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「……Why did things turn out this way?」

Aur muttered to himself after seeing that the room was overflowing with girls.

「Ahahah, somehow I managed to find everyone. …..Well, don’t you think its fine once in a while?」

Lilu spoke out without being particularly shy about it.

The room was already filled with Nadja, Sharl and Wikia, and it was true that Aur also told Lilu to bring along Spina and Ellen. Even the fact that Ellen’s subordinates were with her made sense because of the fact that the Black Elves always coordinated together as a group.

However, the fact that Yunis, Marie and even Mio was here? What was up with that? Or more like, this was all the girls in Aur’s dungeon currently gathered in one location.

「That’s true. You can’t just leave the rest of us out! Lately you haven’t been paying any attention to us」

Yunis puffed out her cheeks. Aur was thinking to himself, “Don’t you sneak into my bed almost every single night?”, but he had the discretion to not put his thoughts into words.

「Ah, umm, is it really okay for me to be here….?」

The only one to act timidly as if she didn’t belong was Mio. After receiving Aur’s affections, her appearance changed and has become very refined. Although she wasn’t wearing any makeup as per usual, her hair was now very glossy and her skin became smooth, even her conduct and her appearance has become somewhat more sensual. Although she was saying this, she wasn’t showing any intention to leave the room, in her own way she was probably quite eager.

「Well, I suppose it’s fine. I’ll make love to all of you」

Aur himself liked the idea of making love to multiple partners at the same time. It seems like Lilu had planned for things to turn out this way and Aur decided to jump in this boat.

「Yay! then the order should be decided by who met Aur first. I’m going first okay!」

Deciding things all by herself, Lilu clung to Aur’s chest without permission.

「If that’s the case I’m going second」

Yunis gladly clings to Aur’s right arm.

「Then I’m third…..」

Spina was going to hug Aur’s left arm, but Marie was actually already taking that spot.

Spina’s expression was frozen and the edge of her lips were slightly cramping up.

「I’m the third one! Sofi is fourth」 1

Without any hesitation, Marie declared her position loudly. Aur stepped back and Spina and Marie were glaring at each other. When he looked at the both of them like this he saw an optical illusion; like a poisonous snake and a cute hamster were trying to fight each other………No matter how anyone looked at it, the hamster was definitely going to lose, or more like she’s going to become the snake's food.

「If we are going by the order that you girls met me, then that’s how it will be. Give it up」

Aur mediated for the both of them and reluctantly Spina moved behind Aur and embraced his back.

「How is it? The feeling of being surrounded by so many beautiful women, in any case being a succubus, I don’t plan on losing to any of them」

Using her v.a.g.i.n.a Lilu took his thing deeply into her while showing this bewitching smile. The inside of her v.a.g.i.n.a was like a living thing of its own, it was freely moving about and squeezing Aur’s thing firmly. It was like the combination of every single pleasure toy combined, it was the highest quality meat hole.

「Ahh, if we are just comparing your ability to give pleasure, than indeed yours it probably the best」

Aur could not help but to accept this fact. To begin with, a succubus’s body structure is totally different. There was no way a human’s body could compete with a succubus’s body.

「Nonetheless, rather than feeling good myself, I find even more satisfaction when I can make my partner feel good. In this sense, I also really like the way your body is made」

Aur manipulated his magical energy, and thrust into her. After being her s.e.xual partner for many times, he didn’t even need to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e, he could freely change her body composition and provide her with pleasure.


Just by doing this, Aur was able to make Lilu stick out her tongue and curve her body backwards. The sensations she was made to feel by Aur was something that was at least ten times more pleasurable than a human body could ever feel. Even if she was a succubus, there was no way that she could endure the pleasure of having her soul directly stirred.

「Fuaaaahhh! Aurr! Y-you can’tt! I-I’ll go cray, crazyyy Nhaaaa! Ahhhhn! Ahn! aahn! Noo! Noo! Haaaahn!!」

Every single time he thrust it into her, Lilu would climax and cry out in a high-pitched voice. She felt such a continuous intense wave of pleasure, but she did not faint and kept moaning louder instead. If a normal human being was to feel this amount of pleasure, they would either faint immediately or the alternative being that they would forever lose their sanity.

However, for a succubus like Lilu, she was able to absorb and drink up all this pleasure like a dry sponge. Playing with a sensation that was clearly beyond human understanding, Lilu was still skillfully undulating her v.a.g.i.n.a, rubbing and strangling Aur’s c.o.c.k.

「Kuu……. I’m coming, Lilu!」

Even Aur could not really endure such a pleasant movement for long and he let loose his own l.u.s.t deep inside of her.


Aur’s s.e.m.e.n had a large amount of mana imbued into it, and for Lilu this was a very powerful aphrodisiac and at the same time it was the highest grade food for her. It was precisely like pleasure itself was being poured into her being, and she arrived at the highest possible o.r.g.a.s.m.

「I’m next~」

Lilu was completely dead tired as she let out rough breaths, Yunis merely picked her up and tossed her to the side. “Hyaaah” the succubus raised a pitiful scream, Yunis just ignores her and embraces Aur to give him a kiss.

「Ehehe…… Aur, make me feel really good too okay?」

Yunis clings to Aur’s neck and greedily enveloped his upright member.

「Nn, Fuu….Haaa….. It feels good…….. I’m the happiest when I’m connected to Aur like this….」

「Don’t… joke… around…. with… me」

Having a cramped smile on her face, Lilu grabbed hold of Yunis’s head which was currently smiling happily.

「I was still immersed in the pleasurable reverberations…… Yet you did something like that to me, in that case I also have my own ideas」

Lilu’s body buoyantly floats in the air and she flutters between Aur and Yunis and wraps Aur’s face with her full b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

「Ah~! Lilu you are bothering us you know?!」

「I don’t care. Masterr, rather than Yunis’s tiny b.r.e.a.s.t.s, don’t you think that my my huge b.o.o.bs are much more comfortable?」

Even though the two seemed like they were quarrelling, they didn’t seem to have a dangerous expression on their faces. It seemed more like two friends who were messing with each other, so Aur responded in the appropriate manner.

「Size doesn’t mean that it is superior. They each have their good qualities. Just like this, I want you two to continue pleasing me」

Saying this he thrusts his waist upwards and poked Yunis with his p.e.n.i.s. With that alone, her expression melted in pleasure. Lilu reverses her body in the air and put Aur’s face in between her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, she then started to crawl her tongue along his chest. Aur was also sucking on to Lilu’s nipples, while at the same time he was grabbing hold of Yunis’s waist with both his hands and begun his pelvic thrusts.

「Ahhh……. Good… it feels so good, Aur, that spot right theree…….! Moree, poke me harderr, Nnn……. Ahh, its so goodd…….!」

Yunis repeated her words like she was delirious.

「Ahhh~! Yess, I’m c.u.mming, I’m c.u.mmingg! I’m going to c.u.mm…… Aur, Aurr…….!」

Yunis was calling out Aur’s name in a suffocated voice and Lilu was pushed aside. Yunis was looking at the face of her beloved man who was being partially covered by bat wings and she kissed his lips.

「Nnnnnnn~! Nnn, Fuaann, Muu! Nnn, Nnn!」

Without reservation they were entangling their tongues and exchanging their saliva, while deeply coveting his lips Yunis’s body was twitching as she trembled and climaxed. Having both of her hands wrapped around Aur’s neck and both her legs firmly fixed around his waist, her whole body was clinging on to him and her v.a.g.i.n.a was preparing itself to receive his s.e.m.e.n as she contracted it. Just like his usual expression of love, he used all his energy into pouring his thick hot liquid into the woman that deeply desired it.

「Fuaaah……. Aur, I love you…..」

「Give some to me as well~」

With an enchanted expression, Yunis was kissing Aur deeply, alternatively, Lilu also drew closer and was approaching his lips. Thoroughly enjoying the reverberations, Yunis slowly removes her body from Aur. Thereupon, Marie instantly buries her face in between his groins.

Marie was unable to take in his brutally large thing with her small mouth, and so she was ardently licking it with her short tongue. While her techniques were poor in comparison to the other girls and did not provide him with much stimulus, seeing her small body try so hard to please him, a different kind of pleasure was felt by Aur.

「With that kind of tongue movement, you will not be able to please revered teacher. Watch and learn」

Spina forces herself through, and stealing Aur’s thing from Marie she started to swallow it down. Although she just recently learnt the art of pleasuring Aur orally, her ability has already far exceeded that of ordinary prost.i.tutes. She was able to take it deep inside of her mouth all the way to her throat, and yet she was still twining her tongue around his c.o.c.k, this technique was amazing and if you excluded Lilu, out of all the other girls, she was the best.

「Uu~ Sofii, me too! I also want to have a go!」

Marie raises a protest as Spina stole her turn, and Marie was forcibly shoving her way in as she pushed Spina’s face aside. Asides from Aur, Marie was probably the only one capable of doing such a thing to Spina who was judged by Aur to be a character of limitless potential. In a certain sense, she could even be considered the strongest.

「…..It cannot be helped. Then you will lick the bottom part. I shall comfort the upper part」


The girl who had black hair as dark as the night and a girl who had gold hair as bright as the sun, the both of them almost seemed like true sisters as they got along with each other and attended to Aur’s c.o.c.k.

「Then, I’ll be over here」

From the side, Yunis presses her b.r.e.a.s.t.s against Aur’s shoulder she brushes her hands along his cheeks and s.n.a.t.c.hes a kiss.

「Ah, my spot got stolen… It can’t be helped…. I guess I’ll take this spot」

Lilu was buoyantly floating to the side and her lips landed on Aur’s chest. While Aur was sucking on Yunis's lips, he placed his left hand on her a.s.s, and his right hand was going along Lilu’s crotch.


Receiving such an unexpected surprise attack, Lilu and Yunis happily raise their voices. Reacting to the girl's voices, Spina knitted her eyebrows and as if she was competing for his affection, she gripped Aur’s member and shoved it deeply down her throat. Although she wasn’t saying it out loud, she was making a protest so that Aur would not forget her.

「Nnmu!? Mnnn, Nn, Mugu」

As if telling her that he understood, Aur thrust his hips. Even though she was feeling pain from having her throat pierced, Spina was smiling fondly. Even if it was something painful, because it was Aur that gave it to her she was still happy.

「I’m coming, drink it up」

「Nn~! Mnnn!!」

Having his cloudy liquid gush deep into the interior of her throat, Spina lightly climaxed. Almost like he was shooting out his p.i.s.s, a large amount of rich liquid was being swallowed down, but because there was just such a surplus quant.i.ty she was unable to consume it all and removing it out of her mouth she started to have a coughing fit.

「I…..I’m sorr……..」

「It’s fine. Marie, you lick it」

Feeling that she made a blunder, Spina was teary-eyed as she tried to apologize to Aur. Marie started lick the liquid that drips from his d.i.c.k.

「I’m very sorry, revered teacher……..Please bestow your punishment to this foolish one」

Spina goes down on her knees to prostate herself and spoke in a tone that begged for his mercy.

「Didn’t I say that it was alright. Leaving that aside….」

「Please bestow your punishment to this foolish one」

Spina repeated the same words and Aur let out a sigh. Even though she was speaking in a pitiful tone of voice, simply put she was actually ordering him to “punish” her. Well to be more accurate it was probably an entreaty, but Aur still felt like it was an order.

For this apprentice of his to dare to give him an order, some nerve she had….. Secretly muttering to himself, Aur started to speak out an incantation rapidly and a sign was drawn using the tip of his finger.

In the blink of an eye, a magical rope twined around Spina’s body and she was raised into the air. The magical rope was pushing up against her skin and was emphasizing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, it also spread out her legs and exposed all her intimate parts to Aur. Her arms were tightly bound up behind her back and Spina could not move a single inch of her body.


The rope digs into her body due to her own weight, the dull pain and the feeling of being forced to take on such an obscene pose made Spina instinctively leak out her voice in shame.

「To think that you would be pleased when given punishment, just what kind of abnormal pervert are you?」

Aur grips Spina’s chest and putting a bit of power into his grip, he strongly twisted it upwards. It wasn’t the kind of touch that would give her pleasure, instead it was the kind of careless grip that would only give her pain.

However, because it was bestowed to her by Aur, the only thing that Spina could feel was pleasure from his grasp. Hearing him say such scorning words and seeing him look down on her made her spine shudder.

「I’m so sorry, revered teacher……. I am a shameful pig that earnestly longs for master’s affection…..」

Hmph, Aur snorts. There is no justice if he only did exactly what she wanted.

「You said that you wanted me to bestow you with a punishment, is this correct?」

「Yes…..! Please, please punish my miserable self……」

Spina’s eyes moistened in antic.i.p.ation and her cheeks were dyed bright red. While smiling from ear to ear, Aur bluntly spoke to her.

「Then, you will stay there while you watch me have s.e.x with the other women」

「That’s can’t be……!」

Disregarding Spina’s complaints, Aur beckons Ellen and her group over to him.

Sofi is short for Sofia which is Spina's previous human name ↩

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