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165 – Attacking Demonic Snake Fortress

Many of the different planes had G.o.ds guarding them. Those G.o.ds were very knowledgeable, and had a particular understanding of the World of Warlocks as many planes had been encroached by the 6th Warlock Dynasty’s mechanical golem legion.

If Yang Feng were to descend to another plane along with his mechanical legion from the beginning, then the only outcome would be him becoming an enemy of the entire plane. There was no issue if he won; but if he lost, then the entire mechanical legion would be destroyed. With his current strength, Yang Feng was still unable to challenge a G.o.d from the get go, much less become an enemy of an entire plane.

Yang Feng was also aware of Turandot Subcontinent’s power structure; therefore, only after the Portable Fortified Stronghold was successfully established could he truly start to launch an attack on the under world.

After the tremendous mechanical legion entered the under world and marched for more than a dozen kilometers, a huge and majestic fortress with a 100 m tall city wall and 9 five-story-tall Warlock Towers built above the city wall appeared before Yang Feng.

In the center of the huge Demonic Snake Fortress stood a 500 m tall large-scale Purification Tower. Traces of light were released from the large-scale Purification Tower, and shrouded Demonic Snake Fortress.

In the endless darkness of the under world, the Demonic Snake Fortress was like a shining pearl. Furthermore, the light released by Demonic Snake Fortress was very strangely limited to just 500 m outside the fortress. The area outside was still shrouded in endless darkness. Simultaneously, the various venomous insects in the under world weren’t attracted towards Demonic Snake Fortress via their phototaxes; this was a testament to the power of human Warlocks.

A lot of ordinary humans lived in Demonic Fortified Fortress; only thanks to the effect of the large-scale Purification Tower could ordinary humans live in Demonic Snake Tower without falling ill and dying.

Only by mastering knowledge pertaining to countless extraordinary life forms and by possessing great power could Warlocks build a fortress for humans in the greatly dangerous under world.

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!”

Yang Feng’s mechanical legion had just approached Demonic Snake Fortress, when resonant alarms reverberated in the fortress.

Dark elven elite warriors stationed in Demonic Snake Fortress quickly returned to their posts, and clenched the weapons in their hands while looking solemnly into the distance.

“Enemy raid!! How did they come so quickly?”

Beverly was secretly alarmed. She quickly changed into her Priest robe, grasped her scepter, and then rushed towards Demonic Snake Fortress’ city wall.

Among the dark elves, the 13 Tribes’ Matriarchs were Priestesses, while the Great Matriarch was a High Priestess. Regardless of whether the Matriarchs had previously been Wizards, Warlocks, or Druids, once they ascended the position of Matriarchs, they would become Priestesses; otherwise, they wouldn’t be acknowledged by G.o.ddess Lolth, and would have no way of becoming Tribal Matriarchs

In Turandot Subcontinent’s under world, Dark Elven Clan had adopted a theocratic rule.

As soon as Beverly had climbed up the city wall, she saw densely packed level-8 robots in the distance; she felt slightly cold inside: “How come there are so many powerful alchemical golems?”

Beverly wasn’t afraid of one or two level-8 robots, even if there was a 100 units, Beverly still had the confidence in destroying them. And even against a 1000 units, Beverly still had the confidence in destroying them and ultimately gaining victory by relying on the various Demonic Snake Fortress’ defensive weapons.

However, the number of the closely packed level-8 robots outside of Demonic Snake Fortress was so terrifying that Beverly was secretly somewhat despairing.

From amidst the densely packed robots came a voice urging them to surrender: “I’m Yang Tie, one of Steel City’s 10 Grand Marshals. People inside Demonic Snake Fortress, we’ll spare your lives if you immediately surrender and acknowledge allegiance to Steel City. Stay stubborn, and no one will be spared.”

“Iron City’s scrub, we will never surrender! Go to h.e.l.l!”

Beverly gave a furious roar, her figure shook, and she flew to the top of the city wall; she then aimed her level-3 secret treasure Star Splitting Bow at Yang Feng, frantically urged her life force, and shot an arrow.

A meteor-like dark-green radiance shot towards Yang Feng amidst the crowd of robots.

The level-8 Shield-troops guarding in front of Yang Feng raised their shields, and instantly released protective covers blocking in front of Yang Feng.

Once the dark-green arrow hit a level-8 Shield-troop’s level-3 protective cover, it instantly penetrated the cover, punctured the super-alloy shield, and pierced into the level-8 Shield-troop; the robot was sent flying, and then fell to the ground.

This scene set off a burst of cheers above the city wall, and raised tho morale of the dark elves.

Yet Beverly’s countenance was slightly pale, and her beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of dread. That single arrow of hers had been shot at full strength; she intended to pierce through the 10 Shield-troops, and then kill Yang Feng. Yet the arrow had just pierced through a single level-8 Shield-troop. The defensive strength of the mechanical Shield-troops had exceeded her imagination.

Yang Feng sneered: “Stupid!”

The figure of the level-8 Shield-troop shot by Beverly shook, and it stood up with the arrow still stuck in its body. As long as the control micro-chip, propulsion furnace, and other core components were not hit, then even if shot in the head, it still would have no effect on the level-8 Shield-troop.

After seeing it stand up, the eyes of the dark elves above Demonic Snake Fortress’ city wall flashed with a touch of dread and despair, and their morale plummeted.

Beverly was not only Demonic Snake Fortress’ commander, but also the most powerful being in the fortress. Her fighting strength was comparable to that of a human level-3 Warlock. A full strength strike from such a peerless expert hadn’t even taken care of a single alchemical golem; moreover, the alchemical golems down below numbered in the tens of thousands. This gap in military might was simply despairing.

Yang Feng waved his hand and said flatly: “Charge!”

A red light flashed past the eyes of the motionless beast-type Bladed-troops; the earth trembled along with the charge of 30,000 beast-type Bladed-troops.

“Fire the arrows! Fire the arrows!!”

From above Demonic Snake Fortress’ city wall, a rain of countless arrows was shot at the beast-type Bladed-troops. The arrows were immediately ricocheted once they hit the beast-type Bladed-troops’ protective cover.

The dark elves’ peerless archery which was envied by the rest of the world and feared by the under world’s countless races was useless before the beast-type Bladed-troops’ defensive covers; it was crushed by Yang Feng’s technology.

After seeing this, the pretty countenances of the dark elves changed, and their beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of dread.

Beverly shouted: “The Night Scimitar Ballistas, use the Night Scimitar Ballistas!!”

Embedded with 36 superior magic stones, 6 m long, decorated with countless delicate designs, and produced from the trunk of the precious Night Scimitar Holy Tree; Night Scimitar Ballistas were pushed onto the edge of the city wall.

Night Scimitar Ballistas were one of the most powerful military weapons of the dark elves’. Once launched, they could heavily injure or even kill Great Warlock rank experts. But as the manufacture of Night Scimitar Ballistas was exceedingly difficult, Demonic Snake Fortress had just 20 units.

20 dark elf Wizards stood behind the 20 Night Scimitar Ballistas; they silently recited incantations, pointed at the Night Scimitar Ballistas, and streams of magic radiances merged with the Night Scimitar Ballistas.

The 36 superior magic stones embedded in the Night Scimitar Ballistas had their powers frantically extracted; and in the blink of an eye, twenty Shadow Scimitars erupted, and slashed at the charging beast-type Bladed-troops.

The twenty razor-sharp Shadow Scimitars easily cut through the protective covers and chopped the beast-type Bladed-troops in half; each Shadow Scimitar had at least chopped 10 Bladed-troops into two halves.

More than 200 beast-type Bladed-troops were chopped in half with this attack; but it had also reduced 720 superior magic stones into smithereens.

When Yang Feng saw this scene, his eyes lit up, and he revealed a trace of a smile: “Those alchemical military weapons are really amazing; I must have them!”

Alchemical military weapons like the Night Scimitar Ballistas, the greater their might, the more Yang Feng was interested in them. In many planes, robots would be met with the attacks from G.o.d rank experts once they appeared, while alchemical military weapons like the Night Scimitar Ballistas, they fundamentally would not pique the interest of the G.o.ds.

After seeing something which he wanted, Yang Feng didn’t order the mechanical Artillery-troops to drown the enemy in an artillery barrage, but rather let the beast-type mechanical Bladed-troops to frenziedly charge head on at the Night Scimitar Ballistas.

The Night Scimitar Ballistas had just fired 2 volleys and had chopped more than 500 beast-type mechanical Bladed-troops in two, when the remaining Bladed-troops had already reached in front of Demonic Snake Fortress’ city wall.

At this moment, Beverly waved her lily-white hand, and a round of Rousing Magic Powder was released to flutter in the wind, before sprinkling on the black Giant Vampire Rattans winding Demonic Snake Fortress’ city wall.

The black Giant Vampire Rattans were extraordinary plants which took Beverly’s family, Cartman Family, 500 years to nurture. Once sprinkled with the Rousing Magic Powder, they would instantly evolve into Darkness Wisdom Treants.

All of a sudden, the originally still black Giant Vampire Rattans rose violently, and ferociously whipped at the beast-type mechanical Bladed-troops, flinging them away.

Hundreds of best-type mechanical Bladed-troops were flung away by the Darkness Wisdom Treant morphed Giant Vampire Rattans. Along with the terrifying power, many of the beast-type Bladed-troops had their protective covers crushed, their bodies twisted, and their components scattered everywhere.

Beverly heaved a slight sigh of relief. The Darkness Wisdom Treants were one of their family’s strongest military weapons. Once released, then even a powerful army would find it difficult to overcome their defensive perimeter.

After seeing this scene, only now did the dark elves above the city wall heaved slight sighs of relief.

“Take them down!” Yang Feng watched the Darkness Wisdom Treants wreaking havoc all over the place, and then said coldly.


Translator’s Note: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnJdqZ2eTuQ

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