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With the orders from the Bureau Chief, the health enforcer issued the violation ticket and set a time limit for Bai Lu to rectify the problem. However, he did not seal the restaurant. Perhaps, it was because there were still many people in the restaurant. If he really wanted to shut it down, and the girls refused to come out, then there might be a potential to create a catastrophe.

Bai Lu felt extremely drained, he thought, "Why are there so many minor problems? From the day that I started the business, except for the renovation and off days, there were only a total of about ten days of operations. However, there have already been all sorts of problems that never seem to end. What the h.e.l.l am I doing? All these stray dogs and cats have the audacity to show up and flash their fangs. How could I let them bully me like this."

"All I have ever wanted was to live a life of peace. How could it be that such a simple request would be so unachievable?"

"It seems like I have to become much more powerful than this. I have to become powerful enough that no one would dare to cause trouble for me so that I can live a carefree life where I can do anything I please."

His dad made him come to the Northern City to make a name for himself, and Zhang Sha Sha wanted him to help that young girl. However, all Bai Lu ever wanted was freedom. At this point in time, all three different goals were consolidated into one: He had to become famous; He had to strengthen himself.

Before today, his original plan was to buy a new store apartment, with the restaurant on the first floor and the house in the second. However, with the increasing requests flowing in, that plan to purchase the store apartment seems to be somewhat unsuitable.

When w.a.n.g Dong finished his call, he came over to Bai Lu and whispered, "Do you want to make a call?"

His superiors recommended to him: "Let them deal with it by themselves. You guys do not have to do anything, as long as you do not draw any hostility towards yourselves."

"Do not draw any hostility? How could it be that easy."

w.a.n.g Dong had no choice but to present friendliness and to make it more convenient for Bai Lu.

After hearing w.a.n.g Dong's question, Bai Lu felt somewhat helpless, and he thought, "Should I call Gao Yuan or He San Qing? Or could it be that I have to call the secretary to the Vice-Premier?"

He did not want to look for Gao Yuan and He San Qing; He also did not want to trouble the Vice-Premier over such a trivial matter. That would be wasting a ma.s.sive favor that he could use in the future. Thus, he could only smile and reject him, and he said, "There's nothing much to call."

To the two police officers, his apparent helplessness actually resembled more like secureness in the knowledge that he had backing. Unmistakably, he was trying to blow things out of proportion. The two of them sighed in their hearts, and they thought, "With his authority, he would never let those guys off. Seems like someone is going to be very unlucky."

In the restaurant, the girls were discussing softly. When the cops arrived, they wanted to go out and testify. When the health official issued the violation ticket, they also wanted to go out and defend the restaurant. The whole group of girls has already become indignant and discontented for Bai Lu.

Luckily, Le Miao Miao was more clear-headed. She intercepted the rest and said, "There's no point going out now. Later, if someone is bullying Bai Lu, then we will go out." She walked to the door and observed the situation outside. At the same time, she gave He San Qing a call.

On the other side of the phone, He San Qing was as impatient as ever towards her. "Something happened again?"

"Brother San, someone is causing trouble at Brother Bai's restaurant."

"What the h.e.l.l. I have just left the restaurant. What happened? Is it serious or not?" He San Qing was a little shocked.

"Someone came for a meal and started fighting with Brother Bai. Then, the cops arrived. Someone also came to seal the shop, it seems like he was from the health office."

"Inform Bai Lu that I will be going over there, and do not let him go anywhere." He San Qing hung up the call.

Le Miao Miao went out of the restaurant, and she said, "Brother Bai. Brother San said that he would be coming over soon, so you should not go elsewhere."

Bai Lu nodded at her. It was apparent that Le Miao Miao was craving to foster a better relationship with him and He San Qing.

Something has happened again at the Great 5-Star Restaurant. However, the residents along these streets have already gotten used to this; They stood afar and watch the commotion. Slowly, more and more people started gathering. Including the people that were queueing up for a meal, there were more than 60-70 people around. When Ren Qiang saw the scene, he thought, "This is not good! We should either go back to the station or go into the restaurant. Anyways, it is not a good idea to stay outside and attract so much attention." He asked Bai Lu, "Do you want to go back to the station, or do you want to stay inside the restaurant?"

To the police officers, the best decision would be to go back to the police station, and it was also the only right option. However, Ren Qiang wanted to curry some favors with Bai Lu, so he did not mind to squander a little bit more time outside.

Bai Lu replied, "Let's go to the restaurant then." He San Qing did not want him to go anywhere, so he decided to stay in the restaurant.

Ren Qiang immediately said to Dan Xue Feng and the other five guys, "Let's go inside the restaurant and see if we could discuss a solution?"

This sentence was meant for the bystanders to hear. However, Dan Xue Feng hummed coldly, and he said, "What's there to discuss?"

He was not a fool. As he saw that the police officers kept giving Bai Lu face, and also the warning over the phone by Shao Cheng Yi to let this matter rest, he felt a slight tinge of uneasiness.  "Could it be that I have really triggered a timebomb?" he pondered, and then he instructed the group of fatties to enter the restaurant.

The worker from the health office had already issued the violation ticket, and he asked Chief w.a.n.g, "Do I have to seal the restaurant?"

"How do you expect to seal it now?" he said. As he saw the group of fatties entering the restaurant, Chief w.a.n.g thought, "Since they have already called the cops, why are they not going to the police station?" After he contemplated for a while, he decided to stay for now. Then, he said to the worker from the health office, "Let's go inside and take a look."

He planned to increase the favor by making Dan Xue Feng remember how well he treated him in this incident. However, if something unfortunate happened, he would leave immediately.

When the worker from the health office entered the restaurant, he realized that not a single person was speaking, and the atmosphere smells fishy. Thus, he opted to stay at the entrance of the restaurant.

After two minutes, He San Qing arrived in his bright red sports car and parked it along the streets. After he got off the vehicle, he entered the restaurant and said, "Which son of a b.i.t.c.h wants to seal the restaurant?"

No one said anything, but they all looked at him in surprise. They thought, "Who is this fellow? Why is he so arrogant?"

"Miao Miao, which a.s.shole wants to seal the shop?" He San Qing asked again.

Le Miao Miao pointed at the worker that was standing at the entrance. He San Qing went over and kicked; There was the gla.s.s door behind the worker's back. He fell backward and slammed onto the gla.s.s door. Then, He San Qing did not restrain himself and launched another powerful kick. It landed brutally on his stomach, and a sound "Kacha" was heard. The gla.s.s door shattered and the clattering sounds of the broken gla.s.ses pierced through the air.

He San Qing was still not satisfied. He dragged the worker outside by his leg, and he said, "You were the one that wanted to seal the shop?"

This guy was merciless. He actually dared to a.s.sault someone in the presence of the cops?

There were already people watching the commotion on the streets previously. But with this new development, they refused to leave and started to snap photos with their phones.

Ren Qiang ran out and shouted, "Stop it."

He San Qing stared at him with a grim expression. "You dare to stop me?'

At this moment, Bai Lu has already run out of the restaurant, and he grabbed hold of He San Qing. "You have hit the wrong man."

"What?" He San Qing asked, "Then who is it?"

"You should take a rest first." Bai Lu went over to help the worker. That unlucky guy was gushing blood from his head from the impact of smashing the gla.s.s; His shirt had multiple cuts. There were contusions all over his hands and his b.u.t.t from being dragged on the floor.

The worker was dazed. After a long while, he realized what had happened and made a loud "Ah" sound. With trembling hands, he fumbled around for his telephone to call the cops.

Bai Lu stopped him and said, "Come inside the restaurant." He exerted a force in his arms and effortlessly propped up the worker. Then he escorted him into the restaurant. At the same time, he called out to He San Qing. "Come in."

When He San Qing entered the restaurant, he stared at the two police officers and asked, "Who asked you two to come? Who called the cops?"

Of course, the two police officers would not be able to tell him the truth.

He San Qing asked Le Miao Miao again, "Who called the cops?"

Le Miao Miao looked towards Dan Xue Feng. He San Qing smiled wryly and walked over. "So you were the one that called the cops?"

After witnessing the brutality of this man, Dan Xue Feng instinctively took a step back, and he said, "Sorry, it was a misunderstanding."

"I misunderstand your mom." He grabbed a stool and flung it over. Dan Xue Feng blocked it with his arm, he turned around and ran outside frantically. "Murderer. He is a murderer."

Bai Lu saw the incident, and he thought, "Screw that douchebag. These sc.u.ms are the typical archetype of bullies that terrorize the weak while cowering before the strong. When they fought me, three of them rushed out. But when He San Qing arrived, this son of a b.i.t.c.h just turns around and escape. Is it because he drives a sports car while I own a small restaurant?"

He San Qing chased after him. "Hey, why are you running?"

w.a.n.g Dong was a police officer. No matter what hidden intentions he had, he still had to stop He San Qing. "Calm down, calm down."

"I will calm you down permanently," He San Qing shouted. He was filled up with rage and scolded anyone.

At the same time, there were a series of engine roaring sounds that emanated from the streets. From the source of the loud clamoring noises, a long line of sports cars drove out. After they parked the vehicles, a bunch of young men stepped out of the car. Judging solely from their grim and untamed expressions, not a single one of them seemed to be nice to hang out with.

After they got out of their vehicles, they walked directly into the Great 5-Star Restaurant. "San'er, are you inside?"

Many people were gathered outside of the restaurant, and there was gla.s.s all over the floor; Something must have happened here.

With too many people outside, He San Qing unexpectedly decided not to fight. He softened his demeanor and retreated to the entrance of the restaurant to greet the group of guys. With a chilling tone, he said, "Someone should step forward and tell me what was going on just now."

"I want to call the cops." The worker from the health office finally woken up from his daze, and he suddenly shouted loudly.

"The cops are already here. What do you mean by calling the cops? Idiot," He San Qing said, with a sarcastic tone.

"Watch your behavior. What are you planning to do? And you guys, what are you looking at? Get out," w.a.n.g Dong shouted towards the bunch of young masters.

There was no need to trouble the cops, so Bai Lu said to Dan Xue Feng, "I will give you a chance. As long as you compensate me for the door, pay for his hospital fees, and also confess to the police officer that you have made a false report, then I will let this matter go."

He did not want He San Qing to cause trouble. He thought, "That guy would purposely create trouble out of nothing at all. Now that he has gotten this chance, he would definitely torment Dan Xue Feng to death." 

"What? Why must I pay for all those expenses?" Dan Xue Feng protested.

Bai Lu smiled, and he said, "Then forget about it." Then he said to Ren Qiang, "Let's go to the police station."

Ren Qiang sighed, and he said, "Get in the car." As he spoke, he looked at Dan Xue Feng in the eye. In his heart, he thought, "Are you an idiot? He gave you a way out but yet you rejected."

One of the fatties beside Dan Xue Feng tugged at him, and he whispered a couple of words. Immediately, Dan Xue Feng's expression became even worse. That man advised him: "A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him." Under these circ.u.mstances, where he did not know anything about his opponent, the best decision would be to avoid meeting with unexpected failures.

Dan Xue Feng knew that he was right. However, he did not want to lose face in front of all his friends. Also, there were a lot of people that gathered around to watch the show, so how could he strip away all his pride and compensate the aggressor?

As he was hesitating, He San Qing smiled coldly, and he said, "Not compensating? It's alright if you do not wish to compensate for any money. Come, let's go to the police station."

"I would pay." Someone else besides Dan Xue Feng commented. That guy retrieved a stack of cash from his pocket and dumped it on the table without even counting. "There's more than $2k here. It should be enough to pay for the door right?"

"$2k? $5k!" He San Qing said.

"How is this door worth $5k..." Dan Xue Feng said urgently.

"$10k," He San Qind said, with a sly smile. The entire expression on his face was filled with provocation.

Dan Xue Feng wanted to continue speaking, but there was someone beside him that opened his wallet. He retrieved a fresh stack of cash that was still crisp, and he placed it on the table. He kept the previous pile of money and said, "Here's $10k. Could we leave now?" Then he said to the police officers, "We would pay for the hospital fees of the injured man. Could we go back and negotiate ourselves?"

The two police officers declined to comment. He San Qing looked at them with an expression of disdain. Then he left the restaurant.

If He San Qing was willing to leave, it meant that the problem could be resolved like this.

The fatty that paid the money dragged Ren Qiang away, and he whispered, "Mr. Dan is from the City Merchants a.s.sociation. I am a traveling merchant. My name is Zhang Wen Wu. There are some things that we might not be familiar with, so we hope that you could enlighten us with your guidance." As he spoke, he offered his name card to him.

This was an apparent move to display his status. Ren Qiang took a quick look at the name card. Since he was only a low-ranking cop, he could not afford to offend anyone. Thus, he said in a soft voice, "I will give you my word here. Once I leave the door, I would never confess to anything."

"Understood, understood. Please give me your contact number, so that I can visit you next time to repay your grat.i.tude." He was an astute businessman indeed; He handled this situation flawlessly.

Ren Qiang shook his head, and he said, "There's no need for that. Let me give you the names of three important people: The boss is called Bai Lu; The man in red is called He San Qing; There is one missing person who is called Gao Yuan." After he finished this statement, he signaled to w.a.n.g Dong. "Let's go."  

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