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Chapter 1621, Emperor Artifact’s Power

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

“So it is Senior Luo Hai!” Yang Kai looked towards Luo Hai with some difficulty and frowned, “I wonder what Senior’s intentions are?”

A faint smile appeared on Luo Hai’s face and instead of answering, he asked, “The two of you seem to be in a hurry, where do you plan on going?”

“Naturally we wish to leave here and return to Shadowed Star, does Senior have some kind of objection?”

“Of course not,” Luo Hai slowly shook his head, “But Old Jiu, Sister Lei and the others are all waiting to discuss with this friend. The two of you leaving without even saying goodbye is not very appropriate, is it?”

“It is somewhat impolite,” Yang Kai gently nodded. “But we truly must rush back to Shadowed Star as soon as possible. Since we’ve seen Senior here by chance, we will have to bother Senior to relay our apologies for not being able to bid our farewells in person.”

“That won’t do!” Luo Hai obviously didn’t intend to compromise, “They have all been waiting for quite some time now, so you two must come back with this King.”

“Sir Luo Hai’s words are somewhat unreasonable,” Qian Tong took a deep breath and spoke, “Whether we go or stay is our decision to make, why does Sir Luo Hai insist on forcing us to remain?”

He had learned from Yang Kai that Luo Hai had ill intentions towards them, so he didn’t bother acting polite. Having just broken through to the Origin King Realm, Qian Tong was in very high spirits, so even facing Luo Hai, he didn’t intend to flinch.

Luo Hai glanced over at Qian Tong and his eyes flashed.

Qian Tong immediately felt as if he had been struck by lightning, his entire body shivering as his face went pale and his eyes bulged, immediately realizing the immense gap between him and Luo Hai.

After giving Qian Tong a small lesson, Luo Hai smiled happily towards Yang Kai, “You should consider well before replying to this King. En, I’ll give you ten breaths.”

His att.i.tude was completely inflexible.

Yang Kai’s face sank as he never expected a master of this level to be so shameless.

Qian Tong and Yang Kai’s eyes met and they could both see each other’s helplessness. When facing Luo Hai on Green Mountains Star, even a Third-Order Origin King might not be able to defeat him, not to mention Yang Kai and Qian Tong.

Ten breaths of time pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye and Luo Hai asked faintly, “Have you considered?”

As he spoke, the solidification of the surrounding s.p.a.ce became stronger and stronger, making it more and more difficult for Qian Tong and Yang Kai to move.

Qian Tong looked at Yang Kai and signalled that he would follow his lead.

Yang Kai took a deep breath, and said solemnly, “I have.”

“Oh? And what is your answer?”

“To comply!”

Luo Hai showed a satisfied smile on his face.

“Is impossible!” Yang Kai shouted.

As soon as his voice fell, Qian Tong’s body emitted a weak Domain, one that allowed them to contend with the Star Force of Green Mountains Star, bit his tongue, then sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Qian Tong’s life essence was hidden in this blood fog and quickly transformed into an arrow that shot towards Luo Hai at lightning speed.

“Impudence!” Luo Hai was furious. No one had dared challenge him before on Green Mountains Star. Yang Kai and Qian Tong were the first.

Glaring sullenly at Qian Tong, Luo Hai simply waved his hand and the blood arrow that was shot at him shattered. At the same time, Qian Tong was sent flying, his chest caving in as more blood sprayed from his mouth.

His face instantly went as pale as paper.

“Die!” Luo Hai’s eyes flashed coldly, not intending to let off Qian Tong for this insult.

Having already torn face, Luo Hai had no intention of showing mercy. In any case, they were at the edge of the Starry Sky, almost beyond the range of Green Mountains Star’s World Principles, no one could perceive their battle here.

His biggest goal was Yang Kai. As for Qian Tong, his life or death didn’t matter.

Stretching out his hand, Luo Hai condensed a ball of white light at his fingertip before suddenly sending out a beam towards Qian Tong.


At that moment, however, a booming sound of thunder and lightning appeared above Luo Hai’s head, along with an aura that caused him to pale greatly.

Luo Hai’s expression changed dramatically and as he looked up, his eyes shrank fiercely.

Above his head, a black cloud had appeared, and in that cloud, countless tiny arcs of lightning shuttled back and forth.

Although these lightning arcs were small, each one contained a Heaven destroying and earth-shattering power.

Even Luo Hai was deeply shocked.

Suddenly realizing something, he turned to look at Yang Kai and found that this boy was now holding a dark blue bead in his hand which he was madly pouring his Saint Qi into. There were lightning arcs on the surface of this bead which greatly resembled the ones currently above his head.

What was this little boy plotting? What was this strange bead?

Luo Hai’s thoughts turned sharply, but before he could see through the mysteries of this inexplicable blue bead, the countless tiny lightning arcs above his head rained down and shrouded his figure.

Intense crackling sounds rang out!

Luo Hai’s angry roar instantly resounded through the sky and directly impacted the surrounding Star Field.

Green Mountains Star shook in response to its Star Master’s anger.

At this moment, the entire Green Mountains Star seemed to tremble, with the earth trembling and tsunamis forming, as if it was the advent of Armageddon.

Green Mountains Star’s trillions of inhabitants all paled.

Old Jiu and the others leapt to their feet as well, their faces filled with shock.

“It’s Sir Luo Hai!” A hint of panic appeared on the face of the old woman surnamed Lei.

“Who made him so angry?”

“Who could make him so angry?”

Everyone raised their heads to look towards the sky, their eyes seemingly penetrating through the barriers of s.p.a.ce as they detected something unusual.

“Emperor Pressure!” Li Wan Ning exclaimed, her pretty face draining of all colour.

The others trembled as well.

They were Origin Kings, able to stand atop the clouds and overlook all living beings, but in front of the legendary Starry Sky Great Emperor, they were still nothing but ants! The moment they felt this Emperor Pressure, all of them were astonished.

However, why would Emperor Pressure suddenly appear in the Starry Sky above Green Mountains Star? And why did this Emperor Pressure carry a rich murderous intent with it?

What had happened to Luo Hai?

Everyone looked around at each other, wanting to take a closer look, but none of them daring to do so. Without even mentioning the fact that they could not resist the intense Emperor Pressure, if they were to accidentally spy on something Luo Hai did not wish them to see, they would certainly suffer for it.

All they could do was stand in place with dignified expressions, waiting quietly while silently feeling the changes around them.

At the edge of the Starry Sky, a ten thousand kilometre sphere radius was filled with countless tiny arcs of lightning that flashed back and forth.

It was akin to a world of thunder and lightning!

Luo Hai’s expression was extremely gloomy as he stared towards a certain direction, gritting his teeth as he shouted, “Emperor Artifact! You actually have an Emperor Artifact! Little brat, you’ve forced this King’s hand! Now, even if you don’t want to die, you must!”

He never expected that Yang Kai possessed a Heaven-defying Emperor Artifact.

Only an Emperor Artifact could tear through the shackles he had placed on Yang Kai and Qian Tong and allow them to depart safely.

Naturally, Luo Hai had heard of Emperor Artifacts.

These were artifacts used by the Great Emperor and had been marked with the Great Emperor’s aura, hence the term Emperor Artifact.

But throughout the Star Field, although Emperor Artifacts were famous, no one had personally seen one in over ten thousand years. No one even knew what the Emperor Artifacts looked like or what kind of amazing powers they had.

Luo Hai was experiencing all of this firsthand this time.

If not for Yang Kai’s low cultivation, and for him being within the range of Green Mountains Star’s Star Force, the blow just now would probably have been enough to hurt him.

A Second-Order Origin Returning Realm boy hurting a Second-Order Origin King was nothing but a fantasy, but this little brat named Yang Kai almost managed to achieve just that.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind before Luo Hai’s eyes lit up and he muttered aloud, “Annihilation Thunder Bead, that should be the legendary Annihilation Thunder Bead!”

Every artifact used by the Great Emperor was famous, and while ordinary cultivators may not have heard much about them, Luo Hai, as a Star Master and a Second-Order Origin King, had naturally heard about the Annihilation Thunder Bead.

After feeling the power of this Emperor Artifact for himself, Luo Hai immediately judged that it was the Annihilation Thunder Bead!

Luo Hai grinned and let out a burst of fierce laughter.

If he could obtain the Annihilation Thunder Bead, he would definitely be able to exert most of the Emperor Artifact’s power. At that time, even if he were to face a Third-Order Origin King, he would have the confidence to win.

He, Luo Hai, would instantly become the strongest in the Star Field!

The lightning arcs gradually weakened and then disappeared.

The Starry Sky once again regained its calm!

“You want to run?” Luo Hai flicked his sleeve, and with his hands behind his back, like he was taking a leisurely stroll through his courtyard, he flew out hundreds of kilometres, chasing after Yang Kai.

Without even mentioning the Origin Essence Crystal in Yang Kai’s hands, just the Annihilation Thunder Bead was enough for Luo Hai to never let Yang Kai escape.

He wanted the Annihilation Thunder Bead as well as that Origin Essence Crystal!

What surprised him though, was that right now he could only feel Yang Kai’s aura in the distance, while Qian Tong seemed to have vanished entirely.

Not only that, but Yang Kai also seemed to have disappeared inexplicably for a time, to the point where even Luo Hai was unable to sense how he had moved.

A distance of ten thousand kilometres from Luo Hai, Yang Kai was desperately pushing his Saint Qi and adjusting his breathing while running away, his face extremely solemn.

Although he had escaped from Luo Hai’s suppression with the help of the Annihilation Thunder Bead and left the bounds of Green Mountains Star, even without Green Mountains Star’s Star Support, Luo Hai was still a genuine Second-Order Origin King.

Escaping from him would be incredibly difficult!

What’s more, using the Annihilation Thunder Bead had almost emptied all the Saint Qi in Yang Kai’s body. He had no choice but to explode a drop of pure Golden Blood to restore himself.

The more Saint Qi poured into the Annihilation Thunder Bead, the greater the power it could display. Even if it was used by a Third-Order Origin King, it would definitely not be able to exert its full might.

Yang Kai estimated that he could only bring out ten percent of the Thunder Bead’s power.

There was also a stinging pain in his head as his Knowledge Sea rolled and cracked, a clear sign he had overused his Spiritual Energy.

This kind of wound wasn’t too serious, and in normal times, Yang Kai would not even pay it much mind. All he would need to do was rest for a few days, then with the help of the Soul Warming Lotus, his Knowledge Sea would be completely restored.

But how could he spare any time to recuperate in his current predicament?

Throwing a number of pills into his mouth, Yang Kai tried his best to acc.u.mulate some Spiritual Energy as quickly as possible. Only by doing so would he have a chance to escape.

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