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Chapter 43

There are slightly cruel depictions, those weak to those, please take note.

Okay, the colosseum.
Yesterday……no, it’s already the day before. Mhm, there’s a lot less people than the day before.
Or rather, the type of people is different in the first place.
The day before, there were muscular people gathered that looked like they would be wall-punching agents, but now there is a lot of people with children or couples.
There are fountains and flowerbeds and benches around the colosseum, furthermore, there are stalls selling drinks and light snacks, it is a suitable place for relaxing.
That’s why this kind of people is not strange.
Or rather, since it was before the gladiator tournament, the day before was probably the strange one.
ofc, why would muscle guys gathering be normal
Leaving that aside, I need to hurry up and fulfill my objective.
The reason I came to this colosseum is because this place has the least obstructions and is in the middle of the capital, the castle town.
Meaning, it is the best place to shout from in this capital.
Next, I want some height, so let’s find a place out of sight.
Hm, the shadow of that dry deserted fountain in that deserted corner seems just right.
Alright alright. I walked there and burned it into my eyes. This is my safety net.
Then I looked up at the sky.
……the sky is beautiful. Mhm. I also looked at this properly.
Then all I need is courage! And so, deep breath.
Okay. Then quickly. Yes, go. [Teleport].
Teleport to……about 300m above in the sky, GO.
wait what
My vision is suddenly filled with blue and I can see the town far below. Ooh, beautiful.
But that was just an instant, I started falling immediately.
Abababababababa, this is scarier than expected! It’s not just on the level of your b.u.t.t feeling itchy!
I wanted to immediately [Teleport] behind that fountain on the ground already, but if I don’t do it here, it would be waste of [Teleport] MP! Okay, take a deep breath! Now, come!
Scream! And call him! My voice rang out loudly. No matter where he is in the capital, he should hear me.
Just, a problem……just now, when I shouted, there was the feeling of MP flowing out though……n, no, it’s fine. See, my long underskirt has [Reduced Movement-Type Magic MP Reduction] and my MP has increased, so it’s fine, right? There won’t be anything like, not enough, MP, right?
Okay, then, then, I’ll just [Teleport] to the ground!
With this it’s okay! With this it should be okay!
……it didn’t, activate.
Even though I should have enough, it seems I ran out of MP for some reason.
……no way.
….great planning
The ground is steadily approaching.
Bad, this is bad this is bad this bad. Wai, seriously? I’m going to die here like this!?
Nonono, the ap.r.o.n had [Reduced Fall Damage] so I should be okay, ah, nono, I’m not okay! I’m not okay! The ap.r.o.n is off right now! I took it off!
Aaah, I, I need to find, some way to survive this somehow, even as I thought, the ground quickly approached.
And, suddenly, a beautiful grey swept through the corner of my vision.
‘Wind wall!’
With that reliable voice, an invisible wall……or more like, a cushion supported me.
After that, I landed onto an even more fluffy thing. The impact was mostly killed off by the cushion, so there wasn’t much.
‘Are you an idiot!? Calling out someone just to commit suicide!?’
……somehow, it seems like Ketorami made it and saved me by a hair’s breath.
“Ni, nice catch.”
‘Not just nice catch, if I hadn’t come you would be dead okay!?’
Ye, yeah. I really cannot raise my head towards Ketorami-sensei, yes.
Uwa—h, my heart is still thumping. I saw a revolving lantern too.
Mhm, I’m never [teleporting] into the sky again……

clearly a bad idea from the start

Even though I didn’t want to stand out, I was exposed to an amazing number of gazes the instant I landed.
Well of course, it’s Ketorami-san after all.
When such a huge wolf sudden jumps in, everyone would look.
Ah well, there’s no time to mind that.
“Ketorami, do you know where everyone is right now?”
‘Know……I was with them until just now.’
For now, we will just draw more attention by being here, so I had him head there.
Of course it is far from a full sprint, but I think it’s still quite fast.
“What’s happening there? Is it better for me to not be there?”
‘What’s happening……a—h……sorry, I don’t really know. But……if you go everything will probably be solved, or more like……’
Oh my, Ketorami-san is unusually hesitant. What’s wrong?
‘You are probably the only one that can stop them.’
……nn? Wh, what does that……mean?

a tradgedy

Ketorami-san lightly ran (But it still took all I had to desperately hang on!) and we finally arrived where everyone is.
It is the port southwest of the colosseum.
The outskirts of the port, it feels abandoned. Mh—m, it has the feeling of the place thugs would hang out.
And because of Ketorami-san’s concerns, we stopped quite far away.
‘Hey, I can’t really decide if it’s okay for you to show up at that place ahead.’
“Is it that grotesque? Or is it erotic?”
‘I don’t really know the situation. I only saw part of it.’
I see, then can’t be helped, and it might be hard for Ketorami-san, a wolf, to understand human circ.u.mstances.
‘So, you have some kind of technique, to look from afar right? Use that and look from here, then decide.’
Ah, come to think of that I had that. I forgot.
O, okay, then……[Far Sight]
The distant scenery expanded all at once and I could see it clearly……there was……a scene from h.e.l.l.

Suzumoto drenched in blood swinging his Katana with a frighteningly cold expression.
The one being cut all over by the katana, is a person with his hands tied behind his back.
Next to Suzumoto, is Kariya healing that person as he is being cut. He is also scarily expressionless.
Ah, they’re saying something.
Then another slash. That person’s chest was mercilessly sliced apart.
And that wound was mercilessly healed by Kariya.
Then they said something, then another slash again. This time the arm was severed. A scream rang out and a puddle of blood spread.
And Suzumoto was drenched in blood again.
Kariya indifferently healed again.
A—h, this is, that? Torture?
……very h.e.l.lish!
And slightly further away, there is a person enclosed in a case of ice and having water poured on him, water torture, and Hagasaki-kun carrying out that water torture. He is also expressionless.
Next to him, President is making that person drink alternatively from two flasks with a smile filled with madness. One is probably poison and the other an antidote or recovery medicine.
Then at further away, people bound and gag are being watched over by Kadomi-kun, Hariu, Katori and Toriumi. A—h, they are probably waiting for their turn for the [Sealing Manacles]……

This certainly will be solved if I come out, probably.
At least, it feels like that madness of their’s will stop.
And so, I quickly walked into h.e.l.l.
As I was steadily walking, the people on watch noticed me, but the people torturing didn’t notice.
But for now I gestured for those on watch to stay silent.
I advanced further and lightly tugged on the blood drenched sleeve of Suzumoto. O—i, notice me—.
The instant I tugged, he turned around with so much killing intent that I unintentionally took a step back.
Then Suzumoto looked at me with a suspicious expression for an instant, quickly realised and stopped letting out that killing intent, showing an indescribable expression.
Kariya also seemed to have noticed me. His expression relaxed.
Now then, before they say anything, I need to say something and create a setting.
“h.e.l.lo h.e.l.lo. I’ve saved Mary, so rest a.s.sured.”
After all, right now, I am a brown hair green eyes onee-chan that is not as white and not even a maid, it will be a problem if they accidentally called me Mary.
just permanently silence the problem
It’s better to not let it be known that Mary-san escaped on her own.
Surprise attacks are strong. I really felt that during my escape.
If it wasn’t a surprise attack, I probably could not have defeated those men.
That’s why it would be a little bad to expose that Mary-san escaped on her own.
An extremely weak and incompetent idiot that ate the food without realising she is drugged, a human from this world.
With that setting, it will be easier in the future.
If they think I’m weak, I still have a chance to win.
hmm….maybe with all equipment?
“Ah, thanks. How much do you want for the reward?”
Suzumoto matched my story for now, so let’s keep going.
“Let’s see, it doesn’t have to be something with form you know? For example, the information of what happened until I saved Mary?”
First I want to get a grasp of the situation. Like why it became such a scene from h.e.l.l.
“Ah, yeah, first…..mhm, I think you’ve heard from Mary too, but you know we were drugged at that inn right?”
Yes, I know. It was delicious.
“We were also put to sleep with that, we woke up at noon yesterday.”
E—h, I only woke up this morning though……is this also part of their corrections? Early-waking correction?
“Then we noticed that both Mary and the owner were gone, so we split up to search. We met you then.”
Ah, I see. That’s the setting, okay, understood.
“Then we asked you to secure Mary. After that, when night came……a letter was pa.s.sed from person to person to us from these guys. In exchange for Mary, they wanted us to handover someone among us as a slave.”
……a—h, I can tell, I can tell what happened afterwards.
“I followed the instructions to show up here without weapons and with manacles that make magic unusable, we planned for everyone to launch a surprise attack when Mary was being handed over but……they said they couldn’t hand Mary over, so everyone that was hiding, snapped.”
O, oh……I kind of want to see that. Everyone must have fought like demon G.o.ds when they snapped.
“Then I had Ketorami bring me my katana and joined in……we cleaned up in a few minutes, so after that well, we did what we were doing to that guy and were trying to get him to spit out where Mary is……and you came.”
Mhm. Understood. I understood how the scene from h.e.l.l came to be.
I’ve understood that rather then this world’s female, a foreign male is probably more expensive. Of course.
And then, mhm. This might be the most troublesome……they don’t treat me like a slave enough……for others to believe that they won’t avoid becoming slaves for the sake of a slave, I’ve properly, understood that.
……we need to think of a countermeasure.

the end

Mhm……emotional support……..mhm…….a shame there isn’t an SS for this part so no guys POV……..or is that a good thing?
Also Maito is very calm. Or she is just as p.i.s.sed.

Talking about p.i.s.sed…….

Have you ever been so mad you want to punch a wall but lack the muscles or a wall to punch?
Our staff, trained to punch walls, will punch a wall for you with all their might!
Of course there is no need to prepare a wall! Our staff will indiscriminately punch walls of houses near your house!
1200yen per hour~ Open 24 hours Open every day of the year!

……………../フフ          ム`ヽ

………..゙/ |   (´・ω・`)ノ⌒(ゝ._,ノ
………../ ノ⌒7⌒ヽーく \  …./

…………………`ヽ `ー-‘_人`ーノ   The wall-punching agents are also recruiting staff.
…………………….丶  ̄ _人’彡ノ    You over there with confidence in your muscles!
…………………..ノ  r’十ヽ/     How about trying this job?
……………../`ヽ _/ 十∨                    A simple job of just punching a wall!

*P.S. the 1989 fall of the Berlin wall was due to the prank during a wall-punching agents meeting.

^Translated from dic.nicovideo.jp, aka j.a.pan knowyoumeme, . Gold. j.a.pan memes are amazing. Google image 壁殴り代行 or click  (images) or  (video) for more amazing wall-punching agent emoticons such as

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