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135 – Profiting From Another’s Misfortune

“At last he’s dead. Great Warlocks are really hard to deal with.” Yang Feng walked out from amidst that huge mechanical legion, looked at Israel’s corpse that was dragged until in front of him and heaved a long sigh of relief.

To the current Yang Feng, defeating a Great Warlock rank expert was easy, but to kill a Great Warlock was nevertheless very difficult.

Yang Feng had to first lure him in, then heavily injure Israel by detonating fifty thousand primary battle robots and then follow up with surprise attacks. That’s the reason why he could kill Israel.

In Turandot Subcontinent, seven human Great Warlocks were individually killed by either a.s.sa.s.sins or teams of three to four Great Warlocks. In a one on one confrontation, it was very difficult for a Great Warlock to kill another great Warlock. Only if a Great Warlock had a special secret treasure or had strength approaching a Starry Sky Warlock’s, only then would it be possible for him to kill another Great Warlock in a one on one confrontation.

Engineering robots arrived from afar and started gathering all the wreckage from the battle field.

Although fifty thousand primary battle robots had detonated, but as long as their wreckage was gathered and a bit of energy was consumed, then they could be manufactured anew.

In Steel City’s sphere of influence, Yang Feng had already built quite a few large nuclear power plants. With their support, there was no shortage of energy until the Portable Fortified Stronghold was upgraded to a level-2 Portable Fortified Stronghold. It was only because of this that he would so decisively detonate fifty thousand primary battle robots.

“A cute and adorable loli. Snow White Madam, an expert famous for more than a century in Turandot Subcontinent. How come she’s a loli? The World of Warlocks is really wonderful.”

As soon as he entered the valley, Yang Feng saw Snow White Madam in the chunk of ice and his eyes lit up.

“Steel City’s people? I’m Snow White PaG.o.da’s Snow White Madam. I’m very grateful for saving me. After I recover, I’ll compensate you accordingly.” A cold voice came from within that chunk of ice.

Yang Feng said with a slight smile: “I’m a subordinate of Steel City’s Yang Feng Daren, the fifth division’s division commander, Yang Tong. Snow White Madam, I’m officially inviting you to join Steel City.”

An angry voice arrived from the chunk of ice: “You want to profit from my misfortune?”

Yang Feng said with a slight smile: “It’s up to you how you look at it. Steel City’s alchemy is peerless under the heavens, but is still lacking in terms of high-end combat strength. Therefore, we need for you to join Steel City.”

Snow White Madam said coldly: “Impossible! I’m the Master of Snow White PaG.o.da, I definitely won’t join any other forces.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Now I’ll have to apply some fairly crude methods!”

Yang Feng snapped his fingers. The Mechanical Black Dragon slapped its wings and dropped from the sky like a small mountain. It opened it’s mouth and instantly shot from it’s dragon breath gun, bombarding the chunk of ice protecting Snow White Madam.

Under the bombardment from the dragon breath gun, the thin layer of the chunk of ice covering Snow White Madam was weakened.

300 Gunner-troops quickly activated their external flamethrowers. They spurted long flame dragons, shrouding the chunk of ice covering Snow Ice Madam in flames and weakening it in the process.

That Mechanical Demonic Polar Bear gave a furious roar. It rushed inside the flames, brandished its huge bear paws and fiercely slapped at the chunk of ice covering Snow White Madam. With each slap, the huge chunk of ice would be sent flying. The huge chunk of ice covering Snow White Madam was continuously weakening.

Yang Feng smiled and tried to sway Snow White Madam’s mind with his words: “Snow White Madam, you can still join Steel City. After all, we are a human force. As long as you join Steel City and are willing to work for Steel City, then You’ll definitely receive the appropriate courtesy. If you continue to be so obstinate, then once you surrender and loose the initiative to join; at that time, you won’t have as high of a status.”

From the chunk of ice came an infuriated voice: “Scoundrel, you’re just a vulture!

“Very well, then I’m a vulture.”

“Your shameless!”

“If you say that I’m shameless, then I’m shameless!”

A round of expletives came from the chunk of ice with Snow White Madam within it. But she obviously had an excellent upbringing; and so, she would only use a few benign expletives repeatedly; like shameless, vulture, despicable and others. Yang Feng would also cheekily let her scolded him.

Snow White Madam scolded for a while, then went silent for a moment, before saying dispiritedly: “Stop your attacks! I agree to join Steel City.”

The crystal clear chunk of ice domain couldn’t withstand the attacks of Yang Feng’s mechanical legion. At most, the chunk of ice domain would last for several hours before collapsing.

Yang Feng raised his hand and the attacks ceased.

Snow White Madam promptly dispersed the chunk of ice surrounding her and fell weakly to the ground. An aura of deathly stillness spread from her small abdomen and swiftly reached her pretty face, making her look extremely haggard.

The Legend rank dagger Kiss of the d.a.m.ned had a very scary curse attached to it. Even a Great Warlock rank expert like Snow White Madam, once she got stabbed by it, she would have her life force slowly drained until finally dying.

Merely being stabbed by the Kiss of the d.a.m.ned, a Great Warlock like Snow White Madam had her means of coping with it. But she was also heavily injured by Israel’s sneak attack. And when she escaped until here, she no longer could suppress the Kiss of the d.a.m.ned’s powerful curse and could only choose to get herself icebound.

“Quite the strong curse. I’ll come up with a method to help you get rid of it.” Yang Feng’s eyebrows crease slightly. He pressed the Dimensional Crest on his chest, retrieved a syringe with liquid nano-robots, p.r.i.c.ked Snow White Madam’s right hand with it and then injected the Liquid Nano-Robot Elixir into her.

As soon as those liquid nano-robots entered Snow White Madam’s body, more than half of them were immediately destroyed by her strong vitality.

The true bodies of Great Warlock rank formidable beings had extremely terrifying immunity, their formidable life force being capable of destroying a lot of foreign bodies. A lot of toxins had no effect on Great Warlocks.

Yang Feng was slightly alarmed within: “Amazing! Great Warlock rank experts are really scary. It seems that its necessary to get more knowledge pertaining to Warlocks or manufacture a level-2 Portable Fortified Stronghold to upgrade the level of technology. Otherwise, the liquid nano-robots won’t be able to continue exercising their control over the stronger beings.”

Liquid nano-robots was a practically infallible method that Yang Feng used to control others. But now that he used it on Snow White Madam, more than half of the liquid nano-robots were destroyed, making him greatly alarmed and alert.

But Snow White Madam was seriously injured, with the decline of her physique being very eye-catching. Her life force was also greatly impaired and therefore didn’t kill all the liquid nano-robots that invaded her body.

The liquid nano-robots absorbed Snow White Madam’s strength and life force and swiftly matured, seemingly becoming a part of her while merging with every nook and cranny.

After seeing this, only then did Yang Feng heaved a slight sigh of relief and revealed a trace of a smile.

The data pertaining to the evolution of the liquid nano-robots was obtained first-hand by Yang Feng. With this first-hand data, Nr.3796 could quickly develop a Liquid Nano-Robot Elixir capable of controlling Great Warlocks.

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