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After delivering the congee, Meng Fan was bored out of his mind. It was the weekend, and Zhang Zhou Wei and the others were all out on dates when he asked them to go out. When he asked Da Fei, they were all busy as well. Meng Fan did not know where to go by himself.

[Mic Hog] only had 130 songs left, and he felt uncomfortable leaving the task when it was so close to completion. Smack! He suddenly slapped his head. How could he forget the fickle netizens!

The Shi Zhan Youth!

Meng Fan remembered he had his WeChat and immediately sent him a voice chat invite that was answered not long after.

"Are you busy this afternoon?"

"Nope! Meng host do you need a car? I'll head over now!"

"No no no. I don't need a car." Meng Fan interrupted him and continued. "Out of all our netizens, how many do you know of that are in Hangzhou?"

"Several! Didn't we run into a bunch in Song Cheng last time? Us Hangzhou folk have created a chat group, and aside from watching your stream, we've hung out together too."

"That's incredible. I'll treat you guys to karaoke this afternoon. Wanna come?"

"Of course! Where are you, I'll come right now!"

"... Uhm, can you keep the headcount below ten people though? I'll send you the address now."

"I understand, I'll call them now!"

Twenty minutes later, Meng Fan welcomed the Shi Zhan youth and his two friends into his booth. Next, a new person arrived every few minutes until there were nine. Four guys and five girls, so including Meng Fan, it was perfect to couple up. This Shi Zhan Youth had some next-level organizational abilities.

Since there were only 130 songs left, and he was with a group of internet friends, Meng Fan was too embarra.s.sed to directly hog the mic. He let go and enjoyed his time, singing, eating and drinking.

Although the ten of them were meeting for the first time, their ages were similar and had similar interests and pa.s.sions. It wasn't difficult to hang out together, and the atmosphere was harmonious as well.

In the afternoon, Meng Fan ended up only getting forty or so experience points. After karaoke, they went off and shared a meal together before dispersing.

In the evening, Meng Fan did not continue to invite people to go out and went to another KTV wearing his hat. From 7:00 pm, he sang until 12:30, completing the last 90 songs.

"Ding! You've sung 1000 songs by hogging the mic at KTV. You've completed the task [Mic Hog]; Reward: Points +1000."

"Ding! You've completed the task [Mic Hog], gaining the t.i.tle [Mic Hog] (Singing skills +5, voice appeal +3)"

At this time, Meng Fan was in the third booth of the night.

He didn't enter this booth because it was all girls inside; it was because they seemed to be having a good time. These six girls completely entered the zone when Meng Fan entered, drunkenly singing and having a good time. They had no perception of the extra voice and the extra person in the room.

At this point, they couldn't even sing what was meant to be sung.

When the song "Give me a Reason to Forget" came up, Meng Fan was about to leave but hesitated for a moment. He picked up the microphone once again.

He wanted to test his newly added attributes.

"The rain has stopped..."

After singing the first line, Meng Fan was stunned. When his singing skills increased, it came with improved vocal performance, added pitch, range, tone, and sound quality. Meng Fan didn't even have to think about it, it just sounded so good!"

"... but why is the sky still Gray? I remember you said we have to be happy."

Meng Fan sang and unconsciously entered an emotional state.

Suddenly, the girls in the room who had been crazily singing suddenly quieted down. Their expressions were shocked as if they just heard some heart-wrenching voice. But it didn't sound like that. However, the corners of their mouths slowly lifted into a smile.

"... I feel like I'm alone. Every time I smile, my heart is bitterly crying."

At the moment, Meng Fan was curious to see what his voice sounded like with both his new voice and the added validation. He was worried the hat would mask its effects and had taken the hat off in the spur of the moment.

"Give me a reason to forget, the you that loved me so much."

As Meng Fan took off his hat, the six girls were stunned when they saw him. They didn't scream but were carried away by Meng Fan's voice.

One of the girls began to break down, sobbing heavily.

"Some love seems more clear when you are far away..."

When Meng Fan finished singing, the five girls, including the one who was crying the loudest, were all stricken with tears.

This was a song about heartbreak and the disappearance of love. It was easy enough to provoke tears on its own, not to mention these girls were already long gone. Plus, with Meng Fan's +4 vocal skills...

After the song, Meng Fan put on his hat to leave but paused at the door. Suddenly, he couldn't help but remove the hat and erupted into laughter.

His laughter was filled with happiness and vocal appeal plus his added smile appeal... The girls who had just been overwhelmed with tears suddenly began to laugh with tears in their eyes.

"This... this is taking it too far!"

Meng Fan grimaced but didn't know how to explain. He could only put on his hat and slip away. He bought some food and drink from the counter and brought it to the booth as if it were some form of compensation.

When he left the KTV, Meng Fan could confirm the +6 singing skill and +4 voice appeal from his tasks, and the black magic microphone was a terrifying trait. His singing skills weren't on a professional level, but with the voice appeal, he was way more attractive than professional singers were.

He wasn't sure about anything else, but at least he could make a crowd cry. If he included his smile appeal, it was even easier to make them laugh.

He stepped outside the KTV and pa.s.sed a convenient store. Meng fan took off his hat and entered. "Boss, do you guys have wa hahahahahaha?"

The boss heaved with laughter. "You guys hahaha are all poison hahahaha you're the fourth one today hahahaha!"

Meng Fan was a bit embarra.s.sed. He managed an "early blessing for the new year" and slipped away.

He was just outside the store when his phone rang.

It was almost 1:00 am, who could be calling at this hour? He a.s.sumed it was Meng Cai Wei, but he was stunned when he answered the phone.

Su Qing Cen!

He had exchanged Wechat information with Su Qing Cen before, but they had never contacted each other. His idol was calling him late at night, and Meng Fan was both excited and nervous.

He took a deep breath and picked it up. "h.e.l.lo."

"Sorry to bother you so late. I didn't disturb your sleep, did I?" Su Qing Cen said apologetically.

"No, of course not. I haven't slept yet."

"It's like this. I had some work today in Hangzhou, and I just finished. I've been in a bad mood for various reasons and wanted to talk to someone about it. I didn't want to find someone in the industry and remembered you were in Hangzhou, so I gave you a call. It sounds like a stretch, but I really want to see you laugh. Your smile is kind of... magical. Seeing it seems to make people happy."

Meng Fan froze. Could it be his presence was so great after taking off his hat that it had drawn Su Qing Cen who was in a talkative mood toward himself?

He then smiled. "What do you mean magic? You can just say it's poison. Then how about I send you a video?"

Although he had already seen Su Qing Cen, his heart skipped at the thought of video chatting with his idol.

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