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Ten pictures are displayed on the screen, but something is extremely weird with them.

"This is a photo taken by a professional photographer, I think all of you must've heard of him, or most of you. His name is Mo Ying, he started playing MOFM just to take pictures of great sceneries, but he saw this scene and was mesmerized by it." Ma Dong explained.

He then added: "These pictures were taken for two days in different time, he called the picture as "Ascendance", clearly it shows why."

After speaking, Ma Dong pointed at each of the pictures as he spoke.

"Taken in the morning, afternoon, night, dusk, dawn, morning, afternoon, night, dusk, dawn."

Ma Dong smiled as he finished his words, for some, they immediately thought that that person is a freak, but to some, they felt awe and amazed.

The female anchor was lost in her thought, speechless of she had seen, that's some extreme dedication or some extreme insanity is what's inside her mind.

"But what does that mean? that proves nothing at all!"

Ma Dong chuckles as he ignored her and showed a video.

Someone is taking a video of a person talking to a beggar.

-Hahaha, he's talking to a dying beggar, I wonder who he is.

The one taking the video spoke, clearly having a laugh of his lifetime. Then, out of nowhere, a violet light shone around the player.

After just a few breathes, the beggar vanishes into blue light as it exploded upward, never to be seen again.

-That... did he just earn a hidden cla.s.s!?

After he spoke, the player's weapon changed into a weapon that seemed to be halberds. Two huge weapons at each hand.

"Booom!" A slight tremor sounded as the two weapons heavily slammed into the ground, the crater it created left a deep impression to the man.

-How heavy is that weapon to create a tremor just by dropping down the ground?!

The player hid one of his weapons and tried to lift up the halberd but failed miserably, he could only lift the handle, not the bladed edges, after giving it a few more tries, the player hid his weapon again.

-Wow! I need to find myself a beggar!


=Video ended.

After the video finished showing, Everyone was shocked.

The person in the video and the pictures are the same! in everyone's thought, they felt extremely amazed.

The picture had shown them that the player is slowly lifting the axe, moving an inch higher in the following pictures.

Then... is there something going on that they haven't understood yet?

Ma Dong chuckles as he looked at them and the Camera and spoke: "Maybe all of you had forgotten something and ignored a simple fact."

Ma Dong paused as he immediately came back to his computer, an image showed something, MOFM's advertising billboard.

Play the game, Hone your skills, Train your body to perfection.

Master your faith and be the being that stands atop mountains of corpses.

Ma Dong pointed at the words "Train your Body to Perfection."

Immediately, all of the viewers understood, that player is training his body, he's training his body inside the game!

After seeing the reaction of the people inside the studio, clearly, everyone understood what he's going in to.

"This is a picture that Mo Ying had taken when he came back to play the game, the 4th day."

Hearing Ma Dong, everyone looked at the waiting for the picture to show, then as soon as they saw the picture, everyone opened their mouth widely together with their eyes.

The player lifted the halberd pointing at the sky as one of his foot is on the ground as the other is lifted up to his stomach, a single hand is trying to balance the body.

Ma Dong looked at the female anchor and spoke: "That only proves one thing, the people that had been on the rankings, in my theory, had been practicing, training their cla.s.ses before going on an adventure."

Hearing Ma Dong, everyone nodded in understanding, clearly, it means that those possessing Mythical Cla.s.s or below hidden cla.s.ses can't slack off either, they needed that much time just to master their weapon, and the one on the video clearly has two heavy weapons, which means that he also has a long way to go!

Ma Dong chuckles as he spoke: "That player is Eternal, four days continuously training his body, but that is only the tip of the ice berg, it only means one thing, players need to train, no matter if it's a hidden cla.s.s or a normal cla.s.s, in the udpate, it also stated, that so long as the player has suficient skills, that player can kill a mythical cla.s.s player."

Hearing Ma Dong's words, all of them nodded, even the female anchor.

Ma Dong chuckles as he continued: "Now, let us watch the siege war, it will start in about 30 seconds."

After hearing Ma Dong's words, they finally realized that they are doing a live broadcast, waking up from their daze, the screen changes to the area of The Soaring Falcon Kingdom, 20 views showed up as there are that many crews doing a live broadcast.

Siege War begin!

The charge of the Truedawn Kingdom army shook the ground as their horses and the foot soldiers charge fort towards the Soaring Falcon Kingdom's army.

Then, out of nowhere, four bolts of huge arrows appeared in the sky as it descended towards Sphynx and his men.

"Booom!" Explosion sounded as the bolts pierced the tanking cavalry, immediately making Sphynx die.

All of the viewers opened their mouth widely, The top player died before the clash even started!

The shame that Sphynx must have felt.

Returning to the present.

Lu Fan had been on a stand still fighting Nasus and his men, Nasus would some times swap with some of the tankers to regenerate his health and get some descent amount of heals, some times, a tank or two dies from Lu Fan's continuous attack.

Nasus gritted his teeth, if he falls here, Lu Fan would definitely crush the center of the army, providing aid as Lu Fan's center army returns and kill the Tru Dawn Kingdom's army from the back.

It has been an hour since he had engaged Lu Fan, it's starting to take a toll on him

Pegasus Shield (Steel)

Level: 39

Defense: 490

Durability: 3/290

Sta: 180

Effect: Blocks 80% of damage as durability decreases.

Seeing the status of his shield, Nasus couldn't help but sigh, he immediately changed it into a lower tier one.

Lion Stout (Gold)

Level: 34

Defense: 280

Durability: 210/210

Stamina: 90

Effect: Blocks 80% of the damage as durability decreases.

After changing, he immediately trade places with the tanks.

Lu Fan looked at him and spoke: "Your shield has become tiny."

Nasus chuckles as he replied: "Who's fault do you think that belongs to?"

Although Lu Fan has been pushing himself, there are players that's helping him from his guild, there are also healers on his side, which made him last a lot longer.

"I need to end it, Pardon my rudeness." Lu Fan spoke as he looked at Nasus.

Nasus sighed, he nodded his head and spoke: "Bring it on! Just make it as flashy as you can."

Hearing this, Lu Fan chuckles as he nodded his head.

"Spear Stance!"

Lu Fan's weapon changed into two long rod as a shark like edge appeared on the tip of the rod, his axe turns into a spear.

"Tsk!" Clearly, Nasus knows one thing, Axe are heavy and it deals ma.s.sive damage, all of its skills are focused solely on area of effect damages, then, the halberd is a mix of both, then what does the spear do? thinking to this, Nasus knew the answer on his heart, a single target damaging weapon!

"Dragon Blood's Claw!" Just right after Nasus's thought finished, Lu Fan howls into the air.

"s.h.!.t!" He immediately raised his shield, but to his shock, something strange happened.

The appear's trajectory is aimed at his heart so he blocked it there, but as soon as the spear is almost at his shield, the trajectory of the tip changes, like a dragon's claw, it moved upward as it immediately struck up and down towards his head.

Although Nasus had seen it, it was too late, the spear that turned into a claw pierced his head as it continuesly slid downward to his heart.

-98,180 HP!!

Nasus immediately exploded into green lights as he returned to the camp.

"Attack!" Lu Fan charged immediately charge, then something has happened as someone shouted.

"Guild Leader! The right wing is collapsing!"

Hearing this, Lu Fan frowned, but immediately, he ordered: "Rush to the right! Clear the path and destroy the enemy's right army!"


Lu Fan made this order so that their army wouldn't fall immediately, all of the players rush towards the right, but the Soaring Falcon Kingdom's npc army continued to move forward.

Lu Fan shook his head, clearly, this order is a double edged sword, if the players left the centre army without any players, the Center army will fall at the hands of the players, unlike players, NPC wouldn't be able to reincarnate.

Stuck with only two options, Lu Fan picked the lesser one with fewer casualties.

If he choses to continue the middle charge, he'll be able to kill three hundred thousand players, but if he left the right wing collapsing, the army of six hundred thousand enemies can continue their charge to the Kingdom, destroying the last hope of the Soaring Falcon Kingdom.

Leaving the Center army, he'll definitely lose more than three hundred thousand npc army.

"I just hope that the army could kill as many as they can before they fall."

After Lu Fan finished speaking, he immediately continued his path and made a path of blood to aid the right wing.

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