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The Hakone Serpent looked different.

It looked much smaller than before. Did it shrink after losing three heads? Rody could not help but think to himself.

Another thing Rody took note of was the scars on its body.

Obviously, the head of the Hakone Serpent had been slain by the arrow before the large explosion.

At that moment, the crimson barrier around the Hakone Serpent seemed to have disappeared. After the explosion, its body was filled with scars and it was still bleeding in some places. There were even some places that were burnt black.

Could it be that it had lost its powerful body that could withstand attacks from those with strong domains powers?

Rody subconsciously looked at Kara. Kara then softly said, "Did you not notice that its aura has seemingly weakened a lot?"

The Hakone Serpent still looked fierce at that moment. However, its ominous eyes that made people frightened and its suffocating and oppressive aura had weakened considerably.

It was evident that the Hakone Serpent had weakened a lot after losing three heads.

"What a pity." Kara laughed bitterly. "If at least one of us were at full strength, we may be able to best it. Although it still has five heads, its strength has dropped more than I have expected. According to my estimates, if a person with strong domain power were to confront it, that person may still not be able to win. However, that person will not lose."

Nedis then sneered. "It is like you did not say anything at all! Look at Rody and yourself. Does it look like you can still fight it?"

Rody and Kara looked at each other and laughed bitterly as they shook their heads.

Although discouraged, Rody was convinced of the Hakone Serpent's strength. He originally thought that he was unrivaled in the world. Even if he cannot defeat G.o.ds, he could at least be undefeated in the world. He did not expect to encounter the Hakone Serpent that could not be defeated even with the combined strength of two people with strong domain powers.

Kara knew its weakness. They had even used all sorts of schemes and the two people with strong domain powers had lost their ability to fight. Even then, they still could not defeat the Hakone Serpent.

"Let us go down!" Kara made a quick judgment. He had experience fighting in the G.o.d and Devil war. There was n.o.body that could match up to him in experience. "We already have a disadvantage in strength. To keep flying would be a waste of energy. Besides that, we are unable to hide in the sky. Right now, Rody and I don't have the strength to fight back. Sith's flying technique may also be much inferior compared to the Hakone Serpent. We might as well go down to the ground and fight it while making use of the complicated terrain."

Rody did not object to this. Sith looked at the distant Hakone Serpent that was approaching him and felt his scalp turn numb. He was certain that he was not as strong as Rody and Kara. If the people with strong domain powers fought that monster and ended up looking so miserable, a sorcerer like himself would definitely not be enough. He immediately took them back to the ground.

The Hakone Serpent seemed to have spotted them as it roared loudly. Its body gathered wind and then flew towards them.

The others could smell the thick scent of blood from the Hakone Serpent, and understood that the Hakone Serpent's injury was quite severe.

At the moment, the ground had already turned into scorched earth. The bustling capital city no longer existed. Even the shapes of the buildings could not be seen. It was just a large crater.

Fortunately, there were still many boulders that had not broken apart from the large explosion. The moment the group reached the ground, they immediately helped each other to hide among the pile of rubble.

The Hakone Serpent pursued relentlessly from the ground. Its huge body had smashed on the ground. It was no longer curled up but fully stretched out. It searched while keeping its five heads close to the ground.

As it was strong, all the rubble in its way was knocked away when hit by its heads.

The four people who were at a distance were secretly anxious. However, they could not defeat their opponent and could only flee desperately.

They could hear the sound of the sand and rubble moving. Even though they were running away across the rubble, they could hear that the sound was getting closer. It was evident that the Hakone Serpent was very quick.

"No!" Rody suddenly stood still and said. He then laughed bitterly and added, "We have forgotten something very important!"

"What?" Kara looked at Rody.

Rody sighed. "We only saw that the monster is strong and our thoughts are in a mess. We have forgotten that it is a snake! Snakes have an extremely keen sense of smell! Although we wanted to use the terrain to overtake it, it could still smell us regardless of the terrain and chase us."

Kara froze for a moment. He then understood and said, "Ah, I did not think of that."

Rody smiled wryly and said, "We cannot run far in our current state. It might be faster if we flew but then the snake's chasing speed would also be much faster. We cannot defeat it and it looks like we also would not be able to escape far."

Rody suddenly bent forward and placed his ear to the ground. He seemed to hear some sounds coming from the ground. He then looked up and said, "I think it would catch up to us in about ten minutes."

Nedis, shocked, could not help but ask, "Then, what do we do?" She then looked at Kara and said, "This is all your fault. You brought that snake out!"

Rody stretched out his hand to stop Nedis. He then sighed and said, "We still have ten minutes. Yet, it may not be enough time."

He looked at the few people and then looked back at Kara. He then said, "Right now, the two of us who are the strongest here are unable to fight well. Nedis and Sith were also not a match for the Hakone Serpent. We cannot fight or run. Right now, I only have one way left. However, I am not sure if you are willing to bet on it!"

Kara laughed bitterly. "Go ahead and say it."

Rody then said, "I have a life-saving trick! I just need a bit of power to put it to use. A friend of mine gave me a sorcery mark. Unless my strength is used to stimulate this mark, its power cannot be displayed. Right now, I need a little bit of time to restore my power so that I can stimulate this mark. However, I am not sure if ten minutes is enough time."

Kara looked at Rody strangely. "You just said you have a life-saving trick. However, you have already used the Mystic Dragon Purge. I cannot think of anything that could be more powerful than that."

Rody's reply then made the others surprised.

Rody smiled wryly and said, "I don't know! I also do not know what this trick would do. My friend simply told me to use it in a moment of crisis!"

Everyone stared at him blankly! Rody also recalled what happened...

One night before he left for the Roland Continent, the old skeleton Andy had called for him.

"Boy, this time I am a little worried about you being on the Roland Continent." The skeleton laughed. He then raised a finger and said, "You have the strength of a Sacred Swordsman and a body strengthened by the Mystic Dragon. According to common sense, the average people are unable to hurt you. Yet I still feel uneasy. The Roland Continent is mankind's birthplace. Even the Paladins of the Temple are no weaker than you. Sending you off on such an adventure is not my style!"

Rody then gave him a supercilious look and replied, "Do you have any kind of strange plans?"

Andy suddenly took out a white magic scroll and pulled Rody's hand. He put the scroll into Rody's hands and then held both.

A strong light came out from Andy's hands, then the scroll disappeared from Rody's hands.

"This is the life-saving trick that this old man has given you!" Andy then laughed and said, "Use this when in a disaster. If you were to somehow get killed, I would be in distress."

He then stopped smiling and said, "Do not use this when you are not in trouble. Remember! I wasted a lot of energy to create this!"

Rody knew that Andy survived on energy. His energy could not be replenished. The more he used it, the less he would have. Once it ran out, Andy would die. Andy had presumably considered this when he willingly used up this energy to give him that scroll. Regardless of whether it was something useful or not, Rody, who was confident of his own strength, did not believe that he would ever need to use it. That being said, he was touched that Andy had used up energy for him.

Besides that, since meeting Andy, Andy had always given him extremely powerful and weird things such as the lightsaber or the Dragon Transformation technique. The life-saving trick would also presumably be extremely powerful.

For such things, Rody absolutely trusted Andy.

At that moment, Rody was in danger and remembered Andy's life-saving trick. Andy's words seemed to ring in his ears, "I have placed the scroll into your left hand! During a crisis, put your energy into the scroll in your left hand. The magic scroll would then respond to my magical power and something unexpected will happen!"

The Hakone Serpent roared again. Rody did not dare to waste any time. To cut down on the usage of energy, he simply sat on the floor and closed his eyes to rest.

Kara also helplessly sat down. He had to be supported by two people at that time and was not able to continue fighting. Nedis and Sith had imposing expressions. Sith took out his magic staff. Although he knew he would not be able to stop the Hakone Serpent, it was better than nothing.

Time seemed to turn slowly. Nedis could not take her eyes off Rody; she would bite her lips at one moment and looked lost at the next. But her gaze gradually became firm. After that, she laughed gently. She then stood in front of Rody with an extremely determined expression.

Rody did not know this. However, there was a loud sound in everyone's ears. An extremely heavy and large boulder was sent flying. A large figure appeared in front of them.

The Hakone Serpent had finally caught up.

Sith had already set up the strongest Guardian Boundary that he could create. The boundary was easily broken after being b.u.mped by the snake's head. Sith himself was uncertain as to how many

At this point, Rody suddenly opened his eyes.

Although he was tired, he showed a smile.

Rody stretched out his left hand. In accordance with what he was told by Andy, he gathered together his energy slowly, towards the magic mark at his palm.

After a weak fluctuation of magic, a few lines of magical words appeared at his palm.

Rody did not know how to use magic. However, he had still learned how to read a few magical words from his time in the Imperial Academy.

In fact, it was a spell of the lowest level.

Rody did not dare to hesitate and loudly spoke the incantation.

When Sith heard the incantation, he turned pale.

'This is his life-saving trick?' Sith was suddenly filled with despair. He had placed all of his hopes into the boy, but all he got was the lowest ranked summoning spell.

A summoning spell was a sorcery that summoned a Mystic Beast to help the sorcerer fight. Based on the sorcerer's ability, they could call a low ranked or a high ranked beast.

A high ranked Mystic Beast summoned by a high ranked sorcerer was only as powerful as an ordinary powerful warrior. It was already good if it could match a large knight. It could not be compared to a person with domain powers or the Hakone Serpent.

It could only be described as a joke.

On top of that, the spell Rody used was the lowest level spell. Sith despaired as the spell was a beginner's summoning spell that could summon a skeleton at best.

Nedis and Kara were also very surprised as if Rody's life-saving trick was very unexpected.

Rody had just finished the spell and sighed in relief. Although he did not understand the meaning of the life-saving trick, he absolutely trusted Andy.

The s.p.a.ce in front twisted a little and a dark crack appeared. Fog then appeared from the crack.

The fog surged as if stirred by something.

Sith secretly thought to himself, 'What can this guy summon? Did he think he could summon a dragon? Dragons are not so easily summoned. Even if he did summon a dragon, it may also not be able to best this snake!'

At this time, the fog gradually dispersed. A flash of metallic armor could be seen at the corners of the fog.

"We are doomed. It is really a skeleton soldier! But why is it wearing armor?" Sith's face turned dark brown in despair.

However, as the fog gradually dispersed, everyone was surprised.

The ‘monster' that Rody had summoned was different from the Mystical Beasts other sorcerers summoned.

The ‘monster' wore a powerful and beautiful golden armor. The style of the armor looked like the armors of a court warrior. Nedis could immediately tell that the armor was from the Royal Guards of the Imperial Family of the Radiant Empire.

The ‘monster' wearing the golden armor was about two meters tall. Although the armor was beautiful, the wearer's body was too fat.

The body of the wearer was so fat that the armor looked like it was going to burst. The eyes on his face almost could not be seen. The trembling fats even made Sith think that this person was Princess Ruolan.

Even more surprising was the object in the warrior's hands.

Everybody could now see the weapon in the warrior's hands. The silver color flashed and the quality looked good. However, it was too small.

When they looked at it clearly, they almost fainted. The ‘weapon' the warrior was holding was a small knife used to cut meat at mealtimes.

When Sith looked at the warrior's other hand, he felt his heart stop.

In the obese warrior's other hand was a fat chicken drumstick.

The head of the warrior was large and his mouth was greasy with the residue of food.

Rody's eyes almost popped out when he saw this. Even if he were to knock his head, he would never have expected Andy to give him such a life-saving trick.

The fat guy looked displeased and curled his lips. He bit another mouthful of chicken and then said, "Boy, isn't this too much? I was having a midnight snack and then you called me over! Alright. Tell me, what is your problem? You look as though you were badly flattened."

Snakes ‘smell' their prey by flicking their tongues. Snakes are also good at detecting movements from the ‘vibration' on the floor and have heat vision.Raws said Sith's face turned to the color of pig livers. Pig livers are reddish brown to dark brown.

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