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Song Yan was answering the questions with the help of Better Comprehension and Calculation.

Li Youcheng, who had been watching Song Yan answering the questions, was so surprised as Song Yan answered all the questions correctly.

Song Yan had finished all the questions except for the composition.

Li Youcheng was sure now that Yan Weimin lost the bet. He was curious that what kind of composition Song Yan was going to write.

The topic of the composition was On Articles and Moral Qualities.

Song Yan briefly scanned the topic and began to write the composition. Upon seeing that, Li Youcheng widened his eyes and thought to himself, "Song Yan is so confident; he didn't even think about the outline."

The beautiful words that Song Yan memorized with the skill of Extraordinary Retentive Memory flashed across his mind; he reorganized the words into a wonderful composition with profound meanings with the skill of Better Comprehension and Calculation.

Li Youcheng couldn't put that sort of feeling into words. Within 20 minutes, Song Yan wrote a great composition with more than 800 letters. He didn't think about it nor pause; there was no wrongly written characters in the composition.

"Excellent! Excellent!" Li Youcheng couldn't help but praise Song Yan out loud. If he was asked to score the composition, he would give a full score.

The cla.s.sroom was quiet. Therefore, everyone was attracted by Li Youcheng's voice and looked at him.

"Stop looking at me! Hurry up! Answer the questions!" Li Youcheng scolded in a light voice and walked toward the platform. Now, he was very worried about his old buddy.

After the examination, Li Youcheng saw Yan Weimin in the teacher's office.

Yan Weimin asked anxiously, "Youcheng, did that b.a.s.t.a.r.d cheat? Tell me!"

After a pause, Li Youcheng said, "Weimin, I think you'd better cancel the bet with Song Yan now. Otherwise, you are going to lose."

Upon hearing that, Yan Weimin was angered as he shouted, "Youcheng, what do you mean by that?"

Li Youcheng sighed and explained, "Weimin, I've seen Song Yan's examination paper. He answered all the questions correctly. Besides, he wrote an excellent composition. If I were asked to score the composition, I would give it a full score. I think other teachers would have the same reaction with me."

"How's that possible? The questions this time are at least five times harder than before. How's that possible that he answered all the questions correctly?" Yan Weimin couldn't believe his ears.

"Weimin, I'm telling the truth. I think you should cancel the bet. I'm going to the washroom now." Li Youcheng patted Yan Weimin's shoulder and left the office.

Yan Weimin stood still with a straight face.

The tests of that day ended. The students left the school, and the teachers stayed to score the test papers.

Suddenly, a female teacher who was scoring the papers clapped her hands and yelled, "Wow! What a beautiful composition with profound meanings!"

She is Lv Yumei, head teacher of Grade 3 Cla.s.s 1. She was very strict with the students and stingy in scoring papers. Other teachers couldn't believe their ears when she highly praised a student's composition.

"Mr. Yan, Miss Lv is scoring the papers of your cla.s.s." A male teacher smiled and said, "Congratulations! You have a great student."

After hearing that, Yan Weimin was not pleased at all. Instead, he had some bad feelings, "Is that composition belonged to Song Yan?"

Li Youcheng peeked sideways at Yan Weimin and shook his head. He was sure that the composition that Lv Yumei praised must be Song Yan's.

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