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Chapter 180 Bus


After being mercilessly pinched by w.a.n.g Yuzheng several times, the two of them squeezed themselves into a crowded bus to school.

Northern Dragon City is a provincial capital where every day there were influx of huge number of population.

And people know how crowded the buses are in the morning when people go to work and students go to school.

Especially since the two people came in late; There were already many office workers crowding the bus.

Liu Yi and w.a.n.g Yuzheng, two people were almost being pushed stiffly in this crowded bus.

How many people can fit into a bus?

This problem was like a mathematical puzzle, Liu Yi could not find the answer.

According to the safety standard, their bus can only take 38 people max.

But now, the bus….Squeezed no less than 80 people!

It was choked full of people, Liu Yi felt as if he was a canned fish, letting him very uncomfortable.

But because there were so many people, Liu Yi and w.a.n.g Yuzheng were stuck together.

w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s hands were holding the railing next to the window. Liu Yi was behind her, his hands were clutching the railing at the ceiling.

Because there were too many people, w.a.n.g Yuzheng was almost went inside Liu Yi’s body.

In front of her there were people, on her left and right there were also people, which made w.a.n.g Yuzheng cannot help but slightly raise her b.u.t.tocks.

But this made her b.u.t.tocks posted right at the center of Liu Yi’s hip. In this morning, Liu Yi felt this soft sensation.

Little Liu Yi instantly rose up, lifting his head; His long barrel cannot stay calm.

w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s face flushed. In biology cla.s.s, although her teacher did not say it, she has secretly looked at some of the content.

Therefore, for the different between s*xes, she knew some of it….At the very least, she knew more than Li Biyue!

The thing that was poking her b.u.t.tocks….Needless to say, she already knew what was going on.

However, even if she wanted to move away, she can’t.

There were people all around here….Moreover, if she really moved away, chances are, she would be stuck with someone else’s body.

Rather than stick with other people….I might as well stick with Liu Yi….

w.a.n.g Yuzheng was somewhat surprised, How could I have such an idea?

Really strange….

w.a.n.g Yuzheng, oh w.a.n.g Yuzhen, you have to remember, your most important task is to study!

You should not think other mess up stuff!

“Em….w.a.n.g Yuzheng….”

Liu Yi also felt a bit embarra.s.sed, so he began to change the topic.

“What, what is it….”

w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s face was scarlet red, her whole body was hot, and she spoke a bit unnatural.

She lowered her head and her voice was as small as a mosquito.

Fortunately, Liu Yi has a very good hearing. Therefore, even if w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s voice was small, he can clearly hear it.

“Em….You haven’t told me about your ideal boyfriend criteria?”

Liu Yi remembered their previous topic of conversation.

“That….I, I haven’t thought about it too much….”

w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s voice was pitifully small.

“Tell me about it….I am very curious.”

Liu Yi felt w.a.n.g Yuzheng slightly twisting her waist as if she was embarra.s.sed.

Slight twisting her waist was not important, but it made her b.u.t.tocks rubbed the thing between his legs.


This is crazy!

This girl….Is unintentionally torturing me!

“My future boyfriend….He must be a dragon among men….”

w.a.n.g Yuzheng weakly said.

“Dragon among men? What do you mean?”

After hearing w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s words, Liu Yi became even more curious.

“At least….His academic record is better than me, and his athletic performance must be outstanding….The most important thing is, he must have a great achievement, em….”

Oh my G.o.d….This girl’s requirements are too high!

To have an academic record that is better than her is already very difficult to achieve.

Even in the experimental cla.s.s, not only she is the prettiest girl in the cla.s.s, she is also among the best!

Not only she wants someone with excellent grades, she also wants someone with outstanding motoric nerves.

A master of pen and sword!

This girl’s selection criteria are really not low.

While Liu Yi was thinking, the bus suddenly came to a screeching halt.

Suddenly, a lot of people could not stand still, their bodies swayed and almost fell.

Fortunately, Liu Yi is an immortal cultivator, he firmly held his ground with one hand holding the railing and the other arm around w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s waist, pressing her body at him.

Liu Yi felt that w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s body was very soft. w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s blushed and her heart palpitated, almost fainted.

Liu Yi actually hugs my waist….

But this is an unexpected situation so I shouldn’t be mad at him….

But, I am a girl after all….When other people takes advantage of me, shouldn’t I be angry?

When w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s thought was jumbled, she suddenly felt a hand slowly touching a part of her left b.u.t.tock that was not pressed against Liu Yi.

“Liu Yi!”

This is something that I must not tolerate!

Liu Yi actually takes the initiative to touch my *ss!

“What is it?”

Liu Yi turned his head in surprise. He didn’t know why w.a.n.g Yuzheng would suddenly be mad at him. The girl actually turned her head and glared at him.

But w.a.n.g Yuzheng was even more surprised.

Because she saw that one of Liu Yi’s hand was holding the railing and his other hand was obviously holding her waist.

Then whose hand is touching my *ss?

She turned her head to the left and suddenly exclaimed.

Liu Yi knew that something was wrong and immediately turned his head to look.

They saw a bald guy taking the chance to extend his salty wet hand to take advantage of w.a.n.g Yuzheng.

Liu Yi immediately went furious.

His mother!

Even I dare not to touch it!

But he does this in broad daylight, preposterous!

Liu Yi suddenly stretched out his hand and swatted that baldy’s hand away.


Feeling hurt after his hand was swatted away, the baldy looked at Liu Yi with a grim look.

“Boy, mind your own business, do you have a death wish?”

The baldy’s voice was fierce and his eyes emitted ominous lights.

Liu Yi took a closer look, What the, I knew him!

Wasn’t he the man who previously molested a vixen and wanted to harm me in the bus?

“Boy, it’s you!”

That baldy seemed to recognize him too, his look immediately became worse.

“I see that you, this boy, ate too f*cking much salt, and has too much time so you like to b.u.t.t in other people’s business, right?”

The baldy pinched his fists, issuing a “klak, klak” sound. He then said, “Very good, this time I want to see where are you going to run.”

Liu Yi did not say anything. The car has too many people, it was not a suitable place to teach this guy a lesson.

Let’s just wait until we get off the bus.

I am not the previous Liu Yi who ran away in panic.

“Liu Yi, it’s you!”

At this time, a somewhat cavalier voice came from the side with a bit of pleasant surprise.

Liu Yi and the others hastily turned their heads to look. They saw a tall fat youth squeezing through the nearby crowd.

This tall fat youth dressed up not like a student, his hair was dyed yellow and his left ear was pierced with two earrings.

A typical hoodlum appearance.


Seeing this punk kid, Liu Yi was also a bit surprised.

He is Liu Yi’s cla.s.smate in primary school, Sun Haoyuan.

The two of them has a very good relationship in the primary school. Sun Haoyuan was already very tall then.

But at that time, Liu Yi was very thin, and always being bullied at school.

At that time, Sun Haoyuan always came to help Liu Yi. He hit the other students until they begged for mercy.

Therefore, this Sun Haoyuan was nothing short of a guardian to Liu Yi. Fortunately, the primary school was compulsory so even if Sun Haoyuan was a troublemaker, the school cannot expel him.

Thus, Sun Haoyuan’s reputation as a bully spread out.

After graduating from the primary school, because Sun Haoyuan’s grade was very poor, he did not enter a good junior high school. Instead, he entered a very poor third-rate junior high school in Northern Dragon City.

Liu Yi heard that the school was very messy and this Sun Haoyuan stopped studying and started to drift along.

The two of them then stopped contacting each other. Liu Yi’s parents did not let him contact Sun Haoyuan.

Seeing his rascally appearance now….Liu Yi knew that Sun Haoyuan has thoroughly walked the gangster path.

“F*ck, I haven’t seen you for so long yet you’re still this unlucky!”

Sun Haoyuan enthusiastically squeezed through the nearby people, which followed by their cries of complaint.

However, upon seeing Sun Haoyuan’s gangster look, n.o.body dared to say anything directly to him.

After squeezing through the crowd, Sun Haoyuan patted Liu Yi’s back, “What’s up, get in trouble again?”


Seeing Sun Haoyuan’s tall and big figure, and his gangster appearance, the baldy suddenly dared not say anything anymore.

“What? Want to bully my brother?”

Sun Haoyuan’s put his arm around Liu Yi’s shoulder and looked at the baldy with curled lips, “When we get off, there will be no problem.”


The baldy was afraid and did not know what to say.

He awkwardly hid his head and tried to push the crowd, wanting to leave.


But Liu Yi narrowed his eyes and, under Sun Haoyuan’s surprised eyes, stretched out his hand and directly pinched that baldy’s neck.

“Eh….You, what are you doing….”

Feeling difficult to breathe, the baldy looked at Liu Yi in fear.

“Apologize to my friend.”

Liu Yi said in his heart, After touching w.a.n.g Yuzheng, you want to leave like that?

There is no such a thing in this world!

I got a stream of abuse just by asking her to kiss me!

How can I let you take advantage of her!

A pervert on the bus is too wretched and too shameful.

“The h.e.l.l no, f*ck you….”

Under the gaze of so many people, how could this baldy lower his head to apologize?

Although his neck was being pinched by Qin Chao, he still viciously cursed.

In any case, there are so many people here, these two kids wouldn’t dare to do anything to me.

“I’ll give you one last chance, do you or do you not want to apologize?”

Liu Yi’s voice was icy cold.

w.a.n.g Yuzheng reluctantly turned around, tugged Liu Yi’s arm and said.

“Liu Yi….forget it….”

“I say f*ck you….”

That baldy continued to scold.

“Court death.”

Liu Yi’s eyes looked grim; He directly exerted his strength to his right hand that was holding that baldy’s neck, lifted him high up and smashed his head directly against the bus ceiling.


The bus ceiling was made of metal so when the baldy’s head collide with it, he almost pa.s.sed out.

Looking at this scene, the people around them screamed in fear again and again

Sun Haoyuan was shocked, he never thought that Liu Yi, who previously was mushy and always being the target of bullying, has become so fierce!


Although his voice was icy cold, Liu Yi’s tone was very flat.

Looking at those dumbstruck eyes of the baldy, he still said the same word.

“I….I am sorry….”

“Apologize to her!”


“Who is your miss!”

“Young lady, I, I am sorry….I would never dare to do it again….”


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