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"Fire Dragon's Flying Slash!" Lance cried out as he unsheathed his katana before bringing it down upon the golem. A red light flickered as a picture of a Chinese fire dragon came out from his katana. The Chinese fire dragon proceeded to wreak destruction upon the path that it went across, eventually colliding into the golem which inevitably did not destroy upon contact. However, it was sent a considerably far distance which allowed the group to take this opportunity to leave.

"Earth Magic : Gigantic Hammer!" Sam said as the ground below him started to tremble. Soil started to fly upwards as it formed a gigantic hammer.

"MOVE!!!" Sam cried out as he launched the gigantic hammer at the golem. The golem which wasn't fast at all was forced to bore the full brunt of the attack which had also sent it flying a considerable amount of distance due to the amount of force the hammer was thrown at it with.

"Now! Everyone run towards the hill!" Elise said as she started to run. Everyone also started to run behind her as they looked behind once in a while to see how far the golems were.

"I am going to start setting the traps now!" Benji said once they made their way halfway up the hill.

"Alright! Be careful then! You will be the closest to the golems! Which also means you will be their target!" Elise said as she looked at him while she continued to run alongside the group.

"Don't worry about me! You all better hurry up and replenish all your energy so we can last these last five minutes!" Benji said as he was already beginning to create his pitfall traps at the speed where your average people couldn't see.

"As he said, we need to replenish all the energy we can before we fight. Who knows what they'll do in these last five minutes. We can never underestimate our enemies." Elise said as she looked at the group.

"What if they're actually extraordinarily weak. Can we underestimate our enemies then?" Chad asked her in a jokingly manner.

"And then their friends come that can beat you. Just because you underestimated them and let them go." Elise said as she shot Chad down.

"Ahh, I was just joking. Why do you have to say it like that?" Chad said.

"Because we could potentially die within these five minutes with these golems. Who knows if Sylvie will actually let us live after this. First of all, who was the one that decided to get her angry again?" Elise asked.

"Ah." Sam cried out as everyone pointed at him.

"Why are you all pointing at me?! Didn't you all do the same thing and reject her too!? Isn't it basically all of our faults?" Sam said as he looked at them.

"Well, you were the last one so it is technically your fault." Maria said as she looked at him.

"Hey, guys! The golems are coming now!" Benji said as he started going up the hill.

"Alright then! Prepare for combat everybody!" Elise said as she stood up and looked towards the bottom of the hill where the golems were approaching them.


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