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Chapter 386: Asura Arena?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Eh? Senior, you’re awake.”

Sensing the commotion behind her, Su Yan turned around and smiled.


Stretching lazily, Qin Jue took out a pot of spirit wine and sat down against the blue stone. “Have you finished absorbing the True G.o.d Stage inheritance?”


At the mention of this, Su Yan couldn’t help but reveal a sweet smile. “Thank you, Senior. I feel full of strength now.”

In a short ten days, not only had Su Yan successfully absorbed the True G.o.d Stage inheritance, but her cultivation had also skipped two levels in a row and stepped into the peak of the Supreme Stage. The once unreachable Legendary Stage had instantly become very close to her. It could be imagined how happy Su Yan was.

All of this was because the owner of that inheritance happened to also cultivate the power of wind and lightning and had an extremely high compatibility with Su Yan. Otherwise, Su Yan would at most advance by one level like Bai Ye and Mu Ziqi.

Now, in the entire Thunder Breeze Sect, Su Yan was already the absolute strongest expert. Even the sect master and the Grand Elder were far from being her match.

The higher-ups of the Thunder Breeze Sect were naturally full of doubts about Su Yan’s sudden increase in cultivation. In the beginning, they thought that Su Yan had gone astray and cultivated an evil cultivation technique.

However, after their examination, they found out that the power of wind and lightning in Su Yan’s body did not have any impurities at all. In addition, the stronger Su Yan was, the quicker it would be for the Thunder Breeze Sect to return to the Four Major Sects. Thus, the higher-ups of the Thunder Breeze Sect did not continue to ask.

After all, who didn’t have a few secrets?

Most importantly, they couldn’t beat Su Yan at all!

Of course, in order to prevent this matter from being leaked and causing others to covet, the Thunder Breeze Sect chose to seal the news and planned to announce it to the world after Su Yan advanced to the Legendary Stage!

“Hehe, I’m only giving you a chance. As for whether you can become stronger, that will depend on yourself.” Qin Jue took a sip of spirit wine and said casually.

Even so, Su Yan knew that if she didn’t have the True G.o.d Stage inheritance, not to mention ten days, even ten years would not be enough for her to step into the peak of the Supreme Stage.

Cultivation was secondary. The increase in physique and talent was the key.

After absorbing the True G.o.d Stage inheritance, Su Yan had basically reconstructed her body. Whether it was her talent, physique, or meridians, they had all soared by dozens of levels.

In the past, Su Yan’s upper limit was only at the Legendary Stage or the Saint Stage.

The current Su Yan could be considered a top genius even in the G.o.d Realm. Her upper limit had also reached the upper realm True G.o.d Stage!

The difference between the two could be said to be like the difference between the heavens and the earth!

“Right.” As if recalling something, Su Yan said, “Senior, I specially prepared a lot of ingredients today. I’ll make you a feast later!”

“Oh? Really?”

Qin Jue’s eyes lit up.

Strictly speaking, the ingredients Su Yan used to cook each time were not of a high level. However, it couldn’t be helped. After all, with Su Yan’s current cultivation, she could at most hunt some Supreme Stage fiend beasts.

Fortunately, the taste was rich. With her cooking skills, even the most ordinary Heaven Stage fiend beast could be made into top-grade delicacies. Thus, Qin Jue was very excited.

At this moment, Qin Jue suddenly froze and frowned.

“What’s wrong, Senior?” Su Yan asked.

“Uh… someone wants to come out.”

Qin Jue was speechless.


Without waiting for Su Yan to react, a ball of light suddenly appeared in Qin Jue’s palm, and then a figure flew out.

“Ha, it’s still more comfortable outside.”

Killing Dao took a deep breath and smiled.

“Mm? Who is she?”

In next to no time, Killing Dao noticed Su Yan.

At the same time, Su Yan also looked at Qin Jue with a “curious” gaze.

Uh… rather than calling it “curious”, it was more like a “questioning” gaze?

A familiar scene appeared.


Qin Jue didn’t expect Killing Dao to choose to come out at this time.

What happened to cultivating in seclusion to break through to the upper realm True G.o.d Stage?

“Ahem, she’s the incarnation of the weapon I just took in, Killing Dao.”

Qin Jue was the first to introduce Killing Dao’s ident.i.ty. Then he explained to Killing Dao, “This is my friend, Su Yan.”

Wait, why did he have to explain?

He didn’t do anything wrong!

“Oh, so it’s a Supreme Stage ant.” Killing Dao glanced at Su Yan and said disdainfully.

“At least I’m not a ‘weapon’.”

Su Yan sneered and deliberately emphasized the word “weapon”.

“What did you say?”

Killing Dao was furious.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Yan was fearless.

Qin Jue :”…”

What was going on?

Why were they opposing each other?

“You’re courting death!”

Killing Dao slapped down, raising an endless energy storm that instantly enveloped the entire s.p.a.ce, covering the sky and sun!

Under the lock of the Killing Dao aura, Su Yan’s face was filled with fear and she was shivering. For a moment, she could not even move.

It was only at this moment that Su Yan realized how powerful Killing Dao was!

“How dare you!”

Seeing that the energy storm was about to descend, Qin Jue shouted angrily. He pierced through gold and cracked stone, forcefully dissipating the energy storm.

“Killing Dao, what are you planning on doing?” Qin Jue said coldly.


Killing Dao suddenly regained her senses and hurriedly lowered her head to apologize. “Sorry, Master!”

Even Killing Dao didn’t understand why she was so angry just now.

One had to know that Killing Dao had always been proud of its ident.i.ty as a divine artifact and had never hidden it. What was going on?

“Hmph, if there’s a next time, I’ll take away your human form.”

Killing Dao’s attack just now was enough to level an area of 5,000 kilometers. If it were anyone else, Qin Jue would have suppressed them long ago.


Hearing this, Killing Dao couldn’t help but shudder. This was what she was most afraid of.

On the other side, Su Yan heaved a sigh of relief. In that instant just now, she actually felt as if she was facing a G.o.d. Could it be that this “weapon” in front of her was a True G.o.d Stage expert?


How powerful was Qin Jue to be able to subdue a True G.o.d Stage weapon?

If that was the case, it would explain why Qin Jue had given her the True G.o.d Stage inheritance. Because to Qin Jue, the so-called True G.o.d Stage inheritance was useless.

Qin Jue didn’t know what Su Yan was thinking and said in a deep voice, “Didn’t you want to enter seclusion to try to break through to the upper realm True G.o.d Stage? Why did you come out now?”

“I… felt a little uncomfortable inside.” Seeing that Qin Jue didn’t continue to punish her, Killing Dao was secretly happy and hurriedly answered.

Perhaps it was because she had stayed in the Yin World for hundreds of thousands of years, once Killing Dao entered the small world for too long, she would have an indescribable feeling. In the end, she was unable to restrain herself and ran out.

After hearing Killing Dao’s description, Qin Jue was helpless. “Then what do you plan on doing?”

“I want to go somewhere else and continue my seclusion.” Killing Dao said carefully.

“In that case, go ahead.”

Sighing, Qin Jue warned, “Remember what I said. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“No hurry, no hurry.”

Killing Dao shook her head. “I want to stay with Master for a while.”

Qin Jue: “???”

“Can’t I?”

“Uh… you can…”


Killing Dao immediately cheered. She no longer had the destructive appearance from just now. She also did not forget to cast a provocative gaze at Su Yan.

Qin Jue :”…”


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