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People have dreams, and a lot of them too.

Only, some people worked hard for their dreams, and others didn't. There were even more people who abandoned their dreams along the way.

Of course, dreams couldn't just be accomplished through hard work alone. No matter how hard they worked, it was still based on their physical conditions. Otherwise, dreams will always remain dreams.

Take Meng Fan, for example, he also has many dreams. Among these dreams, the only one that suited his condition was becoming a manga artist. It was what he'd always worked towards, and presently, his dream was upgraded to becoming a well-known manga artist.

In addition to becoming a manga artist, Meng Fan had another dream. That was to become a seiyuu or a voice actor. For this, he was willing to work hard.

If he wanted to become a seiyuu or a professional voice actor, there were a lot of requirements to be met. For example, the ability to express and understand texts coherently and perform it well. This performance ability includes skills in different voices, articulation of different voices, tones, rhythm, control of volume, as well as basic vocal skills and basic techniques, etc. and the ability to express emotion.

To this end, Meng Fan had trained specifically before and had bitterly practiced p.r.o.nunciations. His mandarin was very standard after all.

—As for Pao bro; he was too sensitive. It really wasn't Meng Fan's mandarin.

To be honest, if Meng Fan wanted to become a voice actor, it was not difficult. As long as he was pa.s.sable, it'd be difficult to not have work with Meng Cai Wei as his sister.

Only during the process of learning slowly, Meng Fan came to realize that he was not talented at all in this aspect.

First, the texture of his voice was very average. It was only slightly better than a normal voice, not bad to listen to but not good either. Two, his emotional expression was very average as well. Although it could be improved through training, it would not go very far. Three, his vocal range and control were average as well. Even if he became a seiyuu in this lifetime, there would be a limited number of roles he could take on.

He could confirm it wasn't difficult to become a seiyuu, and he'd have plenty of voice acting opportunities too, but the chances of him becoming a good one was very low.

Of course, Meng Fan did not give up after this realization, only changing it from a dream to an interest. In the past, he had dubbed some videos of characters suitable for his voice on 8th Station.

As for the previous dream of dubbing for a famous manga artist's animation... It was a thought sealed in his heart.

Now that a task with +3 voice appeal has appeared, Meng Fan was suddenly tempted!

What did sound appeal mean?

A Seiyuu should undoubtedly be able to reflect the ability to vocally express emotions.

If a seiyuu could express the emotions of a role through their voice alone, then they were a great seiyuu.

Pitch, tone, sound quality, range, comprehension, coherence, expressiveness, etc. they all ultimately serve emotional expression!

If he became a seiyuu relying on natural talent, the most important thing was to have sound appeal!

Of course, if Meng Fan understood the skills required to sing, including basic skills like pitch, tone, sound quality, vocal range, etc. it also meant that increasing singing skill attributes would improve his basic skills. At the same time, it could be used in voice acting as well.

On the other hand, voice appeal was undoubtedly what all singers desire the most!

"Iron bro, what are you staring at, I'm dry."

When the red-headed youth saw Meng Fan's exasperated face without a microphone, he was worried. Worried that Meng Fan would keep singing.

And truthfully, what you're most afraid of usually ends up happening.

"Oh, that's great."

Meng Fan muttered a sentence then put down the alcohol. Almost too flexibly, he shifted his b.u.m towards the team member currently holding the mic. Smiling slyly, Meng Fan reached over and took the mic.

"Who took my microphone…?"

The teammate who had just been singing "my microphone" was only one sentence before realizing the microphone in his hand was gone.

Meng Fan's hand speed was terrifying!

He stole the microphone over, Meng Fan speedily exchanged the black technology microphone and plugged it directly into the real one in his hand, then opened his throat and began to sing. "Don't worry about me, I still have my voice, yeah, yeah."


Several people in the room were stunned. They lifted their heads to see Meng Fan singing, then paused again. Did his voice sound better than this time around?

He listened to a few more sentences, realizing his pitch was better than before. The biggest change was that his voice was more infectious, and since it was a fast and light song, his body unconsciously began moving along with the rhythm.

Of course, it only sounded better compared to before. It didn't actually sound good.

The black magic microphone came with its own attributes of +1 singing skill and +1 voice appeal. The changes brought on by +1 singing skill was not big, but in comparison, the sound appeal made a much larger difference.

After all, the former was only a scientific attribute, while the latter was metaphysical.

"Iron bro you were disgusting us on purpose just now!"

The group laughed and jested after seeing Meng Fan's singing skills no longer killed and left him alone. They just treated him as background music and began to drink and play their games.

Seeing n.o.body else asked him to drink or tried to steal his mic, Meng Fan entered a high mood as he pleasantly sang to himself.

It was actually quite enjoyable. After all, he didn't go to karaoke very often, and when he did he was usually the person in the corner munching on the fruit platter.

Of course, what mattered most was that his experience was steadily rising.

[Mic Hog] was triggered after Meng Fan hogged the microphone and sang ten songs. Those ten had counted in his experience.

When everyone was done singing and drinking and ready to leave, Meng Fan's experience was already at 35/1000. One song took three or four minutes, so it wasn't too slow; he could finish a dozen songs in an hour.

This was the reason why Meng Fan felt the task wasn't difficult.

He tried to cut the song right when the last line ended, and his experience continued to grow. In this case, he didn't have to wait for the full song to play. Counting down, each song really was less than three minutes, and he could fit 20 in one hour.

If he spent ten hours in a KTV, he could complete the task in five days.

Of course, this was just a thought. If he really implemented it, it wouldn't be so easy!

All else aside, a normal person could not sing for ten hours straight.

Moreover, Meng Fan had ignored a very important antic.i.p.ation.

When everyone left the KTV, most of them were ready to head back to the school before the gates closed so they dispersed. There was no second round.

Arriving at the school gates, Meng Fan found an excuse and slipped off to another KTV near the school. He opened a room and continued brushing his experience.

However, after singing a song, followed by a few more songs, Meng Fan discovered that the experience bar wasn't moving.

Why couldn't it rise?

The basic premise of gaining experience was that someone else had to be present.

It makes sense. Singing KTV alone doesn't make you a mic hog, more like someone with late-stage autism!

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