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Chapter 135: Pained for Old Patriarch Feng

"Lessen the hurt it would cause her? Do you realize that just by the fact you are suggesting to annul the betrothal, you are already causing grief to her?"

Feng Xiao stared at him angrily, and he stood up to further berate Murong Yi Xuan: "The two of you had grown up being so close to each other and had liked each other from a young age. I had thought that the two of you would wed this year and you are now telling me you want to break of the engagement. You tell me, aren’t you letting Qing Ge down by doing this?"

Atop the roof, Feng Jiu looked at the absolutely livid Feng Xiao. That was her Father, a father that loved his daughter more than his own life. But, it was also that over indulgent doting that blinded him so much from ever thinking of suspecting the changes that had come over his daughter. In his eyes, no matter how his daughter acted, or what she did, she would always be the best.

Towards Feng Xiao, Feng Jiu did really know what to feel. Disappointed? Not at all, afterall, he was not aware that she had been switched out right? Regardless from which perspective, he was still a good father, a father that loved her daughter deeply.

Resting her gaze upon Feng Xiao a moment, she then turned her eyes and her gaze feel upon the figure of Murong Yi Xuan. She had not expected him to come forward to call off the betrothal, but anyway, all of these happening before her did not concern her at all. She wanted to go find out where her Grandfather had been confined instead.

Carefully placing the roof tile back in place, she summoned her powers and leapt away, leaving the place silently as she went towards the back of the mansion…..

With the memories within her mind, she knew the way around the Feng Residence intimately and she came to her Grandfather's courtyard quickly. From what she could see, even if the Old Patriarch had been confined due to him being afflicted with the demons of lunacy, he would be locked up within his own courtyard. As the filial son her Father was to the Old Patriarch, Feng Xiao would not illi treat his own Father that badly.

"Let me out! Let me out! I’ll kill you! You venomous woman! Abhorrently venomous!"

Before even getting close to the place, one could already hear the Old Patriarch shouting. Moments later, Su Ruo Yun dressed in a light blue dress walked out from the room. As she shut the room’s door tight, she said shedding crocodile tears to the two Feng Guards at the door: "Grandfather is not well, make sure to look after him carefully."

"Rest a.s.sured Young Miss. Your subordinate will look after the Old Patriarch well." The two Feng Guards replied solemnly.

"Mm. I’ll come again tomorrow." Feng Qing Ge nodded, before walking away, her steps light.

Watching her leave, the two Feng Guards looked around to be sure no one’s around before one said: "Tell me, why do you think the Old Master keeps cursing the Young Miss? And keeps insisting she’s an imposter?"

"Isn't it said that many famous physicians had already come and they have all come to the same conclusion with their diagnosis? Haven’t they all said that the Old Master had become afflicted with the demons of lunacy? Think about it, if not, why would the Old Master go charging at the Young Miss with a sword to try to kill her?"

The Feng Guard scratched at his head and said rather puzzledly: "But that’s really very strange! The Old Master was perfectly fine before, why had he so suddenly become like this? I have a feeling that there’s something strange about this whole thing but I’m not able to put my finger on it."

"Then don’t bother about it so much. We will just have to watch the Old Master carefully and not let anything happen alright?"

The Feng Guard's voice had barely just dropped when they both gave a grunt and their bodies slipped unconscious to the ground.

Feng Jiu dressed in all black landed within the courtyard and after casting her gaze all around, she quickly slipped inside as she pushed the door open.

Alas, when she saw the Old Patriarch inside, her eyes immediately turned red rimmed and she ran over with a few quick steps as she called out in a choked voice: "Grandfather!"

The Old Patriarch was indeed confined within his own room as she had thought. But, what she had not expected to see was that the old man would be chained to his bed and left in such a disheveled state, his hair left in such a mess. His limbs were locked up with chains of mystical iron, his eyes unusually red and bloodshot with dark rings looking like bruises under those eyes. It was just a couple of days since she saw her Grandfather last and he had already lost so much weight.

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