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Running to Shanghai!

This was the solution Meng Fan had thought of in a sporadic burst.

Streaming his way to Shanghai should be interesting enough.

With this gimmick and his long stream time, plus his hefty presence, it would be hard for people to not watch. Without being too hopeful, he could get at least two million views out of it.

What about the thumbs up initiative he had originally planned?

Originally, he had wanted to go to a packed scenic spot to increase the speed of his task completion.

But thinking about it, on such a golden holiday, what place has more tourists than a tourist attraction?

On the road!

There was bound to be a h.o.a.rd of them stuck in traffic!

If they're stuck, isn't it just a hand gesture away to run up and give them a warm encouraging thumbs up?

As for whether it would trigger a kindness related task, Meng Fan no longer harbored any hope. Such positive energy, the system definitely wouldn't have it!

From Hangzhou to Shanghai, he would no doubt pa.s.s through many places. Every area would have its own scenic areas. Don't mention 5A rating, exploding A, or even a cheetah A is possible.

The road at night was not easy to run on, so it made sense to take the fickle netizens along. 

The more he thought about it, the more reliable this idea seemed. He took out his phone and did a quick search, feeling even more reasonable.

From Hangzhou's art academy to the vicinity of the Shanghai munic.i.p.al stadium was not as far as Meng Fan had subconsciously thought. In total, it was around 200 kilometers.

Today was the 30th, and tomorrow would be the first. Without counting the 5th, he still had five days.

200 kilometers in five days averaged to about one marathon a day.

If he could run 20 kilometers in the morning, 20 more in the afternoon and slow down his speed, with the help of his black magic running shoes, there shouldn't be a problem. If he ate some energy chews, he'd have no trouble running 60 kilometers a day.

"This, I can do!"

Taking out the stream a.s.sistant, he opened the navigation system. With the help of his black magic technology, Meng Fan quickly set a suitable designated route.

It wasn't probable to follow the highways, but regular roads were fine.

From Hangzhou to Shanghai, Meng Fan took into consideration the small towns and villages along the way.

The core of his plan was to reach a small village or town that could provide food every 20 kilometers. This seemed easy enough, for the areas along the road was once a prosperous area, so there wouldn't be cases of desolate land for ten miles around.

After securing a strategy, he organized his stuff and exchanged a running backpack from the equipment bar on [Travelling Deity]. He packed a few pairs of underwear into it, a sports water bottle, a towel, his charger, portable charger and his phone. Compact and simple, he didn't even need to bring his armband.

Of course, he couldn't take along his art tube.

After changing into his sportswear and sneakers, Meng Fan went downstairs and took a call. It was from his mom.

"You're not coming home for the break?"

"Mhmm, I have some business to take care of."

In fact, after his reincarnation, he was very eager to see his parents again. But he was still scared to see them. This made him feel strange and very conflicted.

"What are you so busy with? I heard you've been keeping yourself very busy."

"Isn't it good to be busy and hardworking?"

"Of course it's good, only... Did something happen to you recently kid? You're very strange!"

"Nothing really."

"You're my flesh and blood if it was nothing or not, you think I wouldn't know?!"


"Is there someone on your mind?" Meng Fan's mother couldn't resist asking.

"Heh. This probably has nothing to do with me being flesh from your body, right? Did Qin Jiao told you?"

"Who needs to tell me about this kind of thing, I blink and know!" Meng Fan's mom would never admit. "You think I don't know what you're like? How could I not know, you suddenly became so hardworking and diligent, so there must be something. The biggest possibility is that you like a girl, or a guy!"

"Mom you're so great, you even guessed right that it's a guy!"

"It's really a guy!" Meng Fan's mother sounded excited. "Then hurry bring him home, then your mama will have two sons haha!"

"Wait until I catch him before I bring him back for you."

"Then do you have enough money?"

"I'm going to a concert in Shanghai on the 5th, once it's done I'll go home for a day."

Shortly after, Meng Fan hung up the phone.

Hanging his stream a.s.sistant on his backpack, he logged into the stream server. He changed the t.i.tle feature to [Too much traffic to Shanghai, let's run instead], and opened a map in the upper corner of the stream.


He turned left onto Tang Zhi Street.

The black magic earbuds connected to his phone alerted him of a new notification. He opened the virtual screen to take a look. His mother had sent him money.

A message followed: Be generous to girls, and even more generous to boys.

Meng Fan was befuddled. Did Qin Jiao not told her? Did mom really think he liked a boy?

Better keep running.

Turning right to the academy's north street, then Zhu Si road, Zhi Jiang Road... it was already the holidays, so the streets were relatively crowded. It was impossible to run fast. It was already good to keep his speed at 7 minutes and 20-30 seconds. In about 22 minutes, he had completed three kilometers, arriving at Song Cheng.

Continuing along Zhi Jiang road, he pa.s.sed ZheJiang University's campus after running 3.5 more kilometers.

Continuing forward, he reached Fu Xing road.

"Beep! You can do it! You've ran 10 kilometers, elapsed time 1 hour, 14 minutes and 37 seconds."


There weren't many people on the stream channel, as during the holidays n.o.body woke up this early. The ones who did were probably going out, and not on 8th Station to watch streams.

But not many did not mean there was no one.

When Meng Fan reached the ten kilometer mark, there were already two thousand or so viewers on his channel.

"Host, are you for real?"

"From the National Art Academy to Shanghai, are you joking?"

"You're walking two hundred kilometers to get there, are you motherf*cking crazy?!"

"I'd at least believe it if you said you were biking there!"

"Waiting for the host to give up!"

"Waiting for the host to slap himself!"

"Two hundred kilometers would take you the whole holiday, wouldn't it? You can't possibly try to finish it in one go!"

"Even if he finished it in the duration of the entire holiday, that's still pretty bada.s.s! You guys have no idea what the host's capacity is like!"

"Meng boss, if you really run there, I'll gift you one smoldering smoke, at least!"

"Don't even mention finishing. If you run outside the Hangzhou borders, I'll give you one too!"

"Based on the map, it would be the equivalent of a marathon to leave the city!"

"I'm betting he'll reach Tong Village!"

"If he can reach Jia Xing I'll give two smoldering smokes worth 1024!"

"Remembering the mini-marathon, I know people will lose their underwear over this again!"

"Look, there's a traffic jam up ahead!"

"Hahaha, I love it!"

"Why go roam outside when you can scan at home and play video games during a break like this?!"

"I hope the host can run a long distance, then I can see all the miserable people stuck in traffic!"

"Motherf*cker, I'm stuck in this traffic okay? Speaking of which, Meng host is pretty close to where I am!"

Ahead of Meng Fan loomed a large-scale traffic jam. The live comments in the stream began to liven up.

One of the greatest pleasures of people who stay home during the holidays is undoubtedly seeing the variety of photos of people stuck in endless traffic. Now... Haha. They get to witness it on a live stream.

This kind of jam, is just way too strong!

Tell me, what's the longest car in the world?


"Meng host, Meng host!"

As Meng Fan ran across the jammed vehicles with a smile on his face and did both thumbs up, someone emerged from a road nearby, scaring Meng Fan out of his skin.

"My G.o.d, it's really you!"

The 23-year-old youth with acne scattered across his face stared at Meng Fan as he approached, then proceeded to grab an armful of spicy dough sticks, chips and other snacks from his car. Smiling, he asked, "Want some?" Feeling like something was off, he took out a pack of cigarettes, then put it back in his pocket and finally decided on handing over a bottle of water.

"You don't want to be fed right?"

"Meng Fan didn't know whether to laugh or cry, then gave him a thumbs up. "I'm off. Add oil! Uhm. Traffic jams your car, not your heart... Hopefully."

'What the h.e.l.l did he mean by add oil?!'

'Traffic jams your car and not your heart, who are you trying to kid you old fart!'

The boy looked at Meng Fan's disappearing figure and gave him a thumbs up. Running was indeed faster than driving!

"Hahaha, this kind of dumba.s.s netizen must be overjoyed by today's events!"

"You must run into it more! That's your job this holiday season!"

"I'm gonna go traffic jam the host and become your sources of happiness!"

"Men, remember that the handsome beautiful man holding cup noodles waiting for Meng Fan? You will see that coming up, it is yours truly!"

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