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The World’s Dazzling Talent - Truth

Jin w.a.n.gsun lied motionlessly on the ground as he bled out. The Tiger Fang sabre was wider than Golden Crow Moon Eater, therefore closely resembling a broadsword more. As a result, the wound inflicted was much worse. When A Hu pulled Tiger Fang out, Jin w.a.n.gsun's wound turned into a fountain of blood. There was no way he could stop the bleeding.

Jin w.a.n.gsun never had his guard up against A Hu. A Hu dealt the former a fatal wound. Jin w.a.n.gsun was frightened when A Hu then picked up Golden Crow Moon Eater. The latter sabre perfectly fitted A Hu.

A Hu stabbed Golden Crow Moon Eater into the wound perfectly. Jin w.a.n.gsun groaned, but that was only the beginning. A Hu then drained Jin w.a.n.gsun's energy from him by using Golden Crow Moon Eater Manual, Jin w.a.n.gsun's speciality. Jin w.a.n.gsun never knew A Hu could utilise the technique and at its maximum potential for that matter.

Jin w.a.n.gsun had bemus.e.m.e.nt written all over his face.  He felt his blood and energy spilling out of his body. He lost a lot of qi in a short time frame but lost a lot more.

"Wh-Why was it you…? Why was it you…?"

Jin w.a.n.gsun's qi was barely detectable, but he kept repeating the question. His eyes displayed his fury, confusion and heartbreak. He thought he'd get to see A Hu show a tinge of guilt so that he could lash out at him on justified grounds. He could also learn why he was betrayed and tell himself it was A Hu who let him down. A Hu, however, didn't speak or avoid him.

A Hu remained as calm as always. He silently stood next to Jin w.a.n.gsun. He stood there as if he was still Jin w.a.n.gsun's loyalest slave, who was at his beck and call and would willingly sacrifice himself, Big Cat.

A Hu showed no guilt when he met with Jin w.a.n.gsun's gaze. He only added to Jin w.a.n.gsun's bewilderment.

"Young Master, you are truly very stupid," stated A Hu. He remained emotionless and patient. He quietly said, "Since you're completely ignorant, let me fill you in. My mother's surname… was Jin. She was a distant relative of your Gold and Silver Sect. She was in the same generation as you. She was essentially your senior in the clan. Nineteen years ago, she saved you out of the kindness of her heart; your father held her in high regard afterwards…"

A Hu took his time with every sentence. His description matched Jin w.a.n.gsun's memory of the female heroine he admired back then: Jin w.a.n.ghu. He recalled her prowess that was renowned throughout Jiangnan and pretty smile.

"Thirteen years ago, your father wanted my mother to help him defeat a powerful foe. Hence, he pa.s.sed Golden Crow Moon Eater on to her. Afterwards, Gold and Silver Sect started pondering if your father planned to make her the next patriarch of the sect, inciting much debate and accusations. Some even outright challenged her. My mother just kept it to herself out of consideration for your father.

Despite all that, she left home for three years to help your clan. My mother's favourite hobby was spending time with my father. She would rather starve at work just so that she could have dinner with us. She liked sabres, but she liked her family even more. She left home for three years for your clan. How did you repay her? You ma.s.sacred her family, killed her husband and kidnapped her son. Then, you used Golden Crow Moon Eater to drain her energy; she didn't even get to die with her corpse intact!!!"

A Hu was always a man of few words, quiet and usually looked melancholic. Jin w.a.n.gsun never sensed all that rage pent up inside the former.

"Big Cat… that w-"

"After my mother pa.s.sed away, Gold and Silver Sect cla.s.sified the name Jin w.a.n.ghu as a taboo and avoided any mention of it. You shifted all of her accomplishments and merits to another man, and then contained rumours of her in the martial world. You accused her of being a bloodthirsty murder that literally drank people's blood. You then claimed the Seven Champion White Princes had to kill her to end her crime spree…"

A Hu's rage surged and surged as he spoke until, eventually, he huffed and puffed as a beast would. He was a step away from roaring to the sky.

"Had Mr. An not rescued me and told me to go back to look for my mother, I wouldn't have even heard her last words."

"Your mother… Big Cat…"

"My mother always considered you her own son. I hate everyone in Jin Clan but you," quietly said A Hu, eyes gradually turning emotionless. "That was how I would've felt had it not been for Qing'er."

"Qing'er… Qing'er!!"

Jin w.a.n.gsun was shocked to hear Qing'er's name. He never knew A Hu and Qing'er were close to the point he, a t.i.tan who was poor with words, would address her by name. The pieces all clicked for Jin w.a.n.gsun at long last.

How did A Hu master Golden Crow Moon Eater? He didn't have taiyin pills or women, so it was impossible for him to master the most advanced level? The fact that A Hu could absorb Jin w.a.n.gsun's energy told him everything he needed to know.

"Y-You two… So Qing'er was working… with you! You two… Nice, nice, nice! You sure did right by me!"

A Hu shook his head: "I liked Qing'er long ago; that was before she knew she was betrothed to you."

"You salacious b.i.t.c.h and conniving b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Y-You two betrayed me…"

"You are wrong. Very wrong," calmly responded A Hu. "I know she likes me. She, nevertheless, doesn't know I like her. I gave her the cold shoulder, for I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I kept my feelings to myself and prayed you two would be happy together. However, you never ever should've forced yourself on her.  When I found her the day after that night, she was in the midst of trying to end her life. I realised this day would come when I stopped and picked her up that day."

"…" Jin w.a.n.gsun's gaze gradually looked empty, but he couldn't respond.

"Young Master, you don't owe me anything, and neither do I owe you anything. I don't hate you; I hate Jin Clan's members."

A Hu pulled Golden Crow Moon Eater out. Jin w.a.n.gsun didn't have many breaths left.

"Why did I stab you from behind?" The t.i.tan answered his own question in a monotone voice: "Because… that was how my mother was killed."

"… Your mother's death, Sister's Hu's dead was n-"

"Save it for the King of h.e.l.l."

The moment finally came. The scene appeared before Jin w.a.n.gsun's eyes again. The scene that day froze in that moment. The scene in his memories was a nightmare that plagued him ever since that day, yet he couldn't bear to delete it from his mind. He wanted a glimpse even as he drew his final breaths. Perhaps it was because it was his only chance to see his Sister Hu again. Worth noting, though, was it was the first time the scene played out differently.

Jin w.a.n.gsun saw Jin w.a.n.ghu lying in a puddle of blood and the enemy with his iron mask. In the distance - no, further, even further - there was a small grid door in the wall enclosure. Jin w.a.n.gsun spotted the reflection of an individual in black. Upon closer inspection, the ominous figure seemed so dark and sinister it could devour the light just by existing. He was Mr. An!

Ten years ago, Mr. An was present at the scene! The story about him rescuing A Hu and so forth had to be fabricated lies!

Jin w.a.n.gsun's throat burbled and croaked, but he couldn't make out any words.

He tried to say, "A Hu… it wasn't me… It was him! It was him! He was the one who poisoned your mother… it was him!!!"

A Hu revealed a barely-noticeable tinge of hopelessness in his eyes. Like a howling beast, he violently swung Tiger Fang.

The alarmed birds took flight. Blood was everywhere in sight.


*Grid Doors - This is how they looked https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/822307504/TB2EqsKcTtYBeNjy1Xdx.x.xXyVXa_!!822307504.jpg


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