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Chapter 1399, Lost In A Dream

Yang Yan had been waiting for this for a long time now and immediately took out a plate from her s.p.a.ce Ring. This plate was similar to the one Wu Yi was using, half gold and half silver, but it was significantly smaller.

Although this control device was smaller, it was still fully capable of manipulating all of Dragon Cave Mountain’s Spirit Arrays.

After Yang Yan poured her Saint Qi into this plate, a whirling sound immediately rang out from it and the silver and gold colours began moving closer together, quickly merging into one solid state.

At the same time, the originally clear Dragon Cave Mountain was once again obscured by fog as the Mountain Defending Array surrounded the mountain.

“I’m going back first. Wu Yi isn’t very skilled at controlling the various Spirit Arrays,” Yang Yan said.

“En.” Yang Kai gently nodded.

Yang Yan flew down below in a flash, and as soon as she left, Yang Kai’s figure was immediately exposed. This scene surprised all the masters who were staring at this place.

Yang Kai swept his eyes around coldly. Although he could not see anyone, he knew that, at this moment, Dragon Cave Mountain had attracted the eyes of many powerful masters. Most of these people were just here to enjoy the show while a few had a role in the current siege.

Sneering dismissively, Yang Kai also quickly flew into Dragon Cave Mountain.

“This little brat… opening his Mountain Defending Array again, does he want to trap and kill all of these people?” In Heavenly Fate City, Fei Zhi Tu stared blankly.

Qian Tong also starred in confusion, “Does he really have such a ravenous appet.i.te?”

The two exchanged a glance but really did not know how to explain the scene in front of them.

Elsewhere, Jin Shi and Old Woman Feng also had similar doubts, but they were still completely confident in their subordinates, so they did not display any worry. Only Feng Yan, who had been attending to Old Woman Feng, showed a look of interest as she stared towards Dragon Cave Mountain.

She very much wanted to know what the result of this battle would be.

“Doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!” Among Coloured Gla.s.s Sect’s group, a glamorous young woman in magnificent dress slowly shook her head, a look of disapproval flashing across her eyes. Originally, when she had witnessed all of Dragon Cave Mountain’s powerful Spirit Arrays, she had been somewhat impressed, but now, after seemingly gaining some small advantages, Dragon Cave Mountain being so pretentious as to open their Mountain Defending Array again only disappointed her.

Without possessing an absolute advantage, opening this protective barrier was not catching a turtle in an urn but trying to contain a ferocious tiger.

Behind this young woman stood two other women, one seemingly taking pleasure in Dragon Cave Mountain’s misfortune while the other was slightly pale with worry.

These two young women appeared to be the same age and their bodies were equally enchanting, but their appearances could not have been more different. One of them was incredibly beautiful while the other was extremely ugly. These two were naturally Yin Su Die and Dai Yuan of Coloured Gla.s.s Sect, and the young woman who had spoken just now was none other than Gong Ao Fu, the daughter of Coloured Gla.s.s Sect’s Sect Master who was Yin Su Die and Dai Yuan’s Honoured Master.

“Honoured Master, what do you think Dragon Cave Mountain’s fate will be this time?” Although Yin Su Die seemed to be asking her Honoured Master for her opinion, her beautiful eyes were fixed towards Dai Yuan.

Yin Su Die had once suffered a big loss at Yang Kai’s hands, so she naturally hated him. Now seeing Dragon Cave Mountain battered by wind and rain, she could not help rejoicing, especially when she saw the worried look on Dai Yuan’s face. This whole situation brought her immense satisfaction.

“Why bother asking something so obvious?” Gong Ao Fu coldly snorted.

“Honoured Master means that Dragon Cave Mountain won’t be able to overcome this tribulation?” Yin Su Die grinned.

“From the beginning, the decision of the person who owns this Dragon Cave Mountain was wrong,” Gong Ao Fu slowly shook her head, not directly answering the question, “With just the power gathered on such a small hilltop, opposing Myriad Beast Mountain and Demon Blood Temple was akin to trying to break a rock with an egg. Even if this hilltop had numerous powerful Spirit Arrays that allow them to gain a victory this time, what does it matter? With Jin Shi and Old Woman Feng still here, do you believe they will stand by and watch Dragon Cave Mountain bluff and bl.u.s.ter before them? If those two take action, what other choice will there be but to submit?”

“So that’s how it is!” Yin Su Die showed an enlightened look before glancing proudly towards Dai Yuan who was biting her red lips tightly without saying a word.

With a chuckle, Yin Su Die continued, “Then what Honoured Master means is that Dragon Cave Mountain should have known its limits and not provoked Myriad Beast Mountain and Demon Blood Temple.”

Gong Ao Fu showed neither approval nor disapproval, simply saying, “The way of the world is just like this, whoever’s fist is bigger is right.”

“But Honoured Master, if Senior Jin Shi and Senior Feng really take action, Shadow Moon Hall won’t just sit back and do nothing, Elder Qian Tong will surely not stand idly by!” Dai Yuan suddenly a.s.serted with a serious expression.

“Shadow Moon Hall?” Gong Ao Fu glanced lightly towards Dai Yuan and chuckled, “Even so, what of it? If Jin Shi and Old Woman Feng want to deal with this Dragon Cave Mountain, it will not take them more than a few breaths. Even if Qian Tong moves, will he be able to stop them? When the time comes and everyone on that hilltop is dead, do you think Shadow Moon Hall will choose to make enemies of Myriad Beast Mountain and Demon Blood Temple?”

Hearing this, Dai Yuan could not help shivering.

Gong Ao Fu frowned seeing this and asked suspiciously, “Yuan’er, are you feeling alright?”

Before Dai Yuan could answer, Yin Su Die giggled and said, “Honoured Master, Senior Sister isn’t feeling unwell, she is just worried about Dragon Cave Mountain.”

“Why would you be worried about this Dragon Cave Mountain’s fate?” Gong Ao Fu looked at Dai Yuan puzzledly and asked, “Do you know someone there?”

“Honoured Master, have you forgotten? Didn’t two people come to visit Senior Sister at the Sect a while ago?”

“Naturally, I remember this, it was a young man and a young woman, right? Could it be that man and woman were…” Gong Ao Fu suddenly thought of something?

“Yes, that young man’s name is Yang Kai and the woman’s name is Yang Yan, they are the leaders of this Dragon Cave Mountain and their relationship with Senior Sister seems to be quite good,” Yin Su Die replied with a smile.

Gong Ao Fu wrinkled her brow as she stared towards Dai Yuan and asked, “Yuan’er, is that true?”

“Yes!” Dai Yuan nodded heavily.

“No wonder you look so worried, but even if that is the case, you must not draw calamity to yourself. This time, whether Dragon Cave Mountain wins or loses, their future will certainly be quite bleak. Too many great forces are involved in this matter so my Coloured Gla.s.s Sect must not wade into these muddy waters.”

“But Honoured Master, I owe Junior Brother Yang a life-saving grace!” Dai Yuan said anxiously.

“So what?” Gong Ao Fu glared at her, “Just looking at his rampant behaviour, he is clearly a foolish and arrogant child. Such a person is not one to become friends with, otherwise you will sooner or later suffer disaster. Su Die!”

“Exactly!” Yin Su Die responded quickly.

“Your Senior Sister’s mood is unstable, stay close to her and do not let her do anything stupid.”

“Yes!” Yin Su Die looked over at Dai Yuan with a harmless smile upon her lips, but in her heart, she was secretly rejoicing. The meaning of her Honoured Master was already obvious, she wanted her to monitor this Senior Sister of hers and not allow her to go to Dragon Cave Mountain and involve herself in this matter.

Looking at Dai Yuan’s sorrowful face, filled with helplessness and anxiety, Yin Su Die felt happier than if she had picked up a million Saint Crystals. Although her cultivation level had now reached the First-Order Origin Returning Realm, one step higher than Dai Yuan’s, because of the special Secret Art Dai Yuan cultivated, she was an indispensable a.s.set to the Sect, so Yin Su Die still felt uncomfortable in her heart. She always dreamed about completely suppressing Dai Yuan inside Coloured Gla.s.s Sect so she could enjoy all her Honoured Master’s attention and favour.


Inside Dragon Cave Mountain, Ning Xiang Chen stared blankly at the enemy in front of him who had the same cultivation as him, like he was lost in a dream.

The enemies in front of him no longer had any vitality and had only a single wound on his body, a b.l.o.o.d.y hole in his chest the size of a finger out of which red blood still flowed.

Needless to say, this enemy had been killed by him.

But the ease with which he had made this kill made Ning Xiang Chen unable to believe it had happened. If it were not for him being certain it was impossible, he might have thought he had somehow instantly become a peak Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master.

After encountering this enemy just now, Ning Xiang Chen simply summoned a short sword artifact and fought for half a cup of tea’s time before everything was over. Originally, he had wanted to feign weakness to lure the enemy into lowering their guard then take advantage of the situation by launching a killing strike, but how could he have antic.i.p.ated that this enemy would be completely incapable of resisting him, allowing Ning Xiang Chen to thrust his short sword through his opponents chest and kill him on the spot.

Was this person really an Origin Realm master like him? Why did it feel like he was casually killing a Saint King Realm cultivator?

Moreover, this was already the second Origin Returning Realm master Ning Xiang Chen had killed.

In the past, when he encountered an opponent in the same realm, when had he not fought a hard battle for at least an hour? The longest time Ning Xiang Chen remembered fighting continuously was eight hours, after which he and his opponent had both exhausted their Saint Qi and mutually withdrawn, swearing to settle the score another day.

But now, in just the time it would take to boil a cup of tea, he had killed two opponents who possessed strength equal to his own.

Both of these enemies had died with their eyes wide open, as if they had seen something impossible at the moment of their death.

Although Ning Xiang Chen didn’t quite understand what happened to his enemies here that caused them to act so erratically, he knew there was some kind of mysterious force at work helping him, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to kill these two masters so easily.

Obviously, this mysterious force was related to the Spirit Arrays arranged here, as when Ning Xiang Chen encountered these two Origin Returning Realm masters, he had keenly noticed that they seemed disoriented and unable to circulate their Saint Qi properly, as if they were suffering both suppression and confusion. When he was fighting these two masters, they would often scream out in panic and attack towards empty s.p.a.ce for no apparent reason.

Ning Xiang Chen had lived for many years, but this was the first time he had ever encountered such an outrageous scene. The evaluation of Dragon Cave Mountain in his heart soared upwards after experiencing all this. Being able to completely confuse the sense of and suppress the Saint Qi of enemy Origin Returning Realm masters while not hindering the strength of their own allies was not a feat an ordinary Array Master could achieve.

Recalling the inscrutable smiles of Chang Qi and Hao An, Ning Xiang Chen suddenly realized why they had remained so calm even in the face of so many strong enemies.

Perhaps this time he had really made the most brilliant decision of his life!

Thinking so, Ning Xiang Chen stretched out his hand, recalled his short sword from a short distance away, then continued walking forward calmly, without any of his previous uneasiness and anxiety.

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