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Chapter 67 – The road of cultivation

On the silent night, the extreme quietness slowly slipped away and the color of the sky changed as dawn showed the arrival of the next day. The sleeping Feng Hao, just as before punctually opened his eyes on time.

After the past few days, he finally felt the benefits of Yan Jue. Now, when operating Yan Jue, the Wu Yuan does not only have the ability to burst out, but also wash over the muscles to provide strength. No matter how long it time pa.s.sed, there was no sign of lessening strength.

In other words, when it comes to recovering Wu Yuan, Yan Jue was incomparable even to a black level art. So much so that an earth level secret art cannot compare to it in this aspect.


He exhaled for a long time, releasing the turbid air that acc.u.mulated inside his body last night. Feng Hao slowly stood up and began to exercise to his wishes, his body made snapping sounds everywhere.

"Almost at the high step Martial Pract.i.tioner?"

Feeling the strength in his muscles, his mouth curved.

As soon as his physique improves, he felt that he would rank up to the peak at any time.

Regarding his own strength and his clan's, he was clear about the situation. A high step Martial Pract.i.tioner in Red Sun City did not count for much.

"Magic beast mountain range, I'm coming!"

Going out the cave and looking at the distant endless mountains, Feng Hao leapt high rushing towards the mountains.


This was a large waterfall that was hundreds of meters high, its current was like a magnificent army surging forward. The water pounded towards the ground with great amounts of force, if a refined iron was placed under the waterfall, it would be smashed into a bend.

However, under this heavy waterfall, a figure was on a sitting position above a rock. The water was like an army rushing down, however he was not shaken at the slightest.

Enduring such pressure, it was an effective way for Feng Hao practice. But in the same time, it allowed to forge the flesh laying a better foundation. It just that it was not enough to be used for forging the bones as it needs a lot of energy.

For a Martial Pract.i.tioner training his/her muscle, he/she actually has to do with side by side with promoting the Wu Yuan. As for a Martial Master, he/she would have to train the muscle tendons. In short, in all roads of cultivation, all aspects of the human body is crucial.

From the time Feng Hao first came to this waterfall up to today, it already has been half a year. He spent one whole month just standing under this waterfall.

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