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82 – Promoting To A Level-1 Warlock

Yang Feng’s eyes blurred and then he appeared inside the Gloom Cave’s headquarters.

That Plane Path formed from the countless strange symbols had almost crumbled at the same time.

That huge bronze gate directly shut itself along with clicking sounds.

Ten days later.

Giant-Stone City, in an ordinary aristocratic manor, in a room three storeys below ground, there were a variety of containers spread around. There was also ware made of transparent gla.s.s, reinforced gla.s.s, a special kind of gla.s.s and crystal, as well as a variety of culture tanks.

Yang Feng stood before a human-sized transparent crystal culture tank.

Inside the transparent crystal culture tank was a two-finger-sized lump of blood.

The two-finger-sized lump of blood was constantly rolling, from to time to time, it would congregate into the form of a mini Black Dragon, traces of terrifying dragon might diffused from that Black Dragon formed from the lump of blood.

That two-finger-sized lump of blood was a product on which Yang Feng had spent ten days. Moreover, Nr.3796 had constructed super-high-tech Patri dishes to continuously extract and purify the blood.

The entire dragon’s blood, which weighed 10,000Kg, was purified into merely two-finger-sized blood essence. That two-finger-sized blood essence was the Black Dragon’s blood-meridians that could be transplanted into one’s body.

Yang Feng pushed a b.u.t.ton, a syringe extended from that crystal culture tank and firmly p.r.i.c.ked his arm.

The two-finger-sized lump of blood exuding terrifying dragon might, under a mysterious power, directly entered Yang Feng’s body through that syringe.

When the entire Black Dragon’s blood essence entered Yang Feng’s body, he felt as if his entire body was combusting, severe pain spreading trough out his body, his entire body was swelling, almost succ.u.mbing to pain.

Yang Feng clenched his teeth, madly operating the best secret method of Black Dragon PaG.o.da, Black Dragon Morph. His entire body seemed to change to that of a Black Dragon, resulting in the Black Dragon’s blood essence merging with his flesh and soul.

Transplanting different kinds of blood-meridians into one’s body wasn’t so simple. If not for the secret method recorded by Black Dragon PaG.o.da, Yang Feng rashly transplanting the Black Dragon’s blood-meridians would have only death as his outcome.

Without a corresponding secret method, rashly merging with the blood-meridians of a different life form, it might result into the survival of one person for every hundred million.

Blood-meridian secret methods such as Black Dragon Morph and Magic Note’s t.i.tan, there where countless people dying in the experimental process that led to the creation of every one of them.

Yang Feng operated Black Dragon Morph, his body seemed to change to that of a Black Dragon, his blood boiling. Within his sea of knowledge, a soul seed containing the image of a Black Dragon absorbed countless soul force and slowly took form.

The moment after the soul seed took form, the image of a Black Dragon within the soul seed roared, a terrifying dragon might reverberating in his sea of knowledge, propping up Yang Feng’s see of knowledge.

Countless formless and colorless spirit force congregated into traces of faintly discernible mist, forming a spirit sea with Yang Feng’s soul seed acting as the core. The spirit sea spread in every direction.

Inside the spirit sea, suddenly the spell model Black Dragon Scales was formed.

Once the spell model stabilized, strands of mysterious soul force slowly spread from the soul seed.

Yang Feng only felt as if there was some kind of restriction being broken inside him, no longer able to bind him once more. An extremely formidable life force and a surging strength gushed out from the deep recesses of his body, flowing in an endless stream.

After a long time, Yang Feng opened his eyes, his eyes flashing brightly. His entire body was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with an unspeakable strength and power.

“Scan my physical const.i.tution!”

Yang Feng operated his formidable spirit force, after sensing the changes in his body’s reaction, his eyes flashed with a touch of delight: “I’ve finally promoted to a level-1 Warlock!”

Ordinary Orthodox Warlocks, once promoted to a level-1 Warlock, would have 200 to 300 years of life span. By gathering some life extending items, one could extend one’s life span to 300 to 400 years. But Blood-Meridian Warlocks, according to the transplanted blood-meridians’ life force, would have different life spans.

What Yang Feng had transplanted were the Ancient Black Dragon’s blood-meridians. Even if he didn’t do anything, with just his strength as a level-1 Warlock, he would still possess a life span of at least a 1,000 years. That’s precisely the advantage and terror of Blood-Meridian Warlocks.

If not for the fact that in the later stages of practicing cultivation as a Blood-Meridian Warlock, one would suffer from the shackles of the blood-meridians – as well as, it being difficult to obtain blood-meridians of a formidable beings. Orthodox Warlock Path would very likely have been eliminated a long time ago.

In fact, Second Warlock Dynasty was the only dynasty mostly composed of Blood-Meridian Warlocks, with Orthodox Warlocks being almost void of living s.p.a.ce.

Yang Feng thought somewhat regretfully: “Top-notch concentration of adult Black Dragon’s blood-meridians. Which is to say, without doing anything, I could just wait for some time and slowly promote to a level-3 Black Dragon Blood-Meridian Warlock. I’d only encounter difficulties when promoting to a Great Warlock. It’s a pity, if I could kill two more Ancient Black Dragons and extract their blood-meridians, only then could I obtain the complete Ancient Black Dragon’s blood-meridians. With Ancient Black Dragon’s blood-meridians, even if I didn’t do anything – then I could still slowly promote to a Great Warlock rank expert, and only when promoting to a Starry Sky Warlock would I encounter a bottleneck.”

Top-notch concentration of adult Black Dragon’s blood-meridians, such formidable blood-meridians were already enough for Yang Feng to slowly promote to a level-3 Warlock without doing anything. That was precisely the terror of a Blood-Meridian Warlock.

Bonney, the Master of Black Cottage, he had painstakingly practiced cultivation during his life, yet he still couldn’t pa.s.s through his bottleneck and promote to a level-2 Warlock. The difficulties that Warlocks face when promoting could be imagined.

After Yang Feng felt the changes in his body, he contemplated for a while and then immediately put on the helmet.

Giant-Stone City, in yet another manor, in a s.p.a.ce three storeys below ground. The s.p.a.ce had 10m thick walls made of super-alloy. A Liquid-Metal Robot quickly twisted and took Yang Feng’s appearance.

After the process of taking appearance had finished, then Yang Feng went to the center of that s.p.a.ce and carefully picked up the black box that he had gotten from the Gloom Cave’s headquarters.

Warlocks means were comprised of oddities of every description, there was no lack of formidable curses attached to many treasures. Even if Yang Feng had promoted to a level-1 Warlock, yet he was also unwilling to have a Warlock’s curse being attached to him.

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