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He had no idea that Bai Lu was arrested in the police station. According to his previous methods, if there was anyone that dared to offend him or insult him, then they should be prepared for heavy bleeding. This time was no different, he terminated the operations of their family business, and then he planned to squeeze them slowly.

Of course, the troublemaker Gai Le had to be taught a good lesson.

But this time it would not work, as Gai Yong Guo was able to find Bai Lu in such a short amount of time. It meant that there was probably something unknown to him. And also, Bai Lu was implicated, so He San Qing was not able to do as he pleased. After all, he created such a huge mess because he wanted to return Bai Lu his favor.

After he hung up the phone, he asked Duckie, "Gai Yong Guo has found Bai Lu. What should we do?"

"d.a.m.n it. Unexpectedly, this guy possessed remarkable abilities." Duckie was a little surprised.

"What should we do?" He San Qing repeated his question.

Duckie was lazy to think. "Since we are returning him a favor, Lu Zi can decide what he wants to do."

He San Qing shook his head. "I am afraid that his heart is too soft, and he doesn't kill the snake that might bite him back in the future."

Lin Zi laughed, and he said, "Do you think that we are imposters? If Lu Zi let them go, and Gai Le still does not behave himself and cause trouble for him, then we will launch a second attack on his family. If that happened, wouldn't Lu Zi owe us another favor?"

He San Qing did not say anything. He held his head down low and pondered seriously for a while. Then he gave Bai Lu a call.

Bai Lu closed his eyes and pretended to be an old sage, while Gai Yong Guo and his brother apologized to him profusely. However, the fatso Chief Wu clearly disregarded Bai Lu. He looked on at the scene without any expression.

At this time, his phone rang, and He San Qing said, "You can do whatever you want. We will support you."

"You will support me?" Bai Lu was a little surprised.

He thought, "The entire incident was started because of me and Le Miao Miao, and He San Qing did not care about her. Could it be that he caused so much trouble because he wanted to help me?"

He wrapped his head around this pretext, and he finally understood that they were trying to return the favor. He smiled bitterly at this revelation, and he thought, "Surprisingly, He San Qing had a pretty good memory, and his character is not too bad." Thus, he said, "Fine, let me ask him first."

He hung up the call, and asked Gai Yong Guo,"How do you want to settle this incident?"

Gai Yong Guo said, "I will compensate all your financial losses. Then I will bring that a.s.shole to apologize to you. Are there any other requests?"

Bai Lu pondered, and then he said, "I do not wish to see him again." There were always TV characters who said this line, which seemed cool to many people. When he said this line now, he thought that it was very cool.

"Deal. When his leg has recovered, he will be sent out of the Northern City right away."

"Then that would be all. Can I go now?"

"Yes, you can," Gai Yong Guo said.

No, you can't," Chief Wu said.

The two voices sounded at the same time. Bai Lu looked at the fatso, and he said, "As a police officer, how could you let yourself become so fat?"

Chief Wu had a sudden change of expression. With a chilling voice, he said, "Confiscate his phone and lock him up. When the identification report is out, transfer him to the sub-bureau."

What he meant was that he wanted to submit a criminal lawsuit to incarcerate Bai Lu.

Bai Lu looked at him with a smile, and he said, "What have I done to you? Why do you hate me so much?"

"It's not because I hate you, but you have violated the law, so you must be held responsible for your actions." The fatso spoke sternly with a sense of justice.

"Are you a pig? Do you have any idea why I was arrested? I was surrounded and attacked by those guys. I hurt them because I was trying to defend myself legitimately. When the police arrived, I even cooperated with them, and that was why the officers were able to bring me in here—"

"You mean arrested you." The fatso corrected his wrong choice of words. 

"I couldn't be bothered to argue with you over such meaningless statements. Fine, let's a.s.sume you are right, and that I was arrested and brought here. And you guys chose not to follow the standard operating procedures, but instead, you conspired with these unlawful citizens because of their money and authority. Since the cops administered their own punishment at the police station, I had to defend myself again out of desperation. Also, your station chief brandished his gun to intimidate me. Are you blind or deaf? Did you not know about what had happened here?"

After he said this, he looked at the fatso with an expression of disdain. "It doesn't matter if you had any hidden intentions, and it also doesn't matter whether or not you know about what happened previously. But now, the victim's family have decided to recant the statement, and yet you are still arresting me?"

"You violated the criminal law, so even if no one reported the case to authorities, you would still be arrested. That is the law."

"d.a.m.n it. You are so righteous. Alright, just now your station chief brought people to a.s.sault me, what are you going to do about that?" Bai Lu suddenly had the patience to bicker with him, and it brought him boundless joy.

"Firstly, he is not the chief of my station. Secondly, he is currently still in a coma, so no matter what he did wrong, we would have to wait for him to be conscious before we could launch an investigation. As for that incident, it is still unrelated to your case of causing grievous injury to others." This guy explained it in a rather clear and orderly manner.

Bai Lu smiled, and he said, "Ok, I am not leaving. May I ask if it is possible to make a call?"

Before the fatso could say anything, Gai Yong Guo nervously said, "You cannot stay here. If you do not leave, then my company would still be sealed."

Now, Bai Lu finally understood what kind of damage He San Qing was capable of. He pointed at the fatso, and he said, "The cops are refusing to let me leave."

Gai Yong Guo went back to the side of Chief Wu, and he said, "Chief Wu, please do me a favor. They have almost issued a complete banning order. Also, they have sealed everything that could be sealed. Please be magnanimous and let him go. I would never forget your kindness." The hidden meaning was that he would reward him generously.

Chief Wu said, "Since we are old friends, I should be helping you with this favor. However, Chief Liu is still in a coma. On accounts of both justice and relationship, I cannot let this man go."

Gai Yong Guo heard this, and he thought, "It's over. I am destined to be screwed over today." Then he went back to plead with Bai Lu. "Mr. Bai, could you please give those guys a call, and release my company first."

"For those issues, I do not have the authority to change anything, so you do not have to ask me," Bai Lu said, and he thought, "With that being said, Gai Le was the one that caused the trouble. Was there a need to implicate the whole family?"

Regardless of the outcome of this whole incident, the Gai Family would definitely have to bleed profusely. Those vast pile of seals on the company was not for naught, and any of those relevant authorities would also not work for nothing. As Bai Lu mulled over this fact, he gained some compa.s.sion towards Gai Yong Guo. Thus, he asked the fatso, "Could you give me permission to make a call?"

The fatso was flaring up his temper. He thought, "This guy is doing it on purpose. The phone is in your hands. If you wanted to make a call, how could I stop you from doing so?" He kept his mouth shut in a fit of rage.

"Then I am making the call," Bai Lu said, and he phoned He San Qing, "you made the first move, so you should be the one to wrap things up. I will ask Gai Yong Guo to discuss with you." He was planning to forgive Gai Yong Guo.

After saying a few more words, he hung up the call, and he said to Gai Yong Guo, "Xiao w.a.n.g's Village Road. Hurry up and go over there. He said that he would only wait for an hour."

Gai Yong Guo thanked him continuously. Then he left with Gai Yong Jia to look for He San Qing.

In the room, only Chief Wu, a low-ranking cop, and Bai Lu remained.

Chief Wu said, "Confiscate his phone."

The low-ranking cop went over to retrieve the phone, and he locked the door of the steel cage. Chief Wu cast a few glances at Bai Lu. Then he turned around and left the room to inform his superiors.

He was the Deputy Chief of the police station. He achieved his present success thanks to Chief Liu. When his benefactor was in trouble, he had to report the incident to his superiors. Firstly, it was to recount the current situation about Chief Liu. Secondly, it was to accuse Bai Lu.

Just now, the guy with two stripes and three stars on his shoulders that had a good connection with the Gai Family exploited his position to force Chief Liu to commit the crime. But after the incident, he secretly escaped a long time ago. This incident needs to be resolved.

Time flowed like water, and now it was 2:30 pm. Bai Lu was crawling on the bottom of the steel cage. His head was looking down at something, and he was mumbling something with his mouth. "Currently, No. 1 is leading the way, and No. 2 is following closely behind. There was a possibility that No.1 could lose its position. It's getting closer, and closer. Faster, and faster. The gap is closing and closing. Now, No. 2 has taken the first position—"

He was shouting nonsensically, so the low-ranking cop opened the door and said, "Why are you shouting? Shut up."

Bai Lu lifted up his head and pouted his mouth. "I say, it is unhygienic in here. There are even ants on the cement floor, and also there are centipedes. Are they working here?"

The low-ranking cop finally understood why Bai Lu was screaming. That guy was watching the ants competing, and he even provided commentary. With a chilling tone, he said, "Idiot." 

As he wanted to close the door, Bai Lu said, "Wait a while, I want to discuss something with you. Please tell that fatso, that I have something urgent to attend to. The leader of the country has an audience with me. It is for your best interest that you hurry up and release me. Oh yes, what time is it now? There will be trouble if I am late."

"This guy is not just an idiot, but also a lunatic," the low-ranking cop thought. Without saying a word, he slammed the door close.

Bai Lu scratched his head, and he muttered, "How could you not believe everything that I have just said?"

"Ring..." Bai Lu's phone rang. It was worth mentioning that this counterfeit phone was rather impressive. Such a tiny gadget produced a sound that was louder than a loudspeaker with duo audio channels. At first, the cop did not want to bother with it, but the ringtone was pretty annoying. It kept ringing and ringing. Once the tone stopped, the caller called immediately, and the phone started sounding again.

Once the phone rang for the 5th time, the cop had lost his patience, and he wanted to turn off the phone.

Bai Lu shouted, "You must not turn off the phone by any means. I am not threatening you, but if you turn it off, there would be big trouble."

The low-ranking cop looked at him with contempt. At the same time, there was a rumbling sound of footsteps that emanated from the hallway. It sounded like there were a few people that were running closer.

A moment later, the door of the room was forcefully opened. There was a police officer that led the way in; He also had two stripes and three stars on his epaulet.

His eyes flashed with a look of arrogance, and he examined the low-ranking cop. "Where is your Station Chief? Ask him to come over now."

"Yes, Sir!" The low-ranking cop felt that this officer was very familiar. It wasn't until he walked out of the room that he realized who that person was. His expression suddenly faltered, and he ran frantically to the office of the station chief. He did not even knock on the door, and he charged into the room. "Chief Wu, Bureau Chief Leng is here."

Due to the incident of a criminal a.s.saulting the chief of the police station, the fatso stayed in his office which was hard to come by. At this moment, he did not dare to move around, so he sat and waited for updates.

There was a person who submitted an incident report in the afternoon and summoned the cops. That person was Bureau Chief Sun, and he explained Gai Yong Guo's reaction to the rest. When he had heard about the news, he felt that this situation was somewhat th.o.r.n.y. He informed everyone not to interfere and observed the situation first. He thought, "He dared to a.s.sault a station chief in the police station. Can he be considered as an ordinary person?"

Bureau Chief Sun did not have any interest in investigating Bai Lu. After all, with the current development of the situation, there was no need for any further investigation. The best course of action would be to wait patiently. If Bai Lu had formidable support behind his back, then they would release him. If not, for the crime of a.s.saulting a police officer, he would receive severe punishment.

Therefore, Bureau Chief Sun was waiting, and Chief Wu was also waiting.

When Chief Wu suddenly received the news from the low-ranking officer, he quivered in fear. The domain of the Western 3rd Ring was under the jurisdiction of the Iron City sub-bureau. There were one Station Chief and four Deputy Station Chief in the Iron City sub-bureau; In terms of ranking, Bureau Chief Sun fell behind. As Bureau Chief Leng was in charge of operations, they did not have the authority to interfere with his decisions.

The first reaction of the fatso was to make a call. He said to the low-ranking cop, "I understand. You should go and greet him first."

The low-ranking cop left, and the fatso reported to Bureau Chief Sun. "Madman Leng is here."

When Bureau Chief Sun heard the news, he remained silent for a long time. Then he said, "If he asks you to release that man, then you should do it. But you have to make sure that he signs the doc.u.ment."

As soon as Chief Wu heard his instructions, he was stunned. "Ask the Bureau Chief to sign the doc.u.ment? d.a.m.n it. That is like asking me to wade through a minefield." However, he did not dare to voice out a second opinion, so he agreed to it and said, "Understood."

After he hung up the call, he jogged over to the interrogation room, and he said, "h.e.l.lo, Bureau Chief Leng."

Bureau Chief Leng gently asked, "What crimes did he commit?"

Chief Wu instantly felt something was wrong. He thought, "This guy seems to be harboring a hidden intention. I don't think that it is only as simple as rescuing that man." He made a cough, and he said, "He caused grievous injury to others, crippled three men, and also a.s.saulted a station chief. He hurt chief Liu, and he is still in a coma now."

As for those poor fellows that were trashed by Bai Lu in the police station, the fatso chose to keep that a secret.

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