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Chapter 1504, Escaping


The outermost layer of defence, the sandstorm, instantly collapsed and the Purple Shield reappeared, its light halo severely dimmed, obviously having suffered a severe loss of spirituality. On the contrary, the myriad bolts of lightning remained undiminished as they struck towards the net woven of Golden Blood Threads.

Being struck by the lightning arcs, the brilliant golden radiance coming from the Golden Blood Threads suddenly dimmed and Yang Kai couldn’t help coughing up a mouthful of blood, his face turning pale.

His Golden Blood Threads were existences that straddled the line between Secret Techniques and artifacts that were directly connected to his body and Soul. As such, when his Golden Blood Threads took damage, Yang Kai would also suffer. This was the only drawback of his Golden Blood Thread Secret Technique.

Yang Kai suffered a small loss at this moment.

Fortunately, this minor flaw did not detract from the Golden Blood Thread’s power, and as they pa.s.sed through the golden net, the seemingly unstoppable lighting arcs finally lost some of their power.

Immediately after, the remaining lighting arcs. .h.i.t the Firebird Artifact Spirit’s light curtain.

Crisp bird cries rang out as the curtain of extremely hot flames distorted greatly, warping s.p.a.ce itself within the surrounding thousand metres. The imposing flames and overbearing lightning formed a kind of violent stalemate, clashing fiercely with one another as Yang Kai looked on anxiously.

However, Yang Kai’s face soon became extremely gloomy.

As the owner of the Artifact Spirit, Yang Kai could naturally feel just how much pressure it was under at this moment.

[It can’t stop them!]

If Yang Kai allowed this to continue, the Firebird Artifact Spirit would almost certainly be destroyed entirely, disappearing from this world.

Just what kind of artifact was that bead? How could it possess such power and why was it giving off Emperor Pressure?

Within a short moment, the Artifact Spirit’s light curtain was on the verge of breaking and the intense heat it was giving off was quickly dispersing, as if it was being doused with water. At the same time, the crisp bird cries were rapidly becoming noticeably fainter.

Yang Kai grit his teeth and took back his Firebird Artifact Spirit.

He didn’t want to let the Artifact Spirit fall here.

A crimson-red ray of light flew into Yang Kai’s body, but without the Firebird’s protection, the countless lightning arcs once again charged towards him unhindered like the sharpest of blades.

Yang Kai’s face was pale, but in this moment, he could only push his Saint Qi to its limits to protect himself.

“Yang Kai, this old master will help you!” Fei Zhi Tu’s voice suddenly came from the side. Using some unknown Secret Technique, Fei Zhi Tu had regained the use of his sealed Saint Qi and hurriedly summoned his Blue Jade Bowl.

A faint blue light poured out from the bowl like gently falling moonlight, quickly transforming into a tangible barrier that blocked the path of the incoming lightning.

A series of loud sizzling noises rang out as the lightning arcs. .h.i.t this faint blue barrier, causing it to rapidly dim.

After only three breaths, Fei Zhi Tu coughed up a mouthful of red blood and his face turned as pale as paper, his aura rapidly diminishing in the process.

The Blue Jade Bowl he relied on the most also let out a loud cracking sound before breaking apart and scattering to the ground.

This powerful Origin Grade High-Rank artifact was actually destroyed by the lightning arcs after a single encounter!

This caused Fei Zhi Tu’s already bad condition to further worsen!

“Old Fei!” Qian Tong’s expression changed drastically as he looked over at him nervously. Fei Zhi Tu just shook his head slowly, not even having the strength to speak. He suffered heavy injuries when they were captured, and was later pierced through by Qu Zheng’s short spear. Now an artifact which was closely connected to his Soul had been destroyed, so it wasn’t an exaggeration to say he was completely drained at this moment.

However, his efforts weren’t in vain. After being blocked by the Blue Jade Bowl, the lightning arcs weren’t nearly as powerful as before, and although they were still quite strong, Yang Kai no longer felt a deadly threat from them.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

The charging lightning arcs plunged into Yang Kai’s body like steel needles, causing countless tiny holes to appear on his body and spilling a copious amount of his blood.

Yang Kai took a deep breath and in the next moment his Saint Qi burst out, enveloping Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu, his face extremely gloomy.

Everyone’s eyes bulged when they saw this. All of them asked themselves if they would have been able to survive the violent attack just now, and the answer all of them arrived at was ‘no’, but Yang Kai had managed to accomplish this. Although Fei Zhi Tu’s desperate a.s.sistance was also a factor, Yang Kai had taken the entire remaining force of the lightning arcs with his body. But instead of his aura fading, it was madly increasing.

Was this boy even still human? Was he really just a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator?

Fang Peng and Qu Zheng’s faces were filled with shock, and even the grey-haired old man showed a look of dread on his face.

“Yang Kai, we need to leave here first. Old Fei…” Qian Tong shouted anxiously.

Yang Kai’s rapidly swelling aura stagnated abruptly, as if he had suddenly regained his composure and he gently nodded, biting the tip of his tongue before spitting out a drop of Golden Blood from his mouth. This drop of blood flickered slightly before seemingly disappearing into thin air.

Immediately after, a strange wave of power surged in front of Yang Kai and a small black crack suddenly appeared.

Initially, this crack was small and insignificant, but soon it expanded, as if two invisible hands were tearing it open.

Inside this crack was a pitch black chaotic was nothingness, as if anything that fell into it would be swallowed and disappear forever.

“Impossible!” Mo Xiao Sheng’s eyes trembled violently as he exclaimed, “Impossible, this is absolutely impossible, there’s no way! That’s a Void Crack!”

“What?” Fang Peng was shocked, “A Void Crack?”

Everyone was stunned as they stared blankly at the crack which led to The Void, all of them unable to believe their eyes, but when they sent their Divine Senses into the black nothingness, they really couldn’t sense anything.

Only Yang Kai stood calmly in front of the Void Crack, guarding Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu as he swept his eyes around coldly with a vicious expression on his face, “This Sect Master will remember the gracious gift he was bestowed today and will be sure to return it a hundred times over in the future!”

His voice was like the frigid wind of the Nine Nether Purgatory, causing everyone to shiver from head to toe.

As soon as his voice fell, his figure flickered and dove into the Void Crack!

“Stop him!” The grey-haired old man was the first to recover from his shock and shout.

But by that time, there was no trace of Yang Kai left, and the attacks everyone released on instinct simply submerged into The Void like stones sinking into the sea, not even creating any ripples.

After a breath, the Void Crack automatically closed and disappeared.

Everyone’s expressions turned ugly as their faces paled.

“Impossible! That is absolutely impossible!” In front of the silent palace, only Mo Xiao Sheng’s muttering echoed.

Having suffered a thorough defeat in the field he was proudest of, Mo Xiao Sheng’s pride had been ripped to shreds.

Qu Zheng and Fang Peng looked at each other and could only see annoyance and dread in each other’s eyes. Qu Zheng turned to look at Mo Xiao Sheng and quickly asked, “Great Elder, are you certain that was a Void Crack?”

“Haha…” Mo Xiao Sheng’s eyes remained unfocused as he said with a sad smile, “This old master wishes he was mistaken, but that was without a doubt a Void Crack! He can actually tear s.p.a.ce. At such a young age he has achieved this kind of mastery over s.p.a.ce Force? It is over, it’s all over, no one on Shadowed Star can capture him. If he wishes to leave, no one can stop him! All this time, he was just toying with us! “

“No one can stop him?” Qu Zheng complexion turned ugly.

Mo Xiao Sheng slowly shook his head with a look of despair, “Union Master, you don’t understand just how difficult it is to deal with someone who cultivates s.p.a.ce Force, but this old master understands… After failing to kill him this time, we will never have a second chance.”

Qu Zheng frowned deeply.

Recalling the threat Yang Kai gave before he left, his heart could not help but clench up.

High Heaven Sect was located deep inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field, a land that none could trespa.s.s, and Yang Kai himself was so difficult to handle, even capable of tearing s.p.a.ce. Having thoroughly offended him this time, it would likely be difficult to sleep peacefully in the future!

“Old Bai, this…” Fang Peng, who had remained silent until now, turned his head to look at the grey-haired old man in brown robes.

The old man’s aura was quite feeble at this moment. It seemed that it cost him a great price to use the bead-like artifact. Hearing someone call out to him, this old man surnamed Bai coldly snorted and said, “Even the Annihilation Thunder Bead couldn’t force him to remain. This is no longer a matter this old master can handle, I must return to the Mountain and report to the Sect Master. Any further action will be coordinated by him, this old master will take his leave.”

After he said this sentence, he did not care what other people thought. He summoned his Star Shuttle and flew off.

Fang Peng wasn’t even able to get a word off and could only watch in annoyance as the old man flew off, cursing under his breath once he was certain the old man was out of hearing range.

The reason why he and Qu Zheng offended Yang Kai this time was because of the orders they received from Star Emperor Mountain, resulting in their two forces suffering heavy losses. Yet now that everything failed miserably, the other side was actually abandoning all responsibility?

What was this? Dismantling a bridge after crossing the river? Disposing of trusted allies after they outlived their usefulness?

Failing to obtain any benefits while provoking a dangerous ent.i.ty, Fang Peng felt the impulse to cough up blood.

However, when he thought about Qu Zheng, he suddenly felt better. Although Thunder Typhoon Sect had also suffered a loss this time, Fang Tian Zhong was still alive, unlike Heaven Battling Union’s Young Union Master Qu Chang Feng.

“Brother Qu, this matter will end here. This Fang will also take his leave,” Fang Peng said with a light cough.

“Brother Fang wants to leave just like that?” Qu Zheng raised his eyes and glared at him.

Fang Peng snickered, “Brother Qu, you also heard what that boy said before he left, he’s clearly not going to let today’s matter drop. This Fang is going to return as quickly as possible to make some arrangements before entering retreat for a few years. Even if that boy is strong, he won’t dare attack my Thunder Typhoon Sect’s headquarters, right? If he were to do that, he would truly be too arrogant. Brother Qu, I advise you to go back as well. Quickly order your disciples to return to your Sect and not go out unless necessary to avoid them being picked off one by one before the situation calms.”

“Is Brother Fang really such a coward? After being threatened once you actually intend to make like a turtle?” Qu Zheng stared at him contemptuously.

“When did I say anything like that…” Fang Peng spat disdainfully, “This Fang simply wishes to gain the most while losing the least. In any case, this matter is Star Emperor Mountain’s responsibility now, I don’t want to stick my nose into it unnecessarily.”

“Hmph, if I cannot obtain vengeance for the murder of my son, this old master would not be a man! If Brother Fang wishes to act like a turtle and cower, so be it, but this old master and that brat are absolutely irreconcilable. If he dares to attack my headquarters, this old master must make him never return!” Qu Zheng roared, his expression grim.

“Then I hope Brother Qu can fulfil his wish as soon as possible!” Fang Peng cupped his fists slightly before waving his hand and quickly leaving with the rest of the surviving Thunder Typhoon Sect masters.

“Coward!” Qu Zheng looked at Fang Peng’s disappearance and spurned contemptuously, but soon his expression became sad again as he looked towards a certain spot, his heart filling with pain, “Collect the Young Union Master’s corpse, we’re returning!”

“Yes!” Someone walked over and immediately picked up Qu Chang Feng’s headless corpse before the remaining Heaven Battling Union Masters followed after Qu Zheng and left.

Silavin: d.a.m.n. I believe this was probably one of the most exciting fights in this arc. No, this series so far. I don’t recall in the past that anyone has taken someone important to Yang Kai hostage before in such a manner.

How did you guys feel? What are the more memorable fights for you?

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