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141 – Cookson and Rimont

Yang Feng said with slightly creased eyebrows: “When is it? I might not have the time for it!”

Angelina’s eyes shined and she said with a charming smile: “It’s right now, go to the Fiery Dragon Race Track. It’ll only take you half a day. I think that it’ll be a great experience.”

Yang Feng immediately boarded the Type 1 Lightning Dragon, the doors automatically closed. He said towards Angelina with a smile: “What are you waiting for?! Let’s roll.”

The Fiery Dragon Race Track was St. Rose City’s most well-known race track. It had a length of more than 450 kilometers. The long track had slopes, sharp turns, cliffs, tall mountains, sand dunes, hills and other types of landscape. In St. Rose City, it was the favorite gathering spot for racing zealot princeling Warlocks.

Magic sports cars had a selling price of at least 10,000 magic stones, with a fuel efficiency of 1 inferior magic stone per 200 kilometers. Only powerful Warlocks or exceedingly wealthy princeling Warlocks were eligible to have the financial resources to play with magic sports cars.

While following behind Angelina, Yang Feng arrived outside the entrance to the Fiery Dragon Race Track, only to see several dozens magic sports cars with very eyecatching shapes parked.

Many youngsters were gathered next to the magic sports cars, with handsome men a beautiful women everywhere. At the same time, formidable life forces were emitted from those youngsters, with most being Apprentice Warlock rank life forces, but there was no lack of level-1 Warlock rank life forces.

In a small princ.i.p.ality like Fernandro Princ.i.p.ality, level-1 Warlocks were regarded as exceedingly rare experts. But in St. Rose City, they were nothing special.

When Yang Feng’s Type 1 Lightning Dragon arrived at the Fiery Dragon Race Track, it immediately attracted the gazes of countless people.

The extravagant and luxurious ten-seated convertible Type 1 Lightning Dragon sports car and its elegant mould, it was a very rare sight on the Fiery Dragon Race Track.

“A golden sports car, that’s so basic!”

“A ten-seated convertible magic sports car, why is it here? This is Fiery Dragon Race Track!”

“To actually make a fool of oneself by bring here such a basic vehicle, did this b.u.mpkin crawled out from under a rock?”

Ridiculing voices came from the crowd. The Type 1 Electric Dragon was plated with a layer of thick gold and embedded with numerous gems. On earth, it would definitely make countless young ladies shriek, with countless beautiful women submitting before this super luxurious sports car.

But in the World of Warlocks, gold was just slightly higher in value than silver and copper. The truly expensive stuff were the magic cores of the various demonic beasts, demons and extraordinary life forms as well as magic crystals.

Yang Feng listened to the voices of mockery coming from the surroundings, his face twitching. He turned towards Eunice and the other ladies in the back to look: “Different worlds really have different aesthetics, I’m even being looked down by these guys. No wonder Angelina’s expression had been so weird.”

Only to see Eunice cover her smile and Dephilia, the ice-cold loli, revealing a trace of a smile. They were Warlock royalties, they naturally knew that the appearance of the Type 1 Lightning Dragon would seem extremely basic to magic sports cars enthusiasts.

Once Angelina exited her car, she attracted gazes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with adoration, envy, jealousy and other complicated feelings to focus on her.

A blue-eyed bombsh.e.l.l with a golden pony tail, similar features to Angelina’s and dressed in black tight-fitting clothing. But her facial features seemed to be somewhat immature. The seemingly 15 of 16 year old young girl smiled happily as she walked up to them: “Angelina jie–jie, you came! If I’m not mistaken, the man beside you should be Steel City’s Yang Feng.”

The young girl had just spoken, when gazes from all over focused on Yang Feng.

“That is Steel City’s only successor, Yang Feng?”

“Is it that lucky waste Yang Feng?”

“After Snow White Madam joined, Steel City became a force second only to the six great Warlock groups. It turned out to be Steel City’s only successor! Such a lucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Steel City’s City Lord cares so much about him. Even though he’s a wast, he can still practice cultivation until an official Warlock.”

“Yeah. Reportedly, all of Steel City’s resources are being deviated towards him. Him coming to St. Rose City, is it because of the Rose Divine Pool?”


Gushed discussions were heard from the crowd of youngsters. Practically all of the youngsters looking at Yang Feng had their gazes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with envy and jealousy.

When Snow White Madam Dephilia, when this Great Warlock joined, Steel City immediately soared in status, becoming a first-rate Warlock group second only to Turandot Subcontinent’s six great Warlock groups. As Steel City’s only successor, Yang Feng naturally attracted the envy and jealousy of those princeling Warlock youngsters.

The more powerful a life form was the more difficult it became for it to reproduce. Once humans had promoted to Warlocks, their being would suffer a terrifying evolutionary transformation, with their stage of being changing. After evolving to an official Warlock, one’s success rate in reproduction started to decline swiftly. The more powerful a Warlock was, the more difficult it was for one to reproduce.

But in this World of Warlocks, human Warlocks had already overcome this great challenge by devising an elixir capable of upgrading their success rate in reproduction. Raising a Warlock’s success rate in reproduction to the level of an Apprentice Warlock. Therefore, in the Turandot Subcontinent, the majority of forces’ leaders had countless descendants. It was practically impossible to become the sole successor of those forces.

As Steel City’s sole successor, Yang Feng’s status was extremely distinguished and even somewhat higher than that of Rose Empire’s first successor, Angelina. As Rose Empire’s first successor, Angelina still had to face many other successor competing with her. As for Yang Feng, it was already preordained that he would succeed the terrifying force known as Steel City.

Angelina’s beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a peculiar glow as she said with a smile: “Pix mei–mei. That’s right, he’s Yang Feng.”

A young man with a tall and st.u.r.dy figure, a head full of short crimson hair and a valiant aura around him; with a mocking expression, the young man arrived beside Pix and sneered: “Yang Feng, that is, the waste Yang Feng with an inferior level-1 soul apt.i.tude? You’re merely a silk pants that commits all sorts of crimes by relying on his family’s forces. Right now, you wouldn’t even be an Apprentice Warlock if it wasn’t for your family’s help!”

A young man dressed in a Warlock’s white robe with a tall and thin figure and a handsome appearance walked over with a smile and threatened without a trace of hot temper: “Yang Feng, you waste, don’t be so close to Angelina! Otherwise, I don’t mind putting you to rest and then send your body to your uncle. That definitely would be very amusing.”

More than a dozen youngsters faintly emitting official Warlock rank life force swiftly gathered beside the man with short scarlet hair and the man wearing a Warlock’s white robe. They all adopted expressions of ridicule as they looked at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng’s eyebrows creased slightly. He turned towards Eunice and Dephilia and asked: “What’s the matter with those two brainless idiots? They actually dare spout nonsense in front of me?”

Judy and Shi Xue didn’t had much experience; therefore, it was impossible for them to recognize these two men.

Dephilia said apathetically: “I’m not familiar with those n.o.bodies.”

Eunice’s beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of graveness and she said lightly: “The red-haired man should be Savage Claw’s strongest genius of this generation, Blood Beast King Cookson. The other should be White Ivory’s Little Thunder King Rimont.”

Eunice sent mentally: “Every time Rose Garden holds a Warlock convention, it isn’t just to open the Rose Divine Pool for the most outstanding geniuses to practice cultivation, but also to select sons-in-law for the most outstanding maidens of Rose Garden. The Warlock convention hosted by Rose Garden is actually a marriage convention. In Turandot Subcontinent, many peak experts have a wife or a lover from Rose Garden. Anyone with the intention to mess with Rose Gardens must take into account the reaction of those peak experts.”

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a touch of understanding: “I see. In this case, although Rose Garden isn’t considered to be the strongest among the six great Warlock groups, but it’s definitely the most difficult to deal with.”

Rose Garden held a Warlock convention every few years, gathering Turandot Subcontinent’s young genius Warlocks and then picking the most outstanding genius Warlocks for marriage. As a result, Turandot Subcontinent’s peak experts had inextricable connections with Rose Garden. Even the remaining five great Warlock groups had many people married with Rose Garden’s female Warlock. Therefore, no one dared to mess with Rose Garden; otherwise, they would risk becoming enemies with Turandot Subcontinent’s genius Warlocks.

Eunice continued to send mentally: “Angelina is Rose Garden’s first successor. If you can take her as your wife, then as her husband, you’ll definitely receive access to tremendous resources once she succeeds the t.i.tle of Empress. Beside the Rose Divine Pool, Rose Garden still has many other secret treasures second only to divine armaments. Those secret treasures are definitely capable of further transforming people.”

Yang Feng finally understood: “No wonder these two rushed over akin to dogs in heat. It turns out that the hidden benefits are this huge.”

Rose Empire was one of the strongest empires in Turandot Subcontinent. Once Angelina succeeds the t.i.tle of Empress, then she would wield tremendous resources. Although she would need to hand over the majority of those resources to Rose Garden, but the rest of the resources, which was an exceedingly terrifying amount, she could allocate to her self. As her Prince, the benefits would definitely be immense.

Cookson’s eyes flashed a touch of a fierce glint, his body became shrouded in a thick layer of killing intent and he threatened coldly: “Yang Feng, you even dare insult us? Does Steel City actually want to betray humanity, become a disgraceful traitor and seek refuge with the under world’s allied forces?”

With the under world’s allied forces bearing down menacingly, sweeping everything wherever they pa.s.sed through; some human Warlocks who didn’t escape in time would choose to betray humanity and seek refuge with the under world’s allied forces.

“What kind of nonsense is this? You dare to frame me?” As I see it, you two are trying to instigate a rift in the relationship between Steel City and Rose Garden, it’s clear that you’re traitors of humanity. Angelina, let my guards chop those traitors of humanity into pieces as a warning.”

The two units standing guard behind Yang Feng pressed the Dimensional Crests on their chests. Immediately after, two six meter tall level-8 beast-type Bladed-troops shot out of the Dimensional Crests.

The two level-8 best-type Bladed-troops strait forwardly launched in a flash and madly chopped, with their high frequency oscillation blades, at Cookson and Rimont, the two young geniuses from Savage Claw and White Ivory respectively.

Cookson’s eyes flashed with a touch of horror, he gave a furious roar, erupted with the terrifying life force of a pinnacle level-2 Warlock and morphed into a three meters tall gorilla with red fur, alike a burning flame.

After morphing into a red-furred gorilla, Cookson took out an up to three meters long wolf tooth club and vigorously brandished it, striking at the high frequency oscillation blade of a beast-type Bladed-troop and knocking it away.

Rimont had lightning streaking on his body, seemingly reining over it. He didn’t retreat but rather advanced. In a blink of an eye, he avoided the attack of the beast-type Bladed-troop and then weirdly appeared in front of Yang Feng. He kicking at Yang Feng, bringing lightning along.

A transparent protective cover instantly flashed and blocked in front of Yang Feng. Rimont hit the transparent cover, setting of ripples, before shooting backwards. His eyes flashed with a touch of graveness.

In front of Yang Feng appeared a six meters tall level-8 Shield-troop with a huge shield.

“Stop!” Angelina’s eyebrows arched, before emitting the terrifying life force of a level-3 Warlock. she swept Yang Feng and the other two with a dignified glance and said coldly: “This is St. Rose City. Here, you must abide by Rose Empire’s laws. Any grudges that you might have, leave them outside Steel City and settle them in private. Once you leave St. Rose city, it’s non of my concern if you fight or not, but those who fight in St. Rose City, they will be treated as Rose Garden’s enemies.”

“Morons, haven’t you heard her? Why haven’t you stopped yet? Or could it be that you want to become enemies with Rose Garden? Are you deaf,  you ugly red-furred orangutan?!” Yang Feng snapped his fingers and the several level-8 primary battle robots shot back into the Dimensional Crests of his guards staying behind him. At the same time, he didn’t forget to ridicule them.

Cookson was so angry when he heard that remark, that his eyes almost spurted flames. He clenched his fists, his entire body surged with a killing intent and he took a step forward.

Angelina had a slight headache as he glared at Yang Feng. Without batting an eyelid, she took a step forward, blocked in front of Yang Feng and coldly watching Cookson.

Rose Garden’s dignity was not to be violated. If Cookson didn’t stop, then Angelina would definitely suppress him.

Rimont said solemnly: “Enough! Cookson, stop it! We’re at St. Rose City!”

Cookson’s expression changed several times. He finally clenched his teeth, his figure shook and swiftly reverted to its human form. He glared hatefully at Yang Feng.

Translator’s note: basic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaghIdSJKvQ

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