he couldn’t help worrying.

“It’s nothing. What could happen when I went to see Master?” She lifted her eyes to look at him, shook her head and said with a smile. “Senior Brother, I’m going back first.” Then she pa.s.sed him and went to her cave-dwelling.

Watching her leave, Duan Mubai wanted to stop her and ask what their Master told her after entering. However, when he saw her go far away, he opened his mouth but failed to say a word.

Even if he had a suspicion that his Master had a harmful intention for her, nothing had happened at the moment. As a disciple, how could he ask such a question?

He shook his head and sighed softly, following her toward the lower peak.

On the other side, when Feng Jiu came back to her cave dwelling, she saw the grown-even-fatter Green Hair clucking and pouncing at her. She was surprised when she saw Green Hair. “There you are! I was wondering why I didn’t see you when I entered the mystic realm. Can’t you get in?”

She chuckled. Anyway, she hadn’t bathed. She sat down at the cave’s entrance, took Green Hair in her arms and touched it. She told the chicken doubtfully, “When are you going to lay this egg? Eggs don’t usually stay inside for such a long time, right?”

“Cluck cluck cluck!”

Green Hair raised its head and clucked while flapping its wings. Feng Jiu had no idea what it was clucking for. Feng Jiu looked around and thought, then touched a Speech Pill. Should she feed the pill to Green Hair?

However, she rejected this idea altogether. If Green Hair spoke the human language, she would be in trouble.

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