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"h.e.l.lo, Iron master!"

Among the cheers of the maids, Meng Fan walked over and smiled awkwardly, saying h.e.l.lo. He then curiously looked towards Wu Tong. "What are you doing here?"

Of course, Wu Tong didn't wear a maid uniform. Out of the fifteen or so people, only Qu Jing Jing and the three other girls were in costume.

Wu Tong smiled. "To cheer for you of course."

"Hey hey hey."

At this time, a very dismayed voice appeared from the side, "We're here too, don't pretend you didn't see us!"

Meng Fan looked at Zhang Zhou Wei, Xing Ta Ge and Chen Da Qiang who had been standing to the side. "Ah." He then approached w.a.n.g Ya Nan and Wei Zhi Xue, cheerily greeting them before walking away.


Da Fei arrived with Pao and the Pink hat guy. Seeing the formation outside, they were all respectful, giving Meng Fan a big thumbs up. "You're the most bada.s.s!"

The h.o.a.rd of people walked in together. The arcade was closed today, the entire s.p.a.ce serving the CGL compet.i.tion. The area in front of the basketball machines had also been cleaned, with several machines being moved out to make a large s.p.a.ce. There was another circle of barriers that only contestants could enter, leaving spectators on the other side.

"I'm going in then."

Meng Fan talked to Wu Tong before showing his entrance card and started entering with Da Fei. Once the ticket was punched, they began to line up to warm up.

At 8:50, the main organizers came out to make a speech before kicking off the first round of singles.

Meng Fan was in group B and Da Fei was in group A.

"Iron master."

Qu Jing Jing shouted at Meng Fan when she was preparing at group A. When Meng Fan entered, she said, "Master are you not streaming today?"

Meng Fan looked at Wu Tong.

Wu Tong did not make the situation awkward and smiled. "I remembered you streamed last time."

Meng Fan took out his phone and opened the stream, handing the device to Wu Tong.

"I don't know how to film." Wu Tong looked at Qu Jing Jing. Seeing her nod, she handed the phone to her.

"Wu Tong is so nice, no wonder Iron master likes you so much."

Qu Jing Jing happily accepted the phone and turned on the stream.

The first round of ten people from group A ended quickly. This group was the first to go, which allowed Meng Fan to see the level of players at the city level. 8 people in group A had scored over 700 points, while 2 people scored around 690. Out of those, the highest score was 759!

When group B stepped up, Meng Fan was in front of machine number 8.

"Iron master add oil!"

"Iron master add oil!"

The cheers from Qu Jing Jing and the other three girls had pulled everyone's attention towards them. Then, the attention was shifted onto Meng Fan.

"This must be that 800 points G.o.d from the preliminaries right?"

"What a big scene!"

Now was the age of information. Several people knew of Meng Fan's performance in the previous compet.i.tion, especially the contestants. They had to understand their compet.i.tion, and when a G.o.d suddenly appears, they had to watch his videos. 

Of course, when they watched the videos, they couldn't help but also notice the maid army, and the "sorry I was bullsh*tting" comments.

Meng Fan turned back and waved at his "Friends and relatives", mostly because Wu Tong's presence there had made him very excited. As for the others, after the last storefront ma.s.sacre, Meng Fan could be considered a player who had seen the 'world'.

The whistle sounded and the shooting began.

Meng Fan went into his state after scoring ten baskets, slowly increasing his hand speed. When the first level ended, he was only at an average of 235 points. By round two, he had reached his normal state, and the third level was when his power really exploded... When the fourth level ended, he scored a total of 787.

It was the highest in group B, and the highest score in the compet.i.tion so far.

"He really is a bada.s.s!"

"It seems like this Iron master is in a good condition today."

"In this state, he could easily make over 800 points today."

There was some discussion amid the invincible cheers of the maid army. Compared to the storefront preliminaries, n.o.body targeted Meng Fan specifically, but the smell of gunpowder was strong among the other contestants.

When group C began, Da Fei approached Meng Fan and pointed to the tall skinny guy standing in front of machine #5. "This guy's nickname is Wind G.o.d. He's the most rumored to win our Hangzhou qualifiers, and your biggest compet.i.tor. He's also another great G.o.d who could score 800 points."

The shooting began… Once the round was over, the onlookers were all surprised. The tall skinny guy named the Wind G.o.d was really bada.s.s. And his hands were on fire, scoring 809 in the first round.

"Stop hiding your skills."

Da Fei tapped Meng Fan and entered the ring. Group A was about to begin their second round.

The second time around, group A's score was much better. Out of them, the highest score was 798, one ball away from 800.

Once the round ended, the scent of gunpowder began to strengthen.

There was a master capable of breaking 800 points in all three groups!

"Add oil."

Wu Tong saw Meng Fan looking at her before he got in the ring. She smiled and waved a fist in the air. She was there to cheer for him after all.

This time, Meng Fan was already in his best state, and the more he scored the faster he got.

Before the first level ended, all eyes from the spectating crowd were on Meng Fan.

It wasn't just his presence either, but because Meng Fan was causing such a surprising scene.

'He was way too fast!'

This was the thought going through everyone's heads at the moment. There was nothing else to say but stare at him with their jaws dropped.

"F*ck the fatty is G.o.dlike!"

"What kind of a dumba.s.s stream is this, is it sped up?"

"Hahaha, I knew someone was going to say this!"

"Meng boss's hand speed is genuinely insane! Kato from the drawing realm won't you?!"

The fickle netizens in the stream were not as strong through the screen, but they were still able to trash talk and boast to an effective degree.

"824! Can someone tell me the level of this score?!"

"I seem to hear the sound of cold air at the arcade!"

"I think I heard it too!"

"Sorry I can only hear the gasping from the maid army!"

The audience was dumbfounded by Meng Fan's shooting. Then, several of them had forgotten to look at the final score as they were rubbing their eyes after each shot, or taking off their gla.s.ses to rub their eyes.

Their vision was blurry!

In group C, someone next to the wind G.o.d elbowed him lightly. "Wind G.o.d, you've met your match!"

The wind G.o.d's eyes were locked on Meng Fan as he nodded. "Indeed. It seems it'll be hard to get into the provincial finals this year!"

There was only one spot at the CGL basketball tournament reserved for the Hangzhou station.

The second round began for group C, and all the spectator's eyes were on the wind G.o.d. Until now, everyone knew the dispute for the championship today would be between the wind G.o.d and Meng fan.

The wind G.o.d from group C was also in a good state. He did not have a breakdown after seeing a compet.i.tor like Meng Fan. In fact, he managed to reach his highest score yet; 818 points!

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