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Let’s a.s.sault the villages nearby ― 1

「Uhhh, I thought I was going to die……」

Falling down to the floor covered in s.e.m.e.n, Lir glared at Oulu with her eyes filled with resentment.

In contrast, Oulu who already c.u.mmed hundreds of time didn’t look exhausted at all.

「You, are you a monster? Just how much did you c.u.m……」

「Was it good?」

To Oulu grinning, Lir looked away.
Oulu continued to violate Lir who had no more energy from having pleasure for the first time during all night. v.a.g.i.n.a for sure, he also poured his sperm countless numbers of times in her mouth and her a.n.u.s, and continued to soil her body c.u.mming incessantly although Lir hadn’t even had the energy to move anymore.

There’s no discontent to the act itself. In the first time, it was written in the contract that he’d do her whenever he wants, and even so, she’s a succubus who lives by having s.e.xual intercourse. Rather, it was a big impression and joy for her who haven’t tasted such pleasure until now.
However, the fact that she felt it forcefully with magic and that she was violated by a human like he pleased so, certainly hurt her pride as a succubus and she couldn’t bring herself to admit honestly that it felt good.

「Well, don’t become sulky like that. It’s not like I trifled you and enjoyed it.
It’s also a part of making the dungeon if you viewed it widely」

「…….How could this be a part of making the dungeon」

Since her strength finally recovered a little, Lir raised her upper body.

「The dungeon core drains magic from the dragon vein.
The amount nor the speed of collecting is still not big, but if it’s about magic to restore the strength, it’s possible to use it indefinitely.
And if it’s while restoring strength with magic, it’s also possible to have the s.e.xual intercourse with you semi-permanently.」

Oulu revealed the insides of his unusual stamina. Return the state of the body to few hours before to recover strength. If it runs out, return the state to few hours before again. By doing so, he gets an infinite stamina. It also consumes a large amount of magic power, but it’s nothing in comparison to becoming younger.

「But then, it is only possible within this labyrinth, to be accurate, only right besides the dungeon core.
Within about 30 feet(*about 10 m). If I don’t stay within this distance, I can’t take out the magic power from the core. So this is why.」

Oulu puts his hand on Lir’s head and recites a short incantation. Then, magic is sucked from Lir’s body into Oulu, the vitality came back into Lir’s body in a flash and the s.e.m.e.n covering her disappeared.

「Like this, I poured my magic power in your body with the s.e.m.e.n.
Because you are a devil, you can stock magic several times more than an average magician.」

*Pikuri*, blood veins showed up on Lir’s temple, but Oulu didn’t realise.

「We can’t shut ourselves forever in the dungeon. But it’s helpless with only my magic power. But you are truly a devil, it took only a night to store magic to the limit of tolerance.
Well, for the time being, it’d be alright with this much gathered but……」

「Don’t f.u.c.k with me!」

Interrupting Oulu, Lir swung up her fist while shouting.

「Ah really, I want to hit this idiot!
I can’t hit since the contract doesn’t let me harm you, but I really want to beat you!」

「W, why are you getting angry!?」

As for Oulu, it was to explain the necessity, but the explanation only added fuel to the fire.
Lir’s feeling which was only in the degree of sulking a little, is now completely burning in anger when she heard that.
Because to get her body violated unilaterally, to the succubuses whose race’s raison d’être could be designated as seducing men and share pleasure, was just because he needed a reservoir for magic. As for Lir, her existence itself was completely denied.

「Shut up, you idiot―! You can just go f.u.c.king a goblin!
You dungeon idiot, young looking old man!」

Lir earnestly screamed and swore at him. Because swearing was not limited by the contract.
It was the first time she harbored this much anger against a human after she was born as a devil.

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