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Cai Zongming avoided his pounce, but Gao Shengli had already bounced back and twisted his body around. He pinched his waist, shook his fist, and struck out with a force that could seemingly move mountains.

Although rage was flowing through his mind, his basic knowledge remained, so he proceeded with Double Explosion. If it was anything less than the crucial point, he wouldn't do this move!

Cai Zongming barely changed his direction and it felt like a strong wind was blowing. There was no time to dodge. His thigh muscles, calves, and stomach suddenly twisted into strands. His two feet pinched together and bore into the ground with drill-like strength.

Snap! The ground sunk in as his legs stuck out, and Cai Zongming's lower back tightened up. His right arm suddenly rose up and fiercely struck out with an explosive power towards his opponent, as if to split him in two.

Mountain-moving Punch!

This was a widely known fighting technique that combined Firm, Urgent, Sudden, and Ferocious. Geezer Shi had first taught this technique to Guo Qing in accordance with her disposition and power. It was a shame that after Guo Qing had grasped the technique, her strength still couldn't compare with the others, even though it had transformed and progressed quickly. After she was attacked by another new Martial Arts Club member, she became discouraged and her hopes had been shattered. As a result, she'd chosen to withdraw from the special training group.

She'd backed out, but this technique had been studied by many people before. Due to it being a part of the 24 Blizzard Strikes, by grasping it you could grasp the others as well as they were not too different. You were bound to find new ways to make up for deficiencies that you had in other areas.


As the two skilled opponents' fists collided in mid-air, it created a great echo. In the end, Cai Zongming's state fell a bit short and it was if he'd collided with a mountain. His arm shot back and his feet fell back a step.

He had no choice but to do this; otherwise, his stance would be immediately broken!

Crack! He sunk down, and cracks extended like a spider web.

He'd done well by retreating! Gao Shengli screamed furiously in his mind. He was unable to seize an opportunity. His right foot sunk down as he leaned his body and aggressively relied on the past, creating a slipstream.

When confronting this, Cai Zongming didn't have the slipperiness of his former days. He knew that when facing a colossal mountain such as this, he had to summon his courage and be fearless. He could not retreat, but instead had to move forward!

His right foot that had just reached the ground trod on. His ankles trembled and bent forward. His muscles stretched tautly and he propelled his body onward, launching himself forward.


At such a short distance, the two bodies collided together, shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm.

"Come on!" Gao Shengli roared, his muscles bulging like freshly melded iron as Cai Zongming collided and staggered back in retreat.

Compared to my strength, you've still got a ways to go!

Slam slam slam! Although Cai Zongming was falling back, he was not feeling or allowing the attacks to cancel out his strength. His retreat was not disorderly, but rather extremely methodical!

Gao Shengli had succeeded in the collision, so he immediately performed a sliding step to continuously attack the enemy. Taking advantage of his weakness would be his savior!

Cai Zongming fell back two steps. When he noticed his opponent attempting to gain the advantage, his heart tightened and, unable to deal with anything else, he bent backwards and withdrew his arm, doing a backwards flip.

Bang! Bang!

While flipping backwards, his two feet lifted up in succession, and from the bottom to the top, kicked up towards the s.p.a.ce between his enemy's legs.

Gao Shengli had been too rash and didn't have enough time to change direction. He could only stop and lean as he felt a strong gale brush against his crotch. He nervously recomposed his stance and drew closer to his opponent.

During Cai Zongming's descent to the ground during his flip, his body had already shot out horizontally, narrowingly avoiding the chain of attacks and once again creating distance between them.

In this kind of hand to hand fighting, Gao Shengli had many other and better choices, but the more furious he became and the faster he tried to win, the less likely he was to actually do so!

Having just avoided another attack, Cla.s.smate Little Ming hadn't forgotten himself, and although he was quite busy at the moment, he twisted the corner of his mouth, revealing a deep sneer as he smiled.

There is no medicine for stupidity!

Have I really duped him?

Seeing Cai Zongming smile from the corner of his eye, Gao Shengli attempted to constrain his anger as he exploded outwards. His mind buzzed and all he could see was red.

I've never met someone so capable of provoking others!

Bang! There was a crisp and clear smashing sound as Gao Shengli compressed his Qi and released it. Both of his thighs momentarily bulged, and it was if his entire body had created a strong wind, landing in front of his opponent with a whooshing sound.

During this split second, Cai Zongming had done a sliding step and gotten out of the way of the front.

Bang! Gao Shengli again performed Force Concentration as his Qi and Blood exploded. His left leg bulged and he violently kicked to the side!

Double Explosion!

He now only had one thought in his mind:

Feel free to ridicule me. If I can't finish you within a few moves, then I'll consider myself the loser!

Gao Shengli's side kick was fierce and quick. Cai Zongming was powerless to avoid it. He hurriedly sunk down, shook both of his arms frantically and moved them both towards the front of his stomach.


The Dan Stage fighter released his kick with a wild, barbaric velocity. Cai Zongming's stance was immediately broken and his body flew backwards.

Stomp stomp stomp! Not waiting for him to land, Gao Shengli rushed forward a few steps, shook his shoulder, and threw out his left fist, grasping towards his shoulder. He pulled him towards him, bending his elbow upwards.

Just then, the judge extended his palm, pressing it against his elbow joint and forcing the two people apart. Afterwards, he raised his left hand and proclaimed with a clear yell.

"Round one, Gao Shengli wins!"

Upon hearing these words, Gao Shengli first felt a burst of happiness, and felt that he'd regained his honor. He hadn't used too many moves and he'd been able to defeat this unctuous individual, but after sobering up for a moment, he suddenly felt that this wasn't correct. With his Iron Cloth resistance and offensive abilities and his Dan Stage superiority, there shouldn't have been a need to use Force Concentration, and it all had been because he so greatly desired to defeat his opponent!

Not only did I use the Dan Stage explosion, but I even used Double Explosion!

I... what the h.e.l.l was I doing just now?

Watching his expression change, Cai Zongming felt much better. Even though he might not have accomplished an awe-inspiring feat, his intelligence and verbal abilities were nothing to sneeze at. In some respects it could be considered a victory.

He blew out a breath of air and inwardly hummed a song to himself as he turned around and left the arena.

At that moment, standing in front of him, Gao Shengli's lips trembled, and he suddenly blurted out,

"What on earth was the second reason?"

This had been bothering him all along, and he urgently wanted to know the answer. Regardless of whether his opponent had cheated him or not, there had to be an explanation. Otherwise, it was like a bad ending to a novel or TV show that left you on the edge of your seat without any answers.

Cai Zongming was startled upon hearing this, and with his eyes twinkling, he chuckled and said,

"It's a secret."

Personal secret, no comment!

Gao Shengli's eyes widened. If it weren't for the judge right there, he would have thrown himself at him and come to blows again!

Hahaha... Cai Zongming snickered and went down the stairs with an air of superiority, heading back to the Song Cheng University Martial Arts Club seating place.

When he saw this, Li Mao stood up with excitement in his eyes. There was no trace of nervousness because now they had Lou Cheng to provide firm and solid support for them.

All of a sudden, Geezer Shi leaned his head forward and laughed slightly as he added a few words.

"When you go on stage, you can walk a bit slower."

Walk a bit slower? Shouldn't he get on stage as quickly as possible so as to not give Gao Shengli more time to recover? Li Mao responded in bewilderment, "But... why?!"

"It's my idea, doesn't matter if you understand or not." Geezer Shi flaunted.

Umm... Li Mao furrowed his brow. Forgetting to b.u.mp fists with Lou Cheng and the others, he subconsciously proceeded according to the coach's instructions, slowing down his pace.

Meeting with Cai Zongming at the halfway point, he extended his right hand and, trying to control his doubt, he asked full of curiosity,

"What did you say just then? How could Gao Shengli be that angry?"

Pow! He and Cla.s.smate Little Ming high fived each other.

"Hehe, I can't do it justice in just two or three sentences, I'll tell you later," Cai Zongming said, full of pride and not showing any trace of dejection at having been defeated. "Brother Li Mao, you'd better get up there. He's pretty depressed due to what I said, and there's still quite a bit of anger remaining."

"Alright." Li Mao had just responded when he again recalled Geezer Shi's command. This and Cai Zongming's suggestions were the complete opposite.

Umm... would walking slower just give Gao Shengli time to calm down?

If he waited for him to no longer be angry and give him free time. wouldn't he be able to reflect on what had just happened?

After reflecting, wouldn't he be able to learn from the painful experience and subconsciously choose to fight oppositely?

This was definitely possible! When ordinary people encountered this kind of experience, they'll most likely be like this and choose to move in the opposite direction!

Once bitten, twice shy, and what's more, what if it was a couple minutes after?

In other words, Gao Shengli would most likely be cautious and conservative, and in his waiting he wouldn't again use Force Concentration.

This will be my chance!

With his heart and mind clear, Li Mao looked towards Gao Shengli standing in the center of the arena and once again slowed down his pace.

In the course of waiting, Gao Shengli controlled his breathing and stewed with deep frustration over what had originally occurred.

Should he not "conservatively" deal with Cai Zongming and Li Mao and save the larger part of his energy for Lou Cheng?

He had already used more than half of his Dan Stage power on a nameless fighter!

In this vagueness, it was if he could see Brother Wei's disappointed eyes and hear Liu Chunlai's private jabs. His heart had a burst of sadness and he decided that starting with the second round, he'd make up for it!

I can easily win against a Ninth Pin if I use the Iron Cloth!

Cai Zongming returned to the seating placements with a look of pride on his face, and looking at Lou Cheng, he said,

"I found out that it doesn't take much to make Gao Shengli explode!"

Quick! Quick, ask me how I made him so furious!

Lou Cheng barely acknowledged him. He only snickered and said,

"What I think, it's because you stooped so low, to the point where you could say you belong to those that possess negative supernatural abilities. Mmm, a devil will always want to destroy an angel. Ah, do you know I've been working harder? It's all through hard effort, and eventually you can work to control your mystical powers."

Cai Zongming looked at him askance and laughed full of good humor.

"Next time, during a special fight, we'll have some cross talk."

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