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106 – Landing In Satsuma Marquisdom

Baelon City was the capital of Satsuma Marquisdom and was located in the center of the marquisdom. Baelon City was a large city in the Satsuma Marquisdom, its population reaching up to 800,000 people.

At this time, the outside of Baelon City was crowded with countless refugees.

The allied forces of the under world’s races commanded by the dark elves attacked the surface world and easily breached the Demonic Snakes Fortress. This information at once frightened countless humans, with large amounts of aristocrats and freedman rushing towards Baelon City.

A twenty meter long black Magic Carpet appeared in the sky.

Everyone on the ground immediately looked up at the black Magic Carpet in the sky, a touch of reverence flashing in their eyes. Only beings that exceeded mortal limitations such as Warlocks could ride a secret treasure like the Magic Carpet.

Yang Feng looked down from the black Magic Carpet, taking in the entire view of the ground thanks to his extraordinary eyesight.

Yang Feng said with some surprise: “There are actually people maintaining order! That’s truly surprising!”

Eight warriors maintained the order in front of the city gate, guiding the crowd of refugees into Baelon City.

Yang Feng had already received the information that Johan had completely withdrawn all his forces from Satsuma Marquisdom. Most of Baelon City’s forces had already been evacuated. He originally had imagined that he’d find an utterly chaotic Baelon City, yet the reality was different.

That Magic Carpet was a secret treasure belonging to Eunice. Although she was merely a pinnacle level-1 Warlock, but she was a Blood-Meridian Warlock and possessed a lot of treasures.

Eunice smiled slightly and explained: “It’s not surprising! Although Satsuma Marquisdom belonged to Johan, but there are still a lot of properties belonging to aristocrats and merchants. Of course they would organize themselves and maintain order in order to protect their own a.s.sets.”

Yang Feng looked somewhat regretfully at the Warlock PaG.o.das on the city wall and said with a slight sigh: “Unfortunately, these Warlock PaG.o.das are useless after the majority of Warlocks evacuated.

As the capital of Satsuma Marquisdom, Baelon City had 9 five-story Warlock PaG.o.das build above the city wall. If there were 9 level-3 Warlocks overseeing the 9 five-story Warlock PaG.o.das, then they would be even able to contend against Great Warlocks.

Unfortunately, all of Baelon City’s great Warlock families had already followed Johan and left the city. Only a few lesser aristocrats remained; therefore, the staff quota of the 9 five-story Warlock PaG.o.das basically couldn’t be filled and their terrifying power capable of contending against Great Warlocks couldn’t be displayed.

There were no valiant Warlocks defending; therefore, Yang Feng and his party easily flew into Baelon City on the Magic Carpet and continued towards the Palace.

Fire was rising from the Palace.

Yang Feng looked at the Palace, only to see several hundred thugs entering the Palace as well as setting it on fire. Simultaneously, countless feces, urine and other disgusting things were thrown into the Palace along with uninterrupted cries and curses.

The Palace was unlike a Warlock PaG.o.da, it was the place where Johan enjoyed mortal pleasures. There was a large Neutralization PaG.o.da capable of completely neutralizing the formidable life force released by level-3 Warlocks build in in the Palace, so that the formidable life force released by level-3 Warlocks couldn’t combine with the various buildings and form all kinds of strange phenomena. It was precisely because of this that those thugs could only break into the Palace and didn’t dare to break into the Warlock PaG.o.das.

“So troublesome! Kill them all!” Yang Feng frowned slightly and ordered coldly.

The kneel sitting Judy sitting beside Yang Feng pressed slightly the Dimensional Crest on her chest and 10 level-4 human-shaped Bladed-troops immediately flew out from it. They then landed on the ground and immediately rushed towards the Palace.

“Warlock! A Warlock arrived!!”

“Everyone run!!”


Suddenly, terrified cries and incomparably mournful shrieks were emitted from the Palace.

The more than three hundred thugs inside the Palace were ma.s.sacred by the expressionless Bladed-troops before long.

Those watching the Palace from the shadows successively inhaled a mouthful of cold air when they saw this scene, realizing that a character not to be trifled with arrived at the Satsuma Marquisdom.

Blood flowed in rivers trough the entire Palace, with a heavy stench of blood pervading it. After leaving Eunice to manage the affairs of the Palace, Yang Feng took Judy, Shi Xue and 10 level-4 Knight rank mechanical golems to stroll around Baelon City.

Eunice possessed extremely pure ancient Star Rock Crow’s blood-meridians. She was not only a genius in cultivation but also very intelligent and proficient in management. She had a huge industry in Southern States Coalition, with the economic lifelines of quite a few princ.i.p.alities under her control. If she wasn’t worried about Aldrich extracting her blood-meridians, then she would have already broken through and promoted to a level-2 Warlock with her talent.

Eunice’s power could be imagined when a formidable level-1 Warlock born from a Taboo Stone like Shi Xue wasn’t her match.

Yang Feng felt a.s.sured in handing Eunice the management of Satsuma Marquisdom’s affairs after becoming aware of her talents.

Steel City was in an immaculate state under Nr.3796 charge, with the only drawback being the lack of flexibility. There was no flexibility with the territory development and the autonomous operation. This was its sole weakness.

Yang Feng felt that the perfect combination would be by building an organized regime through the union of Eunice’s flexibility and Nr.3796’s subordinate robots.

“Save me! Help me!!”

All of a sudden, the voice of a girl crying out in distress was emitted not too far in front from Yang Feng.

Yang Feng looked at the direction from where the voice came only to see four sinister-looking scoundrels with playful expression surrounding a young lady and tearing apart her clothing. Reducing her to tears and leaving her clothing in tatters.

“Such a pretty girl, even more beautiful than Judy, although her figure is slightly worse than Judy’s.” Yang Feng swept the young lady with his gaze and his eyes brightened slightly.

“Mother f.u.c.ker, what you lookin’ at?!”A blond scoundrel with a face covered in pockmarks turned and swept Yang Feng with a glance, then took out a dagger and gestured at Yang Feng before saying menacingly: “Scram; otherwise, I your father ‘m going to stab a b.i.t.c.h to death!”

The rest of the scoundrels also took out their daggers and loudly threatened the surrounding residents.

Everyone in the vicinity revealed fearful expressions as they successively hid in their homes, not daring to go out. The public security worsened by the day ever since Johan withdrew all of his forces from Baleon City. Even though there were still some aristocrats’ personal troops maintaining order, but they were still quite lacking.

That beautiful young woman looked up and revealed a lovely and pitiful look as she pleaded Yang Feng: “Help me! Please help me big brother!”

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