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Chapter 83 – Setting the plan

"Moreover, the army has been expanding its recruitment the past few years. Currently, the army of the county is no longer 30,000, it's already roughly double. With almost a 60,000 strong army in hand, old sir and great master, how can we dare compete?"

Perhaps understanding the purpose of Feng Hao and Hua Yuntian, Du Feng started to say his grievances.

"Surprisingly, things have come to such a point!"

Hua Yuntian had a calm face and his eyes shone with a dangerous light, "Now that the army is in their hands, they dare expand the scale of recruitment. It seems that the Xue Clan has another plot!"

"Humph! Their courage is not small!"

After coldly snorting, inside the hall there was silence. All there eyes were concentrated on Hua Yuntian.

"Du Feng, go meet the Shi Clan Master. I have an important task to give you two!"

Waving his hand, Hua Yuntian took out a piece of jade medallion throwing it to Du Feng.

"The prince's token?"

Looking at the jade medallion with the word Hua engraved, Du Feng's pupils dilated. He directly breathed heavily, his arms could not help but tremble.

"Commoner Du Feng pays respect to your highness the prince!"

He directly fell down on his knees. The elders of the Du Clan were stunned, then they also all kneeled down.


Looking at the old man's thin face, Feng Hao experienced an earthquake in his heart.

"Get up."

Hua Yuntian casually waved his hand, "Now, go secretly bring over the Shi Clan Master!"


Du Feng respectfully returned the jade medallion to Hua Yuntian, his face excited while exiting the hall.

Half an hour later, the Shi Clan Master Shi Zhen, a bearded fellow, followed Du Feng from behind into the hall.

"Prince, I have brought him!"

Du Feng came in front and respectfully spoke.

"Commoner Shi Zhen pays respect to the prince!"

Shi Zhen directly fell on his knees.

It seems that Du Feng already explained everything to him before they came.


Sitting on the main seat, Hua Yuntian slowly placed his hand down letting go of a teacup, "Get up."

"Thank you, your royal highness!"

Shi Zhen's face contained some excitement.

No one wanted to be swallowed up by another force, the old man in front of him was their only turning point.

"The situation right now, you two should be more clear than I am. The Ci County's army has fallen into the hands of the Xue Clan. Therefore, in order to remove the Xue Clan, we must first solve the issue of the army!"

Hua Yuntian's face looked solemn. This Xue Clan was not simply trying to be the overlords of Ci County. If that was the case, then they didn't need to expand the army to such an extent. As a result, Hua Yuntian concluded that the Xue Clan wanted to rebel!

"Regarding reinforcements, they are not coming!"

Now that there are only two days left, Hua Yuntian himself cannot deploy thousands of cavalry in such a short period of time.

Pausing for a moment, he said, "The county soldiers are still the people of my West Mist Country, they cannot be disregarded. We only need to deal with the officers placed by the Xue Clan, this way the clan would be unable to move the army!"

"Du Feng, Shi Zhen!"

Hua Yuntian stood up.

"The commoner is here!"

"I command you two, that in a days time, I want you both to replace the officers of the county army with your people. Do you have confidence in accomplishing it?"

"It shall be done!"

The two were glad. Having the prince's order, solving those officers with their Martial Spirit cultivation was not difficult.

After which, as everything was set in place, Feng Hao and Hua Yuntian returned to the inn as they were afraid they would arouse suspicion.

"Old Hua!"

Feng Hao breathed out a cry with his eyebrows crowded together.

"What is it?"

Hua Yuntian raised his eyebrow, placing down the cup on his hand.

"Old Hua, as of now, you cannot display your full strength right?"

Although nothing could be seen on the surface of the old man, Feng Hao was clear. The heat poison in his body, at any time would strike to take his life!

"That's right."

Hua Yuntian gently nodded and sighed, "Currently, I still have to suppress the poison in my body. I dare not relax ah. However, after great master's therapy, I can now unleash the strength of a peak Martial Spirit to some extent."

This poison was merely a black ranked poison. Relying alone on his strength as a Martial Ancestor, he can suppress it a bit, however he could not completely eradicate it. Now that a long time has pa.s.sed, the heat poison has already slowly eroded his flesh, muscles, skin, and now his organs!

"Peak Martial Spirit?"

Hearing him say so, Feng Hao frowned more tightly.

The strongest from both sides can only fight evenly, no one can suppress each other. However, if one of the experts from the Xue Clan escapes, things would spiral out of control. The Qiong Clan would surely be the object of retaliation, this was not something Feng Hao wanted to see!


Thinking of this, Feng Hao's mind moved, "Just suppressing, Old Hua can you do it?"

After speaking, Feng Hao turned over his hand and a jade box appeared. Looking at the appearance of the small jade box, it looked slightly despondent. Then, opening the. Jade box, inside were two red and translucent lotus seeds. He presented them in front of Hua Yuntian.

Taking a deep breath, the medicine essence entered the body causing Hua Yuntian to feel lighter, The heat poison in his body all hid, shrinking back. It seems as if they met their natural enemy.

"Great master, what is this thing."

Looking at the thing that he has never seen before, Hua Yuntian's eyes were surprised. He felt that these two lotus seeds surpa.s.sed the rare treasure level. Thinking of such a possibility, he blurted out, "Is this a medicine king?!"

His pair of eyes became round, he sluggishly looked at the young man. He found him to be more and more mysterious, it was as if he was just an ordinary youth.

Medicine king, is that something a common person can get?

"This is a person with big opportunities!"

His heart trembled. Earth ranked Medicine Master and a medicine king, this explained everything.

"Old Hua, these things should help suppress the heat poison in your body. This will allow you to not waste your strength suppressing the poison."

Again taking out a jade box, Feng Hao took one piece and placed it inside. Feng Hao then handed it over before Hua Yuntian.


Hua Yuntian could not describe his current feelings. At this time, the value of the medicine king, he was no longer clear. This youth handed it over to him, this showed his great trust on him!

"Many thanks for great master's trust!"

What can he say, when he took the small jade box and carried on his bosom, he felt the heat poison get suppressed. Now, he only needed to use fifty percent of Wu Yuan he used to operate. Suddenly, the long lost strength in his body returned, This force, he was captivated.

"Great master should be rest a.s.sured. The girl, I will save her with no harm!"

Once again regaining the strength of a Martial Ancestor, Hua Yuntian had a majestic aura.

Everything was ready. Now to wait for tomorrow, I believe that regarding this gift, the Xue Clan should be pleasantly surprised!

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