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Chapter 8: Lets gather all the Evil Henchman Part 3


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.


At the second level of the dungeon. Aur was coming here to do some small tasks when he heard a jovial laughter coming out of the room at the back so he headed towards that direction.

「Oh man, it’s such a shame that Missy is a human! Because you are so good at drinking alcohol! Honestly I don’t even care that you are a human anymore, if it’s like this, you wanna come with me and become my bride!?」

「Ahahaha, that’s no good, I am Aur’s」

「Ah, so you were the Magician’s bride? Darn, I guess that can’t be helped then!」

When Aur peeked inside of the room, several of the Dverugu Tribe where drinking together with Yunis. They seemed to be completely drunk and everyone’s faces were bright red.

Dverugu originated from the mines, they are spirits of iron and fire.  They are also more commonly known as Dwarves. They are short and robust, and when they are first born into the world, their skin is wrinkled and ugly, even when they are standing up, their arms are so long that it could touch the ground.

Although they are ugly and stubborn creatures, they are very cheerful alcoholic drinkers. If you are liked by their race, it is actually quite easy to get along with them. Moreover, their fingers are extremely nimble and dexterous, they are even able to make Armor, Weapons and tools that are imbued with magic.

「Ah, Aur~. What’s up?」

Yunis notices Aur and waves her hand. When she did the Dwarves also generously waved their hands.

「No, I only wanted to drop by for a moment. It seems that you’ve gotten along really well」

Aur sat down in the circle of gathering, and the Dwarves extended their long arms towards him offering him some alcohol to drink. They Dwarves hardly took any baths and the general populous all smelled like liquor and sweat. Although Aur couldn’t say it to them, his face frowned when he smelled their bad odour.

「I didn’t expect a human girl to be able to handle Saké so well!

Magician-san, why don’t you come and drink with us!」

「In that case, allow me to accept a drink」

Aur pretends to drink the poured Sake but he actually uses his magic to change it into water before he drank. Considering how potent most of their alcohol was, if a human was made to drink such an unrefined drink, they would immediately fall dead drunk or even unconscious. There is clearly something wrong with Yunis who was able to drink this stuff like water.

「Seriously it’s such a waste! Yunis-chan, if were any more beautiful,  I might have to fight with the Magician-san here, in order to take you as my bride!」

「Ahahahah, You’d probably just lose so it’s better to just give up~」

They were spouting all this nonsense whilst being totally drunk and Yunis was accompanying them earnestly. That is probably another thing that the Dwarves like about her.

「That’s so true, your height is probably a little on the high side, but if your nose was a little more squished and you were a little more potbellied, and your feet were shorter, you would be such a beauty!」

A Dwarves sense of beauty was totally different from that of a normal human being. Hearing all this critique, Yunis seemed to be a little disheartened.

「Aur, Aurr~ do you also think that if my nose were flatter and my belly was pot bellied and my legs were short, that I would be prettier?」

「No Yunis, you are beautiful……just the way you are」

「Hahahah! As expected of the Magician, he really is generous and magnanimous」

Bang bang, Aur’s back was being beaten and he actually got some water into his trachea and he choked.

「….By the way, have you finished the thing I requested?」

While he was still in the midst of coughing violently, Aur forcibly changed the topic.

「Ahh, if you are talking about the door and the box, they are all done」

The Dwarves pointed their fingers towards some doors and large boxes stacked on top of each other. Although they were piled up in a disorderly manner, it seems that the inventory made was very strong and firm.

「I understand. I will send the Imp’s to collect these a little later」

「Ahh, No that won’t do. They are going to be too small and weak to carry these things and install them correctly. We will be the ones to furnish them, we just ask that you lead the way」

Up till now, the Imps have been in charge of creating doors for the pa.s.sageways, and in saying this, the doors were mostly just piles of wooden boards nailed together and the k.n.o.bs were just pieces of wood, it did not fit the size of the pa.s.sageway correctly and there was plenty of gaps.

There is also a problem with the durability of the Imp made doors, and if you used a basic axe or hatchet it would of been possible to destroy the door in one swing, and even if you didn’t destroy it with force, it was made so poorly that it would have broken down with just normal day usage. In the case of the doors made by these Dwarves, even if a skilled adventurer tried to take the door down, it would take at least ten odd minutes to get through this st.u.r.dy door.

The box is basically a treasure chest. Things like gold coins and magical items will be stored here, traps will be placed around these chests and they will be placed at different locations in the dungeon. It will become a sort of bait to those adventurers who are greedy, and there are various traps for capturing intruders to traps that just flat out kill them.

「That will help me out. Another thing is I need you guys to make me 5 bows….」


When Aur mentioned bows the Dwarves expressed their disapproval. A bow is the trademark of an Elf. Dwarves have a belief that men should fight in close quarters and not from a distance, and so the Dwarves didn’t really have a good impression of the weapons known as bows.

「The reward will be ten barrels of beer that was freshly brewed just this year」

「Alright! We’re in! 」

Unlike the elves, the simple minded dwarves didn’t really have a hatred for the elves. As long as enough rewards are prepared like so, they would readily agree to the job.

「Ahh~ this feels good~…」

Yunis was swinging on Aur’s back as she muttered this out. As expected she really got herself totally smashed, he couldn’t just leave her sleeping on the floor, and so with the cheers from the Dwarves, Aur picked her up and carried her on his back.

「Did you wake up?」

Yunis sensed that Aur was going to tell her to walk by herself if she had already waken up and instead Yunis clung to him even tighter. She perceived the minute movements of his muscle and she made the first move. After all she was born under the Hero’s star and right now she was making use of her natural battle senses for such a useless thing.

「Oi, what are you trying to do?」

「Ehehe~ Aur, we’re finally able to be alone after such a long time」

Ignoring Aur’s words Yunis nuzzled her cheeks against his back. Even if they were Masters of the dungeon, there various different monsters within the dungeon at this moment. Small Imp’s were running around their feet and the sound of demonic beasts could be heard howling in the corridor.

In any case, Yunis acted like they were two lovebirds taking a nice stroll across the forest.

「Hey, did you really mean what you said back there? Even if my feet aren’t short is it alright?」

Her tongue crawled across the nape of his neck and beside his ears. Yunis was speaking to Aur in a feverish voice.

「That was only the perspective of those Dwarves. If you look at it from a human perspective, you are very beautiful」

Aur spoke to her with an expression that seemed like he was going to vomit. (TL: Her breath probably smelled like pure alcohol at this exact moment)

「Ehehehehe~ I’m so happy to hear that~」

Yunis tightly embraces Aur.

「Hey~ Aur…..let’s do it?」

「I’m not going to go easy on you」

Aur lets out a sigh, and finds a reasonable sized empty room, he then places a barrier around the room and puts Yunis down on the ground.

He took off his clothes and used it as a form of cushioning instead of a futon, and he moves his hands towards Yunis’s crotch area.

「It doesn’t seem like you need any foreplay」

「Nn, but still kiss me」

Yunis extended both of her hands and the both of them hugged. their lips were locked together and their tongues was entwined.

Just like that, Aur entered into Yunis. Her nether regions were already plenty wet with moisture and it was able to swallow Aur’s thing without any resistance.

「Your body has become surprisingly indecent hasn’t it?」

「The one who made me like this is Aur right~」

Not wanting to waste any more time on pointless chatter, Yunis draws Aur’s neck towards her and stole another kiss.

Just like that, she fixed her well-built arms in position and for someone like Aur with little strength, it was probably impossible for him to get away. Reluctantly, Aur acted like a Magician and instead of using force to fight force, he aimed for her weak spots.

「Nnn, Nnn…….」

He moved his waist in circular motions rubbing their pubic bones together. When this was done properly, you would also stimulate the c.l.i.t, providing even more pleasure, and because there was hardly any movement inside of the v.a.g.i.n.a itself, it only built up one’s desires and l.u.s.t even more.

While continuing this for a while, he also started to crawl his hands over Yunis’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s. The shape of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s was really good, it wasn’t really too large, and at the same time, it wasn’t too small either. It snugly fit into the palm of Aur’s hands and it still felt full and firm.

「I can’t hold it anymore!」

She couldn’t hold it any longer and admitting her defeat she loosened her grip on Aur as she cried out in pleasure. Even for a heroine like her who was supposed to be able to endure hardships and have an iron will, when given this much pleasure by the man she loved, her mind was as fragile as gla.s.swork.

「ahh, Nn, heyy, Aurr~. Nnn……Do you think…..it would be better if….mine was bigger?」

Aur was groping and ma.s.saging Yunis’s chest when she asked him this question.

「It doesn’t matter whether it is small or if it is big. ……..Haven’t I told you that you are beautiful?」

Aur answered as if it was an obvious thing and that it was wrong for her to doubt herself. At the beginning, he was reluctant to praise her, but these days, Yunis had been really self-conscious whenever she was with Aur and so he took this into consideration to praise her more willingly.

「Nn, I’m so glad……please thrust it in deeper, make a mess out of me…..」

This time around Aur didn’t answer with his mouth instead he fully answered her request with his body.

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