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Chapter 100 – Breakthrough in a stupor

Inside the s.p.a.cious cave, a layer of cold mist lingered. A youth was wrapped around by a hazy mist that emitted cold energy causing the ambient temperature to rapidly decline as the ice on the ceiling and the corners of the cave that were already melting froze up with a bright light.

Within the mist, cold air violently churned visible to the naked eye, it was difficult to see the cause of the situation.

Silently watching it all happen, Old Fen looked at the hazy mist with a relieved face. His tightened face gradually relaxed since the final step was at its last stage, the refining process was basically finished.

"This little guy is very lucky, congealing the yi core, things would be easier in the future."

Eyes slightly narrowing, Old Fen smiled as he softly spoke.

"Hehe, I can't believe he actually succeeded."

Emitting a chuckling sound, Old Fen once again kept silent. With him being quiet, the inside of the cave slowly descended to silence.

In the cave, the layer of mist released a faintly cold light that covered the whole surface, it lingered covering the sitting Feng Hao on top of an animal hide. At this moment, it appeared that he was in an unconscious state, this was a result of him using all his energy up in the refining process before causing him to be extremely beaten. His state of mind became muddle headed, even Yan Jue was not being operated by him.

Although Feng Hao was in a state of muddle headedness, due to the yi core above the Wu Yuan vortex, it began to move by itself.

It slowly shook causing a ripple of mist like energy to flow in his veins slowly circulating the whole body. It permeated him from head to toe, each inch of flesh and blood was affected.

The energy that emanated from the yi core at this time was tempering Feng Hao, it no longer released the kind of terrifying cold energy. Within the body, wisps of mist energy flowed through the muscles thinning out in order to separate. Faintly squirming, it unexpectedly slowly melted into the muscles, skin and the blood.

With the churning faint mist rinsing, Feng Hao all over his body had astonishing changes.

The mist energy spread along the pathway of the veins flowing to the flesh, meridians and bones that was ruthlessly wounded by the cold energy. It rapidly repaired everything and mended the meridians, muscles and so on to good conditions. His degree of toughness and durability went past the peak after he refined the energy of the yi crystal.

As the mist mended the interior of Feng Hao's body, the blood covered exterior filled with cracks gradually fused quickly creating dry skin that fell leaving no trace. The muscles beneath the surface of the skin also rapidly strengthened.

The layers of dry skin that fell from the surface of the body revealed newborn skin, white and flashed with a faint layer of light. The skin currently although looked very tender and soft, it’s defensive strength became several times stronger than before.

At this moment, Feng Hao's flesh and blood issued a sound within the lingering mist. His previously dilapidated body rapidly strengthened and repaired, this truly was a fortunate opportunity.

Repairing and reinforcing, the mist energy went inside and out of Feng Hao's body in a cycle. It was only until the healing was done did the energy return above the Wu Yuan cortex. After a short silence, the yi core shook as if issuing a command, the mist energy enter the Wu Yuan vortex below.

With the mist energy entering, the originally calm Wu Yuan vortex suddenly emitted violently ripples like waves of water as the energy unceasingly fused.

Once the mist energy was in the vortex, it constantly cycled within as if washing the Wu Yuan!

After a long time, the entire Wu Yuan vortex undergone a great change. This time, not only did the quant.i.ty increase, there were also qualitative changes. In just a moment, the entire Wu YUan vortex was filled with pure Wu Yuan,


A long sound, the whole Wu Yuan vortex fiercely shook, it was a sign of a breakthrough!

Martial Master!

The Wu Yuan's quality has already reached the Martial Master stage!

At this time, Feng Hao did not wake up, everything was being silently completed.

After the breakthrough, the yi core did not stop shaking. The group of mist energy still remaining above did not dissipate, it directly fell into the Wu Yuan vortex below and continued to wash it over and over again slowly raising the Wu Yuan's quality.

What crazy scene was this? The quality of Wu Yuan increasing was extremely difficult. It takes a long time to slowly increase, however, under the rinsing of the mist energy, there unexpectedly was a change visible to the naked eye.

Underneath the Wu Yuan vortex' position, there was the Void Wu. In ordinary bodies this was impossible, however it was present in Feng Hao's body.

The Void Wu vortex has been silently running, its pitch black color made the vortex seem to have endless darkness. It was like a big mouth emitting a suction wanting to swallow Wu Yuan. However, due to the Wu Yuan vortex's rotation directly preventing it, there was no opportunity for it to gain an advantage.

According to the first generation Void Wu pract.i.tioners, these pitch black energies were called the Void Wu Force, its power had the ability to shake the heavens and earth. However, in the case that it cannot be controlled, the effects would be disastrous and the only path left would be down.

Everything was on Yan Jue!

A few wisps of the mists inadvertently fell from the Wu Yuan vortex, it was directly swallowed by the pitch black suction. There were no great waves when it entered, it directly dissipated without a trace.

Void Wu can a.s.similate and fuse all energies!

Yet, at this time, Feng Hao's body directly shivered and in an instant his mind became fully awake.

Feeling his awakening, the yi core stopped shaking and the mist stopped and naturally went back as if nothing happened.

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