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Chapter 81 – Early morning conflict

Feng Hao was awakened by a noise. For several days, he was on the road causing him to be very tired. So the moment he started sleeping in the inn, he would have not woken up till noon of not for the noise.

Going down the bed, he washed himself and tidied up the Medicine Master robe. He opened the door and to go out. The moment he went out, he saw Hua Yuntian standing by the door.

"Morning Old Hua!"

Feng Hao smiled and greeted.


Hua Yuntian was also in a good mood, the color of his face was rosy.

"What is happening down stairs?"

The movement down below was still loud as before. Feng Hao approached the staircase, he saw that in the inn hall there was a group of uniformed guards in a clamor.

"Everyone upstairs, come down!"

Feng Hao only exposed half of his body, but a sharp eyed guard found him. He opened his mouth a loudly screamed.

"Go down?"

After briefly being distracted, Feng Hao creased his eyebrows.

Soon after, the inn waitress ran up and said, "Sorry gongzi, the Xue Clan has already taken over this inn. Therefore, starting today, only the guests of the Xue Clan can stay here. Please tidy your things else there will be unnecessary trouble.

The waitress politely explained everything, however her face still flowed with bitterness.

"Oh, the Xue Clan seems to be very overbearing ah?"

Feng Hao turned his head and smiled at Hua Yuntian behind him.


Hua Yuntian raised the corners of his mouth, he did not deny those words.

Listening the interactions of the two, the waitress' face became slightly stiff. This was the first time she heard someone dare say things about the Xue Clan in Ci City. As she can't laugh at the moment, her cheeks became red looking embarra.s.sed.

Seeing the awkward face of the waitress, Feng Hao felt that the atmosphere was getting weird. Feng Hao turned and wanted to return to his room to clean up. At this time, a woman's cold voice came from the inn's doorway, "Where did these slaves come from? How dare you say that my Xue Clan is overbearing?"

Hearing the obviously unruly tone, Feng Hao's eyes flashed with intolerance. He turned his head looked at the group of people walking in.

The age of the group seemed to be quite young. The one person leading them wore a tight red dress. Her beautiful figure was rather ample. The areas that should stick out, sticked out, and the areas that should be curved were curved. She looked very tempting.

On the young girl's leg area, there was floral skirt that had split. It started from the thighs that showed her snow white long slender legs. She was a scarlet fruit that was exposed to the eyes of everyone.

The eyes of the men that came with her would occasionally sweep on those pair of legs, causing there eyes to have a touch of redness.

Sweeping his eyes on the red dressed girl who was still holding on top her whip, Feng Hao recognized her. Previously on the street, this was the person who bolted with her horse. She was the young girl called the Xue Clan's third young miss.

"Third young miss!"

The guards of the Xue Clan after seeing the young girl all respectfully called.


The young girl with the red dress coldly snorted. Seeing that he wore a Medicine Master robe, she paused for a bit before saying, "So it turns out you are a Medicine Master."

Feng Hao's eyes lightly glanced at the arrogant Xue Clan third young miss, then he completely lost interest. He faintly shook his head and turned back to go to his room.

"Humph! A small Medicine Master dares to look down on my Xue Clan, asking for death!"

Seeing Feng Hao completely ignore her, her shapely eyebrows rose. She was always treated like a special treasure in one's hands. Her figure jumped and the horse whip on her hands lashed out. It issued a breaking sound, like lightning it resolutely flung towards Feng Hao's  back.

When the long whip was about to strike Feng Hao's back, a dry palm stretched out and grasped the long whip. After holding on to it, the hand casually flung the whip to the side bringing the red dressed girl with it.

As the red dressed woman was about to fall to the ground, a shadow fiercely went in from outside the inn to catch the woman. However, due to the large force, after getting caught they were pushed unstable causing them to take a few steps back.


Lookin at the stunned face of the red dressed girl, everyone in the huge hall sucked in a mouthful of air. Immediately, they all in a great rush escaped from the inn.

They all didn't want to be involved. Standing out the door, they began to watch the development from the outside.

As for the Xue Clan guards, after a brief period of astonishment, they each pulled out their bright swords and rushed towards the top of the staircase.

"Acting recklessly!"

Hua Yuntian coldly looked down. He stepped forward and stood at the end of the staircase. After uttering those words, he lifted his sleeves and casually swung his arm causing strong burst of wind. The dozens of guards were all sent flying. They staggered as they fell, unable to pick up their body after a long time.

"This old sir, please stay your hand!"

The person behind the red dressed girl spoke out. He looked to be middle aged and had a deathly pale face. Just a moment ago, it was this middle aged man who made a move.

"Old sir, it was my clan's miss fault for being too impulsive. Please give my Xue Clan some face, do not find fault in her inexperience."

The eyes of the middle aged man never left Hua Yuntian's body. Seeing the old man's calmness and gaze, his eyelids jumped so he spoke politely.

"He! Xue Clan?"

The corners of the mouth of Hua Yuntian lightly rose, he glanced at the middle aged man whose strength was at the Martial Grand Master with a sneer: "Control your clan. Don't think that because the Xue Clan is Ci City's master, you can be reckless. Learn from this day to not provoke random people, your city master t.i.tle can't protect your Xue Clan!"

The old man's cold laughter rang in the hall. Everyone was shocked by those arrogant words.

The red dressed girl also found it unbearable, however the middle aged man blocked her way.

"Hehe, as the old sir said, I will go back to the clan master to tell him to punish the young miss."

This old man was clearly not rash, that is why even if he was angry he just smiled.

Glancing at the middle aged man with one eye, Hua Yuntian sneered. He flipped his sleeve and turned.

"Old sir, the next few days the Xue Clan has reserved all the inns. So even if you two traveled the whole Ci City, you won't find a place to rest. Therefore, in order to make amends to old sir and gongzi, I will immediately order the people to prepare the two most luxurious rooms. I only do not know if you would accept my Xue Clan's apology?"

Pausing his footsteps, Hua Yuntian turned around and looked at the rather sly middle aged man. He then took a quick glance at Feng Hao, and without the slightest amount of respect he said, "No need, I already have been used to the room we have. In this period of time, I do not want anyone to disturb me!"


Looking at Hua Yuntian who did not have the slightest sloppiness, the middle aged man was stunned. It was only when the sound of the door closing was heard did he regain his senses.

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