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Chapter 138: Grandfather Awakens

"Get me a change of the water."


Guan Xi Lin went to get another basin of clean water in after pouring out the blood tainted one and this time, he saw that the blood flowing out had gradually regained to a normal bright red shade before he asked: "Is the poison purged?"

"There still some remnants not cleared out." Seeing that it was almost cleared, Feng Jiu gestured for the basin to be moved away and wiped the hand that was still stained with blood before covering the blanket over the Old Patriarch and walked over to the table.

"Big Brother, when it gets light, go get me the herbs based on this prescription. And get the herbs from several different places." Feng Jiu said as she scribbled the prescription for Guan Xi Lin.

Guan Xi Lin glanced through the prescription and nodded before he said: "Sure, I'll go get them once it's bright out."

At that same moment, the Feng Residence was a whirl of chaos.

Feng Xiao led his men out to search for the Old Patriarch and Murong Yi Xuan joined to help them. That night, everyone was made jittery as all of them created quite a ruckus which caused many people to know that Old Patriarch Feng of the Feng Residence had been abducted.

But, everyone were thinking it rather strange. They were thinking that it would be more reasonable if it was said that Feng Qing Ge was the one abducted as she was afterall the highly precious pearl of the Feng Residence and a peerless beauty at that. For the abductor to leave a peerless beauty alone but to seize an old man, and an old man who had recently been diagnosed as being afflicted by the demons of lunacy. Wouldn't all of this sound very strange?

Hence, the debates fired up, and people thought whether it was done by any enemies of the Feng Residence? Or was the culprit an enemy of Old Patriarch Feng himself?

Within the Feng Residence, in Feng Qing Ge's courtyard, a middle aged man came once again into her room.

"Mistress, I have checked on the ident.i.ties of the brother and sister pair."


"The man is called Guan Xi Lin, a member from a branch of the Guan Family in the Cloudy Moon City, but he had a falling out with the Guan Family recently and imposed self exile upon himself to set up his own House. He currently resides in a house in the southern part of the city. As for the girl, I have not been able to determine her origins and only know that she is the sworn younger sister of Guan Xi Lin. No one has seen her real countenance before she always has a veil across her face."

Hearing that, a murderous glint shone within Su Ruo Yun's eyes. [Even a sultry fox with unknown origins was able to make Murong Yi Xuan lose his mind, how very capable!]

"a.s.sign a few men from the Poison Clan to kill that Guan fella and as for that girl, bring her back for me. I would really like to see what kind of a face is hidden under that veil!" Her voice was filled with venom and when heard under the tranquility and quiet of the night, it sounded more horrifying than normal.

"Yes!" The middle aged man acknowledged respectfully.

"One more thing, look into who abducted the Old Patriarch and see where he's from. If he can be found, finish him off out there!"

An old man who became such a hindrance. If he had known what was good for him, she wouldn't have wanted to kill him, but being already so advanced in age, he had to still possess had such a hateful and infuriatingly sharp pair of eyes.

Since he had come in her way, then do not blame her for being merciless!

"Yes!" The middle aged man acknowledged once more, and seeing her waved her hand to signal dismissal, he turned around and left.

The Next Day, Morning

When Old Patriarch Feng slowly stirred awake, he saw a person resting against the side of his bed. He turned his head to the side to look and the badly disfigured countenance reflected right into his eyes. When he recalled the words that woman had said, his heart wrenched up and old tears rolled uncontrollably down his face to wet the pillow.

Just seeing that disfigured face already made his heart fill up with guilt but when he heard about how that woman had held a knife and slashed it across his Little Feng's face, that heart wrenching pain had inadvertently given birth to an unsupressable fiery rage from grief.

[His poor precious Little Feng! Such an obedient little child, but had had to suffer such injustice, how could his old heart bear to see that…..]

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