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Chapter 67 – Scaring the disobedient little girls (Part 2)

By the time the long journey was over and they finally reached the shooting range, as Lin Mumu had guessed, both Beijing University and China University's female students had become tired dogs, wishing they could just lie down motionlessly on the ground. In contrast, Lin Mumu was still vigorous and lively.

However, with the stimulation of holding a real gun, the students of Beijing University quickly restored their spirit and vitality. They were all full of expectations, especially the boys.

“I have good news for everyone. We will do target shooting today, and later tonight, we'll hold a bonfire party. Tomorrow, we'll let you have a shooting compet.i.tion first before you can all go down the mountain by sunset.”

During the earlier military training period, Yanda and Huada held a lot of compet.i.tions in the various military activities and continuously pit themselves against each other. Target shooting would be another activity where they would compete against each other.

Every person had ten shots, and the highest score one could get was one hundred points. Of course, for these young students who weren't too proficient at shooting, achieving fifty points was already good enough.

In order to prevent the students from shooting randomly and wasting the bullets, the instructors had them take turns to shoot. each student would shoot five bullets in the first stage, hang around for a while watching as the other people took their turns, and then get another five shots once everyone was done with their first round.

Lin Mumu, as the real foodie that she was, quickly finished her first five shots and sat down by the side to snack on a bag of potato chips while watching everyone else shooting from a distance, so she didn't feel bored in the least.

“Lin Mumu, where did you get your snacks from?” Chen Fangya annoyedly protested against this foodie.

Lin Mumu's laughed with bent eyebrows, but didn't tell her.

“Someone definitely helped her get them stealthily! I didn't expect iceberg Major General Yun to have such a tender and gentle side. He's really a dog." An Xiaoqin's face was full of disbelief, “You may not know, but when we were younger, children our age would often play in the playground together. I once saw Yun Ruoshan run to Yun Ting, but he ruthlessly threw her away like a sack.

At that time, we were still young and didn't understand what handsome or like was, however, we clearly felt that Yun Ting was especially dreadful. Afterwards whenever a little girl refused to obediently go to sleep at night, her parents would tell her: “If you don't behave, I'll send you to Yun Ting's house to become his wife.” And certainly, the little girls would instantly become more obedient and turn into docile little kittens!”

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