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From the bottom of h.e.l.l a raised voice could be heard, Lil appears staggering. Her whole body is b.l.o.o.d.y, giving off a fierce odour.

“Whats up. Did you finish your work?”


“I`m finish! Ah this disgusting mushy is covering me from head to toe!”(T/N not sure what どろどろ means)

Without turning around Lil return yelling accusation at Oulu. Then, unexpectedly Oulu turns around to face Lil.

“Have you already finished? Your fastest than i thought”

Since Oulu had ordered Lil to make skeleton, three days have already pa.s.sed. To strip the meat off several hundred corpse, and to engrave magical runes on the bones to transform them into skeleton. Even I noticed midway in making the skeleton that help is needed, Oulu judged that it would take about one week of work.

“Its because a lot of goblins wonder here, by charming them they a.s.sisted me. And somehow that’s what happened.

Lil went to show her body which became mushy in the blood and grease.

As for the goblins, they are a small kind of demon with an height of around 4.50 cm. (T/N i thinks its 4ft 50 cm) They appear to be an weak and ugly force, there fingers are more skillful when the gather in numbers and that being the case they certainly are most suitable to work.

“There faster than I thought. It would be good, for them come here.”

“It seems every time miasma is released it attracts them but…. then, whats this?

After Oulu makes a smashing noise Lil follows him, the scene before her caused her eye to open widen.

A large hole was dug in the center of the large room that was about 10 m square, it was filled to brim with water.

“I discovered an underground stream, as you can see I pulled it to here. Wait a few minutes … Golem! Throw the rock inside the water!”

Oulu commanded, in the corner of the room an enshrined stone statue slowly stands up. It was quite similar to the gargoyle, as for its existences its rather close to an zombie. The rock figure is given a temporary life in accordance to Oulu magic, a golem.

The golem in the corner of the room inserts its hand into the grand blazing fire(or heat), a large burned red rock was taken out. If it was an human there is no way they could have escaped without getting a serious injury, there was no sort of effect on the golem since it’s made up of rocks.

And, as it was the large burned red rock was tossed towards the artificial spring, BOOM!, while an noise is heard a steam rises, the rock sink towards the bottom of the spring. A second then a third rock is tossed, the water of the spring is now at a good temperature.

The burned red rock will not immediately get cold. However, from the source where the spring water comes from gradually needs to be replace because it would become too hot. For the past few days Oulu has been making modification to his prideful bathroom.

“You made me a bathroom….”

She placed both of her hands in front of her breast, Lil`s eyes sparked with deep emotions(or admiration). [It was not particular for you] where the words that Oulu had to swallow. In fact, i thought that Lil would finish her work at a later date, Although there is no husband(master) for Lil, I wouldnt say anything.(T/N i have no idea for the last sentence)

“Oh. Golem, place a new burned rock. Well, are you going enter? Though first you should use the bucket and rinse off.”

“You? Are you also going to enter?”

While receiving the bucket, Lil asks.

“Yeah. Says the demon, aren’t you worn out since you haven’t eaten or drank anything for the past three days?

Understanding the meaning of Oulu, Lil laughs and smiles sweetly.

“Well then…a hot bath and a meal, oh i would like to receive that”

After a few minutes, in a large room a seductive voice echoed.

“Yesss….that felt gooddd”


While relaxing and soaking in the hot water, Lil mutters in satisfaction.

She used the hot water to wash away all the dirt, since Oulu poured plenty of his energy, now he was leisurely enjoying the hot water temperature.

“Which reminds me, regarding the golem. In the future in what way will it help your work?”

Enter the hot water relaxed. The inquire caused Oulu facial expression to come apart(or to become loose) more than usual.

If you say so, from where have seen that glare, he had strain expression, Lil thinks about it.

I think I wouldn’t be impatient, Oulu seemed to notice the mood he made with his stern facial expression.(T/N i thinks she means she will wait on him to talk about it)

Being soaked in the hot water, Oulu looks relax like any young man seen anywhere.

Although one might say that, he is an old man will pa.s.s 70 years old.


“Oh, yeah, well, once i lift my charm they seem to building up a den or something towards the entrance”

Puzzled Oulu calls out her name, Lil in an panic answers.

“So, if possible…in the future, the dungeon will hold miasma and the magic which will lure, i guess of various ghosts and demonic beast will be wonder towards here, basically if left as it is. They will become sacrifice against outside invaders without costing anything


“Thats unusual wonderful?”

Oulu nods to Lil`s question.

“Originally goblins, usually prefer dark location like a cave as a nest(breeding ground). Also with the exception of goblins, many ghost like creatures also prefer the dark. If blood flows miasma will gather. It is different from the outside where the wind and rain change often. If miasma acc.u.mulates, it will become a comfortable(cozy) place for those that fall under the demon category. Therefore various demon beast will choose to come here, it also could reach the point where high level demons are attracted.”

“Ahhh…..now that you mention it, it’s possibly my body became slightly lighter.”

“It may because you shop up a large amount of corpse. More miasma will gather if it becomes dark, also vengeful spirits(ghost) will spring forth, even the dead will come alive on its own. This only prepares the dungeons, to certain extent by providing gatekeepers(guards) to work.

“I see thats right….”


Within her heart, Lil was wryly smiling. Until till just now Oulu facial expression completely returned back to his normal relaxed, while having a small smile floating on his face. Every time he talks about the mechanism of the dungeon his expression becomes good(cheerful).


At that time Oulu was going to continue his word(talking).

Not familiar, [Buzzzzz] piercing noise is echoed.

“Whats that?”

“…..An intruder.”

Oulu facial expression, stiffened more and more.

“What kind of intruder?”

We got dress in a hurry, while facing towards the dungeon core Lil asks Oulu.

“Perhaps, it’s an adventure. It must have been an requested [contract] from one of the villages, they probably came to kill me. They must have been caught by the waring trap.”

At the entrance of the labyrinth, Oulu had used magic to set the trap.

“Deploy the skeleton?”

“Some time ago they crossed the map, the bones were marked although the way they were put together was evenly distributed……”(T/N the manga says that the skeleton were placed as specified in the map)


“Alright, lets give a good performance.”

Tap Tap, Oulu lightly pats Lil on the head. For the first time I received a straightforward compliment, unconsciously Lil`s cheek turned red.

“Now the guards(gatekeeper) need to go the labyrinth, in addition to the goblin and the skeleton, 4 h.e.l.l hound, 2 golem, 382 Imps. Several Imps need to be counted for battle, so it should be sufficient to repel form the elementary to the intermediate adventures.”


Lil appeared to not even care, Oulu managed to reach the dungeon core and take out his magical powers. Then, he lead his magic to pour into the core, his sense is spread all over the dungeon. By doing so, Oulu was able to see whole state of dungeon under his control.

“How far is intermediate adventure?”

“Some time ago the village mayor, was about top rank in intermediate.”

At Oulu words, Lil paled a little. An intermediate level fights is an defensive battle by itself, we need something like an surprise attack to bring them down. Several intermediate people, even an advance opponent would be helpless.

“…Ow! Whether the skeletons fight….however, as for this….its difficult!?.”

「……いた! スケルトンと戦闘中か……しかし、これは……なんだと!?」*

Oulu looked impatient while the colours blurred. To see that scene of Lil being driven by excess anxiety of the scene she couldn`t see.

“Well, what’s wrong?”

“….10 skeleton with one blow….. In addition, the opponent was only one person. This person must be advance level.”

The hand was released from the dungeon core, Oulu then took the cane that had been leaning against the wall, summons the golem from the bathroom.

“Perhaps even the h.e.l.l hounds cannot resist this opponent. Its decided then i will entertain the opponent here. A magician against an swordsman. While suppressing a golem and you(Lil), i will unleash my magic.”

“…I understand.”

Faithfully, Lil nods. Normally Lil would be slaughter by the sword, however this body is just a temporary one. She doesn’t have the problem of dying since she will return to the world of spirit.

“…In case you win, you will call again right. I guess the things i have to do have acc.u.mulated so I still have a long way to go right?”


“Of course. …its coming.”

Oulu voice responded, from the pa.s.sage a single woman appeared. She had a red ponytail, a young girl of 16 or 17. Such a thing cannot be seen clearly, clearly seemed that she was clad in a force worth of an powerful person.


“…..Are you,[Evil Magician Oulu]?”

Towards the sword Oulu was in the rear of the golem and Lil. Asked the young lady. Oulu didn`t answer, instead he began to cast a spell.

“I take your silence as a yes. Come!”

Instantly a small mutter, the girl ran at tremendous speed. Lil extends her long nails to intercept her, the golem raises its arm. But, in contrast to the young girls movements, it was much too late. Like a swift wind she slip pa.s.sed Lil and the golem, in an instant she draws near towards Oulu.

“Streak….!”(T/N i think thats the sound of head being sliced)


Lil turns around to see, the young girl use the sword to decapitate(behead), Oulu head fluttering about in the air.

From the neck sliced fresh blood gushed out, the head falls to the ground, rolling and rolling, without a delay instantly, the body fell towards the ground.

And at the same time, the golem who lost Oulu`s power fell to ground as it was with the same posture with its arm raise in the air.

“…..You’re not human…right. Cause your wing grows. Are you the type to think about getting revenge for your Master.”


The young lady turns around to Lil, the sword was ready without carelessness. Lil conveyed the meaning of surrender by raising both hands.

“….No way. I`m only tied up in an contract. When my master dies, the contract would be invalid. Hurry up I want to return to the spirit world.

“Is that so? Although you heard well, the man i just killed a while ago is [Oulu] right? ” (T/N not sure)(T/N the manga well then if i may ask)

The young lady wipes away the blood on the sword, and then stores it in the sheath. That being said, she does not careless go near Lil.

Lil swoops down on her, immediate the sword is clearly unsheath to bisect(split in two) her.(T/N not sure at all)

“An, Yup yup. His character is quite bad, he even worked us demons quite rough(hard). In Spite of being unreasonable he was more than 70 years old, he was a dungeon idiot that only thought about things for the dungeon.”


“Haha, seem you had quite the hardship(trouble) Demon-san ”

Cheerful the young girl laughs.

“But you know, that guy wasn’t too unpleasant, my master.”

The words of Lil, caused the young girl to feel a little uncomfortable. Before long she investigate the cause(source), Lil extents her nails towards the young girl hoping to cut off(prevent) her abilities.

“Oh, I thought you said you didn’t want such a thing like revenge, you liar!”

The young girl easily dodges, and draws out her sword from its sheath.

“I didn’t lie, i don’t want a thing like [revenge].”

Those words, she suddenly noticed but it was too late. Oulu turned around with the cane to the young girl, then muttering a word.


Her consciousness fading away, she finally noticed the source of her uncomfortable feeling.

The comments she made about her master(husband), were not the past tense.

“ You noticed.”

While holding the tumbling young girl, Oulu patted Lil`s head. (T/N not sure)

Even though i say [am not a child], Lil answers.

“I told you. If master dies i would return to the spirit world. Since i didn’t return, it was obvious that he didn’t die ”

Lil didn`t intend to return to the spirit world. Base on the contract. Whether Oulu calculated uptill now considering the contracts contents, Lil realized that she change. (T/N i didnt catch what was being said in the third sentence )

“By the way how did you do, that”

It already was perfectly attached, to point where on Oulu`s neck there wasn’t even a single trace of blood.

Rejuvenation,I know that when a wound is healed it’s possible for physical strength to return,I don’t think that something that is truly dead can return to being living(alive). Moreover , it’s even more if their own rather than others. (T/N did not understand the past part)

“It isn’t a very unusual technique. Since i placed my spirit in a different location, this body will not die no matter how it is destroyed. Instead, there wouldn’t even one scratch on the true body, thought if my spirit is destroyed then i will die. (or But conversely if my spirit is destroyed i will die even if this body doesn’t receive even a single scratch )

” Ah …… I see .”

Needless to say my life force will need to be safeguard. Oulu most important thing… in other words, is the dungeon core.


“…..So, what do you plan to do with this girl?”

While Oulu was holding the young girl he showed her to Lil. It seems she isn’t dead, it only seems she is just sleeping. The young girl regular releases sound of air leaking from her mouth

“It looks like…. apparently this fellow,  It seems to be born under the “Star of Hero”

“Star of Hero?”

Lil asks parroting, Oulu then nods.

“Its quite rare. Humans that are born with(or holding) some kind of destiny. Ordinary people like this, from a young age as compared with other there would be a wide difference in possession of abilities, when they become a master they become no less than top cla.s.s experts in their profession. However, that live itself is not without events, without fail they can attract a great fortune or a great misfortune to themselve.”

” Wow …… is it possibly , Oulu was also born under the ”Star of  Demon king ” ?”

“Obviously not. If that was so, the dungeon would have been completed ages ago, or i would die a dog’s death.”

Oulu himself, ”Was a genius that didn’t lack talent, which ordinary require great amount of effort for months and years to posses just as much ability” and that deserve praises.  It was only a good fortune, that he was able to complete the dungeon core lifespan, and to find the dragon vein.

“So, what will you do with the her in the end? ”

Lil is ask again , Oulu facial expression is gloomy .

“A person born under the star of hero. Even if you try to kill them they don`t easily die. On the other hand, even brainwashing techniques effect would be quite weak. It probably will come undone at a critical moment.

Lil thought it was good to kill her since she was sound a sleep, a person born a hero as much as possible was joke. If you try to kill them some sort of miracle will occur that will save their life. When their power starts to become weak they will die in their later years.  Also, they will die in a gruesome way. Its normal for those person who are born an hero.(T/N i was sure about this whole paragraph)

“Well then what? Can’t we go and put her to sleep forever?

“….It can’t be helped, although the success rate would not be too high、there is no other way.”

With an bitter facial expression, Oulu made a decision.

“Its Training”

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