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"How could he grasp another grade two Deity Heart so soon? This is truly too fast, no?" the gold-robed Sorcerer G.o.d’s expression changed.

"It is indeed too fast. He had grasped hold of three True Meanings, so breaking through just one of them is an acceptable outcome. But how come he is breaking through them consecutively?" The Great Demonic G.o.d frowned as well. Ordinary Transcendents who cultivated in two or three True Meanings would have a hard time breaking through another True Meaning after reaching the Deity Heart realm for one of them. Like Chen Jiu and the Meishan Clan Master—the Meishan Clan Master had cultivated the True Meaning of Only Me for internal strength and the True Meaning of s.p.a.ce for external comprehension toward the world.

The True Meaning of s.p.a.ce and the True Meaning of Only Me represented two different directions! Even though they would occasionally complement one another, the Meishan Clan Master was unable to grasp hold of the Only Me Deity Heart despite having cultivated the s.p.a.ce Deity Heart.

Chen Jiu had grasped hold of the Only Me Deity Heart, yet his True Meaning of Eight Dragons did not break through to the Deity Heart realm.

Under ordinary circ.u.mstances…

Very rarely would Transcendents break through several True Meanings consecutively. Xue Ying differed, though. Xue Ying had cultivated for an exceedingly shorter period of time, and he had comprehended the Profound Mysteries of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth before grasping any True Meaning. These four Profound Mysteries each headed toward a different direction, causing Xue Ying to attain the Extreme Piercing, Mirage, and Star but during separate circ.u.mstances.

Because all of them arose from the same source, however, and as he had been melding them together during his cultivation, Xue Ying was able to ensure only a small gap in comprehension levels between the three True Meanings whenever he broke through.

"According to the intelligence from the Temporal Temple, Dong Bo Xue Ying grasped hold of a secret skill called the Star Meteor Annihilation." The Sorcerer G.o.d frowned. "This secret skill is made from the fusion of both True Meaning of Star and of Extreme Piercing! Since he has comprehended the Star Deity Heart and now the Extreme Piercing Deity Heart, the power of this secret skill will most likely increase tremendously."

"It shouldn’t be enough…" The Great Demonic G.o.d felt worried too.

Secret skills formed from the fusion of True Meanings were, without a doubt, extremely powerful!

Within that black flower, Xue Ying was immersed within his recent revelations. His acc.u.mulated understanding of the Extreme Piercing were condensing into a single ent.i.ty at the moment, allowing Xue Ying’s comprehension of the Extreme Piercing to reach a truly grand stage of perfection. Xue Ying could now sense the vastness of the rumored grade one Deity Heart—the Extremity Deity Heart.

Amidst the vast Laws of the World…

One Law existed amongst nothingness, feeling simultaneously real yet illusory. It felt as if it was the origin of all beginnings and the end of all things.

Xue Ying could feel himself becoming a very small part of this enormous spherical body!

"If only I could grasp the Extremity Deity Heart…my realm will then reach an unfathomable stage." Xue Ying felt shaken. As long as he grasped hold of a grade one Deity Heart, he could possibly break through to the World Deity realm in a single breath. The gap between a Deity and a World Deity was truly a expansive gulf. In reality, countless Deities could not reach the World Deity realm despite cultivating for a long period of time. Those who could reach the World Deity within a billion years were already considered to be quite extraordinary.

Like the Sorcerer G.o.d; he had cultivated for a long while before becoming a World Deity!

Xue Ying immediately stilled his thoughts. He did not want to think so much. Opening his eyes, he gripped the Blood-Drinking Spear and stared at the enormous and towering black petal before him.

Hong! Xue Ying began displaying his Star Meteor Annihilation. A single spear thrust carried a vast strength within. The fusion of two Profound Mysteries at the Deity Heart realm caused this spear of his to become insanely fast, allowing him to pierce the pliable yet tough enormous petal with a loud bang. The petal caved inward and trembled, but it did not split in two.

"Again." Xue Ying continued striking, thrust after thrust. During this a.s.sault, his Star Meteor Annihilation was also perfected. After all, he had only recently grasped the Extreme Piercing Deity Heart and had to spent some time refining his secret skill.

Within the blink of an eye, a day pa.s.sed.

Only then did the Sorcerer G.o.d and Great Demonic G.o.d release a sigh of relief. Due to its unique material composition, the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia had a significantly high capability in regards to withstanding the offensive might of Extreme Piercing. In terms of strength, the Star Meteor Annihilation was slightly weaker than the Chaotic Suppression; naturally, Xue Ying had a hard time breaking the petal.


The Sorcerer G.o.d sighed in relief as he looked toward the towering Star PaG.o.da. The Star PaG.o.da continued emitting its light as usual, illuminating an area of 5,000 kilometers, "Why is this Star PaG.o.da still there? How many Deity crystals had Dong Bo Xue Ying actually left behind in the Star PaG.o.da? Even if he became an inner disciple, common sense dictates that such a large quant.i.ty of Deity crystals should not have been rewarded."

"Let’s wait a little longer. It most likely won’t last for long." The Great Demonic G.o.d inwardly began to feel anxious too. "And the defenses of the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia remains perfect. Dong Bo Xue Ying should not be able to break through it."

Xue Ying remained as calm as ever as he continued cultivating.

He clearly understood that being anxious was pointless. He could only continue cultivating, so as to increase his strength as much as possible!

Three months after grasping the Extreme Piercing Deity Heart, the sun shone high in the sky on a clear day. Sunlight penetrated the world membrane and illuminated the entire desert, causing the shifting sands to reflect the sun’s glare. It felt like a normal, peaceful afternoon, yet this particular afternoon...was fated to be one filled with the extraordinary—as it was the most important turning point in the history of the Xia Clan!

Hong! Within the enormous black flower, the white-robed teenager currently seated cross-legged as he cultivated began to turn illusory and hazy.

"Mirage Deity Heart?"

Where water flowed, a ca.n.a.l would form. Naturally, after comprehending the Star Deity Heart and the Extreme Piercing Deity Heart, he finally grasped hold of the Mirage Deity Heart. The disturbance caused after his comprehension was rather small when compared to the previous two Deity Hearts.

"Mirage?" Xue Ying felt himself seemingly becoming the vast Mirage world, easily reflecting everything in reality. Beyond the distant, even countless mortals residing within distant cities or in farther, more remote locations like mountain villages, all of them continued living peaceful lives. They remained completely unaware of the calamity that had descended recently, unaware that the peak existences of the Xia Clan were fighting a war at the moment.

The Xia Clan world was countless of millions of kilometers wide.

Xue Ying had long been able to reflect the surrounding fifty thousand kilometers at the stage three realm of the True Meaning of Mirage, but after attaining the Mirage Deity Heart, the entire Xia Clan world was reflected in his Mirage!

Xue Ying was long able to reflect the surrounding 50,000 kilometers around him when he was at the stage three realm of True Meaning of Mirage. And now that he attained the Mirage Deity Heart, the entire Xia Clan world was being reflected in his Mirage!

The Mirage which he grasped hold of…was able to reflect the entire real world. Xue Ying could sense vast World Energy surging about. This was the strength of a mortal world, and sensing this vast strength made Xue Ying faintly discover a ‘miraculous’ existence. It was intangible, yet it was still an existence.

It—was the heart of the entire Xia Clan world, as well as a small portion of the vast material world. It allowed countless lives to be born in the Xia Clan world and was also the reason why Deities had to leave the mortal world after ten thousand years. It suppressed any outsiders while caring for the children of this world.

It…was the World Heart of the Xia Clan world.

"I can already sense the World Heart?" Xue Ying felt a bit startled, as he could refine the World Heart upon discovering its existence. Clearly, the Mirage Deity Heart was infinitely more suitable for refining the World Heart. Since the Mirage Deity Heart was, by nature, about grasping hold of a world. It was only natural for him to discover the World Heart, as it would be reflected within the Mirage world.

"Even though I am only a step away, refining the World Heart will still require dozens of years of cultivation." Xue Ying ceased further contemplation over this. "Right now, I have to make full use of the opportunity to increase my combat power as much as possible."

Xue Ying continued sitting cross-legged.

Meanwhile, a black sculpture came into focus in his mind, the visage formed from the "Time Immemorial Scriptures". A seemingly endless stream of information disseminated into Xue Ying’s mind, causing him to visualize complex, three-dimensional Deity seals. There was a humanoid figure standing with his finger pointed up at the heavens, with said Deity seals imprinted on that finger. Those Profound Mysteries behind the Deity seals were very complex, but after comprehending the Mirage Deity Heart, his speed of comprehension had increased significantly.

The "Time Immemorial Scriptures" had a total of nine levels.

Deities could usually cultivate the first three levels. The fourth level onward required one to reach the World Deity realm.

The True Meaning of Mirage was extremely suitable for this secret technique, however, allowing him to cultivate the first level while he was at the stage three realm. After attaining the Deity Heart realm, he could cultivate it to the second level. A step further, he would reach the third level! And then? That would be when he was at the World Deity realm.

Xue Ying pondered over the new information for just half an hour before comprehending the totality of the Deity seals.

So this step is where every single particle in the body starts to create a small-scale Mirage? Xue Ying was inwardly startled, but he shed any extraneous thoughts and continued cultivating.

Hong hong hong–

Many three-dimensional Deity seals started integrating with the particles of his body, causing the internal minute particles to start transforming. The structures of the minute particles gradually began to form its own little heart Mirages. This was truly a qualitative transformation as the internal structure of the particles—the minute structure—began transforming into a miniature world. This led Xue Ying’s body to undergo a heaven-shattering transformation.

The particles’ qualitative transformation would naturally cause the blood vessels, the skin, the flesh, the skeleton, the organs, and the other parts of the body to also improve at a shocking speed.


Within the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia, that white-robed teenager figure, seated cross-legged, began emitting an enormous aura from his body. At the same time, he was also attracting and swallowing the surrounding World Energy at a frightening speed and scale. On Crimson Dust Island of Crimson Rock Mountain, the World Energy there was vast, causing it to feel as if he was swallowing Origin Stones whenever he absorbed energy from the world. Outside in the Xia Clan world, the World Energy was not as concentrated. Thus, the upgrade of the Time Immemorial body had created an even grander disturbance, causing an immensely large maelstrom made of World Energy to form. This immense maelstrom spanned millions of kilometers! It occupied a little less than half of the entire land of the Xia Clan world and caused many Xia Clan members to stare at that maelstrom puzzlingly, as if this was a catastrophic scene.

"Such a terrifying World Energy surge?" Not to mention the Sorcerer G.o.d and Great Demonic G.o.d within the red leaf’s spatial dimension, Jing Qiu, Mountain Lord He, Palace Head Chen, Chao Qing, and the others in the Star PaG.o.da were also shocked as they observed this incident.

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