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Chapter 69 – Ice City

Fortunately, the snowy and Red Sun City was close to each other, therefore Feng Hao did not have to spend a lot of time on the road. In addition, he was able to take a shortcut past the magic beast mountain range. Three days later, his eyes were greeted by a vast expanse of whiteness.

Bone chilling wind, looking around the whole heaven and earth was filled with white snow. In the air, vast amounts of snowflakes floated from the sky as if the heat of the sun was unable to spread on the lands.


Perhaps due to being closer to the snowy region, the weather became colder and the falling snowflakes added thick layers of snow under one's feet. With the cold wind blowing, the coldness increased. This caused Feng Hao to quickly circulate his Wu Yuan to expel the cold air.

Continuing on moving forward, there was a sudden change in his body that made Feng Hao stop on his feet.

It was common sense to say that in such a tough environment, no one should be feeling comfortable. However, just now Feng Hao was stunned. The moment he stepped on the snow, the red medicine dan above Shen Nong Medicine Canon began emitting ripples of energy, it was very comfortable.

Slightly being stunned, Feng Hao bent down and stretched out his hand in front of him to grab a handful of snow. He chuckled for a while, then he seemed to realize something as he softly spoke: "Is there a problem with the climate in this place?"

"En, you are right. Due to the climate, the ice attribute Wu Yuan is rich, allowing it to invade your body. Naturally, the medicine dan resisted."

Within the ring, Old Fen faintly laughed.

"So it turns out to be that way."

Slightly nodding, Feng Hao breathed a sigh of relief. He patted down on the exquisite Medicine Master robe on his body, then stepped forward towards to the distant ice crystal like city.

Gradually approaching the city, the amount of pa.s.sersby increased more and more. These pa.s.sersby were for the most part men wearing thick hides wrapping around their body and they also wore fur hats. The only thing that was left to be shown outside was their faces. Occasionally, he would see a few women. They wore similar clothing as the men but much less so. The women here were not as subtle in their clothing like those from Red Sun City who were shy. They wore warm skin tight animal hides and hanging on their necks were scarfs. They gave a certain different charm and bearing.

These pa.s.serby seeing Feng Hao dressed in a thin Medicine Master robe cast looks of awe. They gave way for him and were extremely polite. Along the way, there were even some good looking women that cast out flirtatious gazes, their meaning was self-evident.

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