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Chapter 100: Alarming All Sides


A cry of pain sounded and it could be seen upon the roof, the long sword within the Second Elder's hand had been sent flying with a well placed kick. The long sword sailed through the air and fell within the roaring flames below.

Having been kicked hard, his hand between his thumb and second finger was suddenly feeling numb and extremely sore, feeling as if the bones in his wrist had been broken by the kick. The pain spread through his arm and he was unable to lift it as it hung limply at his side, trembling slightly, his face pale as he stared at the red figure in front of him.

Against the bright glare from the raging fire below, the red figure looked even more dazzling to the eye, the jet black hair blown up by the night's wind, as if a pair of hands had gently lifted up her hair, to fan out behind her, flying against the night. The golden mask with its flamboyant mandara flowers in full bloom, making her seem all the more mysterious, unfathomable.

A bloodthirsty and murderous aura emanated from her body, highly intense, the aura so strong that it made his heart fill with fear.

It was to be expected. If the enemy was just a n.o.body, the several Elders that they were would not have fallen one after another under her hands, where even their Family Head had paid with the existence of the entire Xu Family all because of her…..

When that thought came into his mind, he clenched up his jaw tightly, and gathered all his mystical energies within to have them all surge to a point just below his navel. In a quick moment, his entire body bloated up very quickly like a rubber ball filled up with air, where the robe on his body split and tore from the sudden expansion, exposing the originally skinny body underneath.  

But, at that moment, that withered and skinny looking body was still continuing to swell, as the energies expanded explosively, stretching his skin to the point his veins are arteries underneath were clearly visible but looking as if he was about to explode at any moment.

"I've said it before. Even if I am to die, I will drag you down with me!"

The Second Elder shouted almost maniacally, his head of grey and white hair flying in a complete mess as the Qi surged all around him. His hands stretched wide open, and he leapt madly towards Feng Jiu, the speed that he moved at, suddenly doubling from when he had previously battled Feng Jiu.

When the old man down below saw that the Second Elder was inciting his own body to blow up to kill the girl together within the blast, the expression on his face immediately changed, and he shouted suddenly in an anxious fl.u.s.ter and exasperation: "d.a.m.n it! I told you I wanted her alive! Alive!"

He kicked his feet off from the ground and the grey robed figure instantly rose, his speed several times faster than the Second Elder who had every single ounce of his mystical energies drawn to a full surge.

Feng Jiu had immediately raised her guard when she had seen the maniacal look on the Second Elder's face. But, when she saw that he was going to detonate his mystical powers to bring her down together in mutual destruction, her eyes had showed shock, never having expected that the Second Elder would go this far for the Xu Family.

Immediately, she quickly retreated backwards, every single step taken trying to avoid him as quickly as possible. Afterall, the self detonation of a Master Warrior at the pinnacle level was not exactly a small joking matter and she wasn't prepared to pay for the slightest slip with her own life.

However, as she was beating a retreat, a grey robed figure leapt quick as a demon into the fray. She had not even gotten a clear glimpse of the figure before she saw him deliver a mighty kick into the Second Elder who was leaping straight towards her, sending him flying straight up into the sky.

"Argh! I refuse to concede….."

'Boom! Ka Boom!'

Resounding through the night sky, was the Second Elder's unreconciled voice filled with hatred trailing off. Before the voice ended, a loud boom of explosion was heard and the Second Elder's body exploded into smithereens high in the sky, giving out a huge earsplitting explosion. The bright flare of light that lit the skies and the loud boom completely shattered the still tranquility of the night, waking up almost the entire Cloudy Moon City in an instant.

Just as the cultivators within the Cloudy Moon City from varying regions were speeding towards this place, up upon the roof, the grey robed old man turned to face Feng Jiu, an amicable smile upon his face, but within that pair of eyes, was a gaze tinged with a kind of excitement, coupled with a strange glint, that stared at her as if those eyes were locked onto a prey.

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