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Chapter 16: Windy Socks.

"Come on, we can't beat them in a real fight."  Li Qing made a self-deprecating remark and then looked at the small notebook he had bought.

There is a lot of information recorded here. Li Qing's reading speed is very fast. After a cursory turn, he probably knows where he is.

This is the place called the school of death for those who have been tested, and all the people who have been sent will return to this place after pa.s.sing the tests in the scene.

No one knows what it looks like outside the school. People only know that everyone will be here after the trial is completed.  There are also many places where people who have been tested can spend more. Each administrative department of the school has a strengthening point where they can buy all kinds of things.

Attribute points, equipment, skills, props, pets, lineage ... all the enhancements you can imagine can be bought here.  Of course, there is more than one item in store sales. Many enjoyment items that cannot be enjoyed in reality can be purchased with death points. However, few people in the school will buy these enjoyment items. After all, most of the people in the school are people who have experienced three scenes or less.

To put it bluntly, everyone is new. First, there is no spare money. Second, no one will joke about his life unless he completely loses hope.

Therefore, there are very few records on this small notebook of things for enjoyment.

In addition to the official strengthening system, the notebook also records a relatively "private" or "testing market"-the place where people sell their equipment items that they do not need or want to change into death points to other testing people, or change into what they need, in the fountain square in the center of the school, which is regarded as a small market.

This kind of market is more complicated than what the system sells, but it is relatively cheap-after all, if the effect is similar and the price is the same, no one will buy personal items.

About this small bazaar, there are many records in the notebook, and even some suggestions are written into it. According to the little girl, it is better for the newcomers to buy things here, because in general, few people here can afford the things in the death store.

Apart from these shops, reinforcement and other things, the small notebook also recorded many other things-for example, it is better not to go to the rear dormitory building, because it is the territory of the most powerful and notorious clan "ear hunters" here.  It was a group of vicious guys who took hunting other trials as the main way to strengthen themselves. It was said that each had gone through more than five scenes and even nearly ten scenes. Some of them had the ability to leave school, but they had not left yet.

"Ear hunter?  How much can the ear sell? "  When Li Qing turned over his small notebook, Shen Ruyi next to him also looked at the information here. When he saw the word "ear", he asked decisively. After all, this was the thing that nearly killed the two of them.

"Well, the minimum death point is 1,000. It's written here."  As Li Qing spoke, he tightened his clothes-according to a small notebook, ears can be sold to death shops at a minimum of one death point per thousand, and if the deceased were capable, the number would be even greater.

"So expensive?  I also got a total of 500 death points this time, and this ear is only 1,000. "  Hearing Li Qing's words, Shen Ruyi was somewhat shocked. "Is this too much money?  A thousand!  s.h.i.t, if it weren't for the sudden misfire of our last gun, there would be at least four. By the way, there are also those that were killed by worms. The woman may not be able to take it after being eaten, but of those two, U

One thousand

6bd2 is a pity. If we had known this information before, we could have picked up their ears when they were dead. It was wasted.  "

"It was a waste. The two men were in good health. They didn't die completely when we left, so we didn't find the secret."  Li Qing said this with a sigh, no one can have the ability to predict. Although he strengthened his wisdom and thought carefully, what he didn't know was that he didn't know. Even if he was ten times smarter, he couldn't come out of nothing. So it's a pity that although it's a pity, it's over, and it's over.

However, Shen Ruyi was somewhat unwilling.

"You said, how did the gun suddenly misfire in the end?"

"I have also thought about this problem. It is estimated that it is a special device of the shelter, so that energy weapons will lose collision kinetic energy inside the building. This should be a means to prevent someone from damaging the shelter from the inside, which I did not expect."  Sighed, Li Qing change the subject, "you just harvest a total of five hundred dead points?  Is there no novice reward? "

"Yes, there are 500 dead spots and a pair of socks."  When Shen Ruyi spoke, he felt out a cotton silk sock from his arms. The sock was of ordinary style and looked like a cheap commodity-but it was lifelike with a bird embroidered on it.

After receiving the socks handed by Shen Ruyi, Li Qing identified them with a wrist watch and found that this ugly thing is actually a good equipment.

"Trading goods: socks that are as light as the wind.  (The item is in a trading state and you have only the right to view it) "

"Material: Tiansilk."

"Weight: 0.  03 kg. "

"Equipment requirements: no foot odor."

"Equipment Evaluation: This is a pair of mysterious socks, which is said to have been blessed by a wind system exorcist. Of course, no one knows why this evil wizard wishes a pair of socks."

"Equipped with special functions: after consuming 30 points of mental energy, your running speed and jumping ability will be increased by 70%, lasting for 10 seconds.  (Note: When your mental value is below 10 o'clock, there will be


U7729 dizzy nausea and other negative states, when less than five will be difficult to stay awake, equal to zero direct death, please do not overdraw spirit).  "

"Comprehensive evaluation score: 41."

"This thing is good!"  Looking at Shen Ruyi's socks, Li Qing looked up-this is really good. Apart from consuming too much mental energy, it can be said that it is a piece of equipment that can be used for a long time regardless of whether it is a novice or an expert. This should be drawn by Shen Ruyi's lucky draw, but his luck is not bad.

"There is an egg to use, my spirit is only 30 in all, and I will die after one use?"  Shen Ruyi heard Li Qing's words and curled his mouth. "This sounds good, but how many novices have the spirit to support the use of this thing?  The expert's words may be useful, but it is not easy to sell.  Give it to you if you want. I owe you several lives anyway. I would have died without you.  I also promised you before, this time out, I will give you half of my things, which is what I owe you! "

When Shen Ruyi spoke, he pointed the wrist.w.a.tch to the past and changed the status of the equipment to "traded".

See these three words, Li Qing paused, although the previous "want him to get half of the income" words are not all joking, but know the hearts of fickle Li Qing, never thought really can get benefits from here, looking at honest and frank's shen ruyi, and wanted to think two people fight side by side, he still traded 500 death point in the past.

And Shen Ruyi saw the five hundred points, is also paused, although didn't say what kind of words to accept, but look at Li Qing's eyes and previously there are some different.

"Chief, is it too much for me to say 500 o'clock? I only have 500 altogether, and you gave me all?"

"You have to five hundred, I am not.  And I haven't sold an ear. "  Li Qing shook his head. "You don't have much for this novice task. You'd better make good use of these death spots to strengthen yourself reasonably. Otherwise, you are full of strength and have no fighting capacity at all. If you like, you can walk around with me. If you meet the right things, I'll give you some suggestions."

"That's a good feeling. I'm really not good at this kind of thing. Otherwise, I won't be able to get all the strength, will I?"  Shen Ruyi's mind was a bit too much for honest and frank. Li Qing remembered that when they first met, he disclosed his financial background and asked Li Qing for reinforcement in pa.s.sing. He talked a lot and was somewhat different from normal people.

But fortunately, I know the kindness and kindness of the people, is a uncompromising person, for this friend, Li Qing is officially accepted in my heart.

However, acceptance is accepted. At present, Li Qing does not intend to tell the other party all his financial resources. After all, Shen Ruyi is outspoken and easy to misunderstand. He still thinks it is better for the other party to know less.

"Chief ah, in fact I calculate, this hunting other people's ears, is the best way to get rich, you see, we have experienced a task, narrow escape, that's narrow escape, just how much?  Five hundred!  Kill a person is one thousand, compared with this income, who is willing to fight worms? "  The two walked in tandem on the playground of the death school. Shen ruyi looked at his poor 1,000 death spots and still remembered those "ears." if I had the chance, I would like to kill a few people at the end of the day. then I would not be able to make a fortune in one game? "

"It's not so easy, in addition to the novice scene, other scenes others will guard against, you want to kill others, others also want to kill you?  Moreover, the task ahead is not as difficult as that of a novice. It is ten times or a hundred times more difficult than that. Personal ability should be difficult to survive and must depend on others in the same scene. Therefore, if you want to kill others, you have to choose a good time-otherwise, if others die, you will not be able to pa.s.s the task by yourself, and you will die as well.  This should be the most difficult place besides the novice task. "  According to the information he got, Li Qing speculated on the future of the mission-and the second half of what he didn't say was that there would be other recruits for other missions besides novice missions. Although he has no idea how difficult those guys are, it is conceivable that those talents are most likely to kill or live to the end.

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