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Chapter 75 Raging Flames of the Devil

"Keke, rest a.s.sured, subordinate will finish off every last one of these righteous sect talents!" Old Demon Xu laughed in a peculiar manner as he stared at the righteous faction camp with a cruel expression.

Ao Wufa took one deep look at him.

Old Demon Xu had joined the Ming Cult after he had escaped from the hunting of the major sects for the ma.s.s murders he committed. While in Ming Cult, he learned the skills of Eagle Claws Dragon King: Eagle Claws Art!

After training in seclusion for years, he had now greatly surpa.s.sed his former strength. Back then, he was already formidable despite only possessing silver grade martial arts. Now that he had mastered the famous superior martial art Eagle Claws Art, how strong would he be? Ao Wufa could not wait to find out.

Nodding his head, Ao Wufa ordered the men beside him: "Begin!"

Right now, it was late at night, and the righteous faction camp was brightly lit. Numerous dark figures approached the camp before letting loose a hail of arrows. Each of these arrows had been lit, becoming fire arrows! Thousands of fire arrows descended onto the camp like meteors, crashing down and burning the place. In an instant, the entire camp turned into a sea of fire. Terrible cries and loud cursing could be heard everywhere.

"Those d.a.m.n demonic sc.u.m are raiding us again!"

"When are they going to stop this? It has been like this every night for days!"

"d.a.m.n demonic sc.u.m, better not let me catch you, or I will teach you a good lesson!"

"So disgusting and despicable, they are not intending to let us sleep at all!"

The entire camp was filled with cries of resentment. Their hatred towards the demonic cult disciples had reached the peak!

For many consecutive days, they had been attacked by a barrage of arrows during the night. Whenever they reacted to the attack and charged out of the camp, the demonic cult disciples would swiftly retreat, disappearing from their sight in the blink of an eye. Just when they returned to the camp and was about to take a rest, the demonic cult disciples would appear again to release another barrage of arrows.

Besides this, they also resorted to all kinds of dirty tricks and methods to hara.s.s the camp. Setting fire, releasing poisonous animals like snakes, scorpions and bugs, and even poison gas!

The people in the camp were full of bitter resentment as they also suffered significant casualties. As a result, most of them lost their fighting spirit and enthusiasm for exterminating evil.

This camp was originally composed of all sorts of people from numerous places. Major sects, minor sects, and lone pract.i.tioners. Therefore, there was little discipline among the group, and they resembled a pile of loose sand. Every day there were people who left the camp and morale was low. They were only able to fight back due to their deep resentment.

As the people of the righteous faction took up arms and charged out of the camp, they thought that the demonic cult disciples would once again retreat rapidly. Instead, they were stupefied by what they saw.

Standing behind the archers were large numbers of demonic cult members, and the majority of them belonged to the giant of the demonic cults, Ming Cult!

There was an archer team, an incendiary team, and the heavy infantry with huge sabers.

Even more frightening was the heavy cavalry!

A thousand cavalries where both rider and horse were wrapped tightly in heavy armor, resembling a forest of steel. Their sabers glinted with a cold light as they looked coldly at the people from the righteous faction.

They had appeared out of nowhere like ghosts, and now they began to charge forward.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

As the warhorses galloped with great speed, loud rumbling sounds were produced.

"Oh my G.o.d!"

At the sight of a thousand heavy cavalries charging towards them, countless people were shocked and could only retreat in fear. But it was too late.

The cavalries had reached them with their sabers in a horizontal position. With the momentum produced by the ferocious charge, they did not even need to make any slashing or chopping movements. By simply placing their sabers in front of them, the people from the righteous factions were cut into halves as the cavalry ran past them.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds were cut down.

Fire arrows rained down once more.

The incendiary team raised their weapons and spat out huge flames resembling dragons. All those caught in the flames were burned to a crisp.

The forces of the righteous faction were crumbling rapidly!

This time, the demonic cult disciples had gone to great lengths to prepare for this attack. Even the specialized forces from Ming Cult and a thousand heavy cavalry were here!

How was this a battle between geniuses? It was a war between the factions!

The forces from the demonic faction were well-trained and disciplined, fully displaying the might of Ming Cult! The only thing that could stand a chance against them were the specialized fighting forces of the major sects in Shenzhou, such as the Shaolin Bronzemen Array and the Wudang Taiji Array!


Countless people of the righteous faction cried out in fear as they fled for their lives.

Fortunately, they still had their lightness arts. The power of the heavy cavalry was the element of surprise as well as their ability to charge into large crowds. All they needed to do was to leave the crowd and rely on their lightness arts to escape.

Even then, this attack had claimed heavy casualties! A proper counterattack was no longer possible.

Deep within the camp, the major sect disciples led by Shaolin looked at each other silently when they saw the heavy cavalry, then they started to make their escape as fast as they could!

Abandoning the people in the camp, they started utilizing their lightness arts. Resembling large birds, they leaped into the air from the ground and covered dozens of meters in a single stride, heading towards the sand dunes.

They were not so stupid to think that escape from the cavalry was possible on the flat ground. The only way was to head for higher ground.

With the weight of the heavy armor covering them entirely, how fast could the warhorses run? The horses would run out of strength after charging for ten li at best.

There was still a chance to make a comeback if they managed to escape!

At least Monk Jueyuan thought so. As long as there were hundreds of major sect disciples following behind him, he had no reason to fear the demonic cult disciples. He even thought of leading them to carry out a counterattack after escaping these heavy cavalries and achieve victory once more.

At this moment, the battle cries of the enemies could be heard from the front. Hundreds of demonic cult disciples had been waiting here all along to seal their routes of escape.

With a change of his expression, Monk Jueyuan roared: "Kill!"

Leading the way, he leaped towards his enemies and brandished his Dragon Claw Hands, madly slaughtering anyone who got in his way.

Dragon Claw Hands was indeed worthy of being one of the Shaolin 72 Consummate Skills!

Even the demonic cult geniuses were unable to defend against the might of Monk Jueyuan.

"Master Jueyuan is so formidable!"

"Great skills, Master Jueyuan!"

The people behind him broke out in praise and their morale was boosted by the sight of Monk Jueyuan's prowess and ferocity. Each of them began to fight back diligently with the skills they had.

They even managed to gain the upper hand temporarily!

The major sect disciples of the righteous faction were indeed slightly stronger than those of the demonic faction.

At some distance away, Ao Wufa watched the battle unfold silently. He snorted coldly but did not feel any concern at the situation. As he saw the righteous faction crumbling and the people scrambling to make their escape, he laughed: "The outcome has been decided!"

He was a.s.sured of victory!

Just as Monk Jueyuan was leading the major disciples at killing their enemies vigorously, they heard a strange voice.

"Keke, there are so many little rascals from the righteous faction here, someone's gonna have human hearts to eat today!"

The voice was eerie and horrifying.

From not far away, a figure approached them like the wind.

An incredible speed!

Only an afterimage was left behind.


A terrible cry was heard as a disciple from Golden Saber w.a.n.g Clan was s.n.a.t.c.hed by the figure's hands.

His hands were like claws of steel, incredibly sharp!

Piercing through the chest of the disciple, his still-beating heart was ripped out. The body of the disciple then went limp, and the figure tossed it aside like garbage.

His eyes which were sharp like knives then locked onto the beating heart. Sticking his tongue out, he licked the heart. With great relish, he squinted his eyes: "Live human hearts are the most delicious!" Then he proceeded to take a bite out of the heart and started eating it!


All the major sect disciples were terrified by what they just saw.

"He...he is Old Demon Xu!"

"The notorious Old Demon Xu who ma.s.sacred numerous sects and clans!"

One of the disciples recognized the ident.i.ty of this figure.

At these words, the figure lifted his face and revealed an expression filled with bloodthirst and mad killing intent.

"Keke, to think that someone would still be able to recognize me?"

Monk Jueyuan stepped forward and shouted in anger: "Demonic cult members deserve to be killed no matter where they are, everyone, let's kill this devil together!"

"Master Jueyuan is right, killing this devil is a great thing to do for our righteous faction!" Murong Yun of Gusu's Murong Clan called out with an air of righteousness.

"Kill this devil and deliver justice for heaven!" A Quanzhen Sect disciple added.

The disciples of various sects stood out in response as well.

"Keke, all of you are so brave, I wonder if your hearts will taste even better?" With a peculiar laugh, Old Demon Xu stuck out his tongue and brandished his hands which resembled eagle claws.

With a blur of his figure, he attacked!


Monk Jueyuan roared and attacked Old Demon Xu with his Dragon Claw Hands.


As the two pairs of hands collided, Monk Jueyuan only felt a tremendous force approaching him, and in an instant, a large piece of flesh was ripped from his arms. His entire body flew backward before crashing onto the ground and he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Monk Jueyuan was shocked. He was not a match for Old Demon Xu at all!

If there had not been others by his side, Old Demon Xu would have easily taken his life by taking one more step forward to attack him.

As he imagined his heart being ripped out by Old Demon Xu and watching his own heart being devoured in front of him, Monk Jueyuan was filled with fear.

There was no way he could win, he could only run!

At the same time that he made this decision, he saw Murong Yun die in an instant from his heart being ripped out before he even had the chance to fight back!

Following that, the disciples from Quanzhen, Dali's Duan clan, Beggar Sect...

One by one, They were all killed in the same manner.

Even several Shaolin disciples who followed him were killed!

The flames of this devil were raging!

"Kill, kill this devil!"

Monk Jueyuan shouted loudly as he constantly backed away from Old Demon Xu before finally turning to escape as fast as he could.

"Master Jueyuan, wait for me!"

Once the others saw him fleeing for his life, they lost all their fighting spirit and began to run madly as well, following Monk Jueyuan in taking flight.

The power of the devil envelops the world in flames!

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