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The mountains continued to erupt but the flames had seemingly calmed down. It was no longer as powerful as when it first started to erupt.

Rody charged towards the Hakone Serpent on the ground with black flames around his body. The Hakone Serpent's roar sounded cowardly as its body shrank into a ball.

Rody laughed wildly. He smashed into the large body of the Hakone Serpent like a black fireball and then pierced through it. He returned to the sky like a shooting star, leaving a fog of blood behind him.

The black flames had already covered half the sky, complementing the thick smoke rising from the distant erupted mountain.

Nedis looked at Rody with fear. She trembled and said, "Hey. Fatty…he…"

Sky's face was grim as he looked at the Hakone Serpent yowling mournfully on the ground. He then said, "There is no other way. I am afraid the boy now has a demonic nature."

"What?" Nedis shrieked.

Sky had a serious expression as he softly said, "Ah…looks like I was too impatient. If Kara was not wrong, the Divine Primordial Spirit is the key to using the G.o.d-ranked strength. However, the Mystic Dragon is in Rody's body. Not only did swallowing the Divine Primordial Spirit not increase Rody's own strength, it even awakened the Mystic Dragon in his body."

Nedis turned pale. She could not help but hit Sky as she screamed, "You fat idiot! What were you doing? You…give me back my Rody!"

Sky laughed bitterly and calmly said, "Little girl, pray…that is the only thing we can do now."

"Hm…perhaps there is a way…" Sith, who was standing beside them, suddenly spoke.

Sky and Nedis immediately looked at the old sorcerer.

In truth, Sith was also a powerful figure. Otherwise, he would not have become the leader of the Sorcerer's a.s.sociation of the Roland Continent. However, that night, everyone there was at Domain-ranked or G.o.d-ranked level. It caused the old sorcerer to seem like someone without any powers. That being said, the old sorcerer's wisdom was still there. He looked at the wounded Hakone Serpent on the floor and suddenly said, "Maybe we should take advantage of this snake!"

"That?" Sky and Nedis were both stunned.

Sith laughed bitterly and said, "Now, Rody has gone mad. You have also seen it earlier. That masked fellow could not even take a single hit. Do you think you can win?"

Sky shook his head like a rattle-drum and replied, "I can't! I have not gone mad! I don't dare fight against that boy when his attacks are so violent. I will not be able to withstand that Mystic Dragon Purge. If I were to fight with him recklessly, both of us would suffer at best. Most likely all of us would die together!" At this moment, Sky's eyes lit up. "Are you saying to fight against him alongside that monstrous snake?"

Sith laughed bitterly and said, "Let us deal with it first before speaking."

Sky then laughed bitterly. "But…" He pointed to the Hakone Serpent. "That guy looks like it can't go on anymore…It looks like it is half dead."

"I have a way for it to become lively again in a short moment." Sith's eyes showed a hint of anguish.

"Good!" Sky made a prompt decision. "I will go and stall the boy. During that time, act quickly! As for you, little girl…" Sky looked at Nedis and then sighed. "Run quickly. Run as far away as you can. This place would later…It would not be a place where a small vampire like you would be able to protect yourself."

After that, Sky roared loudly and flew towards Rody with Rody's sword in his hands.

Rody was acting violently in the sky. His clothes fluttered from his aura. He suddenly saw a man rushing towards him and shot a fireball at the man without identifying the person.

"s.h.i.t!" Sky placed the sword horizontally and blocked it, causing the fireb.a.l.l.s to scatter into sparks. He then cursed, "Boy, your attacks are really ruthless!" He sent out a light blade with a backhand slash. Rody violently roared repeatedly. Both of his hands shot out two shockwaves. Not only was the light blade scattered by the attack. The other attack moved towards Sky.

Fatty was very agile and dodged out of the way. He then heard a loud explosion behind him. After the smoke cleared, a large crater could be seen in the ground behind Sky.

Sky then pointed at Rody with the sword and shouted, "Boy! You better wake up quickly! Otherwise, I will beat up your face until your mother cannot recognize you!"

However, Rody had really gone mad. Even without any effort from Sky, he truly would not recognize his own mother even if his mother stood in right front of him. He only felt that the fat adversary in front of him was extremely disagreeable. He suddenly roared loudly and rushed towards Sky. Although he was mad, Rody's strength seemed to explode out. His entire body became a weapon and rushed towards Sky's front like a whistling comet. Sky only managed to utter out a surprised cry before Rody knocked him far away.

However, Rody's actions were even crazier. Without stopping, he shot out dozens of fireb.a.l.l.s that wildly chased after Sky. Sky was then engulfed in many explosions and a sea of flames.

Sith had already run to the Hakone Serpent's side. At that time, the powerful snake was already on the verge of death. It had lost four heads and was no longer as strong as a person with a strong domain. It was badly wounded and was bleeding everywhere. The two big holes caused by Rody was particularly frightening.

Sith did not dare to approach too closely to it. He stood at a distance and raised his hand to cast a spell. There was a bright white light that shined from his body. It was the Light series spell, the Reshape Origin.

However, that spell consumed too much magical power. Even the powerful Black Veil Saint was exhausted after casting it once to save Rody in the Northwest of the Radiant Empire. The old sorcerer had already been fighting all night. His forehead was sweating buckets.

Rody was crazily attacking Sky in the air when he saw a dazzling white light below him. Rody, who had lost his rationality at that moment, only attacked the most obvious targets in his line of sight. He was attracted to the bright light around Sith's body. He stopped bothering with Sky and roared before charging down to Sith.

Sky immediately shouted, "Boy, you have not defeated me!" Sky's fighting energy burst out. The sword shined and revealed a large figure. The several meters large sword slashed at Rody.

A delicate voice then screamed from below. "Fatty! Do not hurt him!"

Nedis was fearful as she watched Sky's attack. Although Sky had told her to run away, Nedis was not a person who would run away in such situations. She firmly stood on the ground as she clenched her fists and looked at the battles in the sky with terror.

There was a loud explosion as Rody was struck from the front by Sky's powerful attack.

An attack from a person with strong domain powers was obviously not a trivial matter. After being slashed, Rody was sent flying. He somersaulted several times in the air before stopping. He then gave an enraged roar.

Sky had succeeded in getting Rody's attention but he then suddenly felt fearful.

Rody stretched out both his hands. Black gas came out from his hands at the same time. The gas rapidly condensed into two black b.a.l.l.s.

"s.h.i.t…" Sky exclaimed. He hurriedly asked the old sorcerer below him, "Are you done yet?"

Following Sith's guidance, a white beam of light shot towards the Hakone Serpent's body. Its wounds healed rapidly as Sith's expression turned pale. The consumption of magic was more than what his body could provide. He looked as though he was on the verge of collapsing. He heard Sky's roar and clenched his teeth. He was afraid that if he spoke, he would collapse before he could finish the spell.

The aura around Rody's body became more and more powerful. The heinous black flames forced Sky to retreat. Sky already needed to completely expand his own fighting energy to be able to barely resist Rody's aura.

"s.h.i.t. If I wait for you to act, I would be finished!" Sky did not wait for Rody to act and slashed with the sword. Sky's entire strength and fighting energy were contained in it. The powerful aura managed to cut a gap through the black flames. The golden light of the blade had reached in front of Rody.

Rody looked at the at the attack with scorn. He casually waved his hand and the light was smashed to pieces.

Sky shook his head. "h.e.l.l. This crazy Mystic Dragon is actually so powerful. It was not so fierce when I fought it last time!"

Sky did not know that the Mystic Dragon was weakened when it had been sealed in the cave and could only use a small fraction of its power. Now, the Mystic Dragon in Rody's body had gone through several Dragon Transformations. It could no longer be compared to the Mystic Dragon in the cave.

"Old guy! Hurry up! I am not able to withstand much longer!" Sky saw the black b.a.l.l.s in Rody's hand became more intense. He did not want to deal with it and flew back down to the surface of the ground.

At that moment, the white light started to dim but all the wounds were almost healed. The Hakone Serpent seemed to have regained some of its strength. It opened up the eyes of its four heads and roared as it raised its body.

Sith trembled a little before slumping down on the ground. Nedis quickly ran over to help him up. His voice and lips trembled as he said to Nedis with barely opened eyes, "Quick! We need to quickly find a place to hide." He then closed his eyes and fainted.

Sky had already fled towards the Hakone Serpent. However, the Hakone Serpent did not identify the others as allies and tried to bite those near to him. Sky then cursed, "It is really just a beast! It does not know how to repay kindness!" He dodged and was about to strike back when he remembered that the Hakone Serpent was only just healed by Sith. He then stepped back, spat on the floor and left.

The Hakone Serpent's roar caught Rody's attention. The black gas at his hands had completely condensed. He looked at the most conspicuous and largest fellow. He now knew which one to target. He roared loudly towards the sky. The loud voice suppressed the Hakone Serpent's voice. He then rushed down towards the Hakone Serpent.

"Good! Go and fight with him! I am not going to keep you company!" Sky cursed and then went over to Nedis and Sith as he shouted, "Quickly go! That boy is about to use his attack!"

Sky grabbed a person in each hand and quickly flew away. The Hakone Serpent behind them roared angrily and shout out a powerful wave of light at Rody. Rody was struck and knocked back. He staggered a little in the air. His body was full of wounds and blood continued to flow out. He roared angrily as though he did not even feel the pain. The aura around his body also became somewhat more powerful.

Rody slowly flew towards the Hakone Serpent and let go of the black ball in his hands.

For this attack, Rody had gathered energy and condensed it for a long time. When it was shot, the entire world lost its color.

At that moment, the sky had two suns. One was the sun behind the smokes from the erupted volcano, over the horizon. The other ‘sun' was the red Divine Primordial Spirit that Rody had just spat out. When Rody attacked, the spreading shockwave seemed to turn over s.p.a.ce itself. The two suns in the sky trembled as though they were about to fall.

There were two roars as two black fiery dragons emerged from Rody's hands.

The dragons had flaming bodies and ferocious expressions. The black flames around was h.e.l.lfire that could burn everything. The dragons charged towards the Hakone Serpent.

The two black fiery dragons were fast. Sky who watched from afar was secretly fearful. He knew that if he was the one attacked by Rody, he would not be able to withstand the attack.

'Hm…what if I dodge it?'

Sky laughed bitterly in his heart as he did not believe he would be able to dodge it. This was because a person with powerful domain would able to lock on to his target.

The Hakone Serpent did not avoid the attack and charged forward towards Rody.

Both Mystic Dragon Purges ruthlessly struck the Hakone Serpent. The fiery dragons immediately pierced through the colossal body of the Hakone Serpent, which resulted in half of its body exploding. However, the badly mangled snake continued to rush forward as its head rammed into Rody.

The Hakone Serpent's life-risking attack was powerful. It dispersed the black flames around Rody after ramming into him. Rody was sent flying ruthlessly and then fell to the ground.

There was a large explosion in the sky. The black flames were all swept away like a hurricane.

Sky suddenly opened up a small domain which was like a ball of light. This small domain shook from the powerful storm like a leaf. It was as if it could be destroyed at any time.

The three people could no longer open their eyes. The black flames had spread and covered the world. In the end, only their hearing was unaffected.

However, the endless series of explosions caused them to feel dizzy.

Sky's domain ball was blown to about three miles away by the shockwave. Sky had desperately blocked it.

The explosions lasted for a long time. When the sounds gradually stopped, the three of them were still conscious but Nedis and Sith were in a daze.

Sky took a deep breath and fell to the ground. He then patted Nedis' face and ruthlessly hit Sith a few times. After casting a simple spell on both of them, they woke up from their daze.

"Where…where is this?" Nedis regained consciousness and gave Sky a weak glance.

Sky's eyes were dull as he looked around. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and firmly said, "Take a look and you will know."

Nearby, there were huge cracks in the ground formed by the explosions. Beyond the cracks was a canyon.

A huge lump of earth was seemingly dug out by Rody's two Mystic Dragon Purges.

The three were at the edge of the cliff of the canyon formed by the explosion.

Nedis looked over the cliff and could not see the bottom. The smoke had not dispersed and it was not known how deep the hole was.

"That…How did that happen?" Sith suddenly cried out in alarm as he pointed to the distance with trembling fingers.

Nedis looked over and saw nothing.

Nedis suddenly realized this and she jumped up screaming, "Where…where is the mountain?"

The three looked towards the sacred mountain.

The originally tall and towering mountain was now missing.

The sacred mountain had been blown into oblivion.

魔 A reminder that the mo can mean magic/demon/evil.

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