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Within Battleship D9…

The Transcendents of the Xia Clan were silent. All of them were astonished as they looked through the cabin windows at that spear-wielding, white-robed teenager.

"Xue Ying, he…?"


"He actually…"

This was something truly unimaginable! All the Xia Clan Transcendents had been going insane from anxiety! And now, Xue Ying had simply used a single spear…to change the entire outcome! He had destroyed the darkness surrounding the heads of those from the Xia Clan. Previously in the hearts of those Xia Clan Transcendents, everything was gloomy, and they were filled with anxiety. But now, it had transformed into happiness, excitement, and brightness! This feeling felt akin to an illusion; they felt as light as a feather

That was right—it was truly too illusory!

The Xia Clan Transcendents did not dare believe what was before their eyes, yet it had actually happened!

"Oh heavens, my heavens, this, this… I did not see wrongly, right?" The Grand Elder Palace Head blinked a few times. This usually overbearing Grand Elder Palace Head had lost all his composure at this very moment. "A move, a single move had killed that silvery person? This is truly unfathomable. Xue Ying did not have any Deity weapons either!"

"A single move to kill him! That silvery person with a tyrannical demonic body could not even withstand a single move!"

"This is absolutely a power at the Deity realm!"

They were all in a daze.

The degree of stupor they felt was significantly more than what they previously felt when Lord You Lan had easily destroyed the Black White Deity Mountain and pinched Feng Dong to his death! Lord You Lan's palm was a unique Deity weapon, and he had an even stronger demonic body. But what about Xue Ying?

Xue Ying's fleshy body was merely at the middle stage of the Saint realm! He also did not have any Qi!

Other than that spear, which did not contain a single formation, he could only rely on his understanding of his True Meanings!

"By solely relying on his True Meaning, he is able to display a power that reached that of the Deity realm!" Palace Head Chen's voice slightly quivered. "This, this is truly too unfathomable. This is something I had never imagined to happen!"

"I, I don't even dare believe that everything is real!" Mountain Lord He was excited as well. "Our Xia Clan history has never had such a situation happening. It is truly something unexpected!"

His body was inflicted with the hex poison.

Previously, the combat power displayed by Xue Ying was already spectacular, and the Xia Clan Transcendents could accept it readily since he was already outstanding a hundred years ago. After a hundred years of torture, Xue Ying was able to break through and improve in his combat power, so being an Era Suppressor was something they could accept and understand.

But right now…

This was a situation beyond their wildest dreams! The combat power Xue Ying currently displayed had far surpa.s.sed their imaginations!

They had a clear idea of that General Ku Meng's fleshy body defenses—it was a terrifying and heaven-defying demonic body. But this demonic body…had completely crumbled apart not after ten or a hundred moves, but after one single move! The terrifying life force inherent within a demonic body had actually been completely extinguished in a single move.

"That was absolutely at the Deity realm!" Chi Qiu Bai was also uncontrollable excited. "And not just any ordinary Deity realm power—more importantly, it is his understanding of the Laws of Profound Mysteries that reached the Deity realm!"

Someone who attained the Deity realm in terms of his power wasn't a big deal.

Si Kong Yang had relied on the Nine Dragon Fire Deity Armor to reach the power of a Deity realm! But his understanding of the Laws of Profound Mysteries was too lacking.

General Ku Meng and Nuo Nuo An, who had grade three Deity Hearts, were considered ordinary, for their understanding was similar to that of an ordinary Deity who just broke through. But if they were to battle against a Deity, they would remain suppressed.


A Deity, other than his comprehension of the realms, had Deity energy, Deity Domain, and many other aspects of strength.

"I could even believe that if Xue Ying was to fight a newly emerged Deity, he might not be worse off." Chi Qiu Bai was confident in this.

"Right." Mountain Lord He nodded too. "In the history of our Xia Clan, those who condensed a True Deity Heart of a lower grade is really few and far between. Usually, they become a Deity only after having condensed a grade three True Deity Heart! The heart realm of a grade three Deity Heart…was the current realm which Nuo Nuo An and the silvery person had attained. But Xue Ying's previous spear techniques contain a realm that is much higher than the silvery person!"

"In other words, to ordinary new Deities, Xue Ying holds the advantage in terms of his comprehension of the realms! It's just that he doesn't have any Deity energy nor Deity Domain… Yet by just depending on his comprehension of the realms, he just might be able to fight a new Deity to a draw," Mountain Lord He a.n.a.lyzed.

A single move to slaughter the silvery person.

They could affirm that this was absolutely at the level of Deity power. Lord You Lan had previously displayed a combat power that could match that of a Deity, and now, Xue Ying had similarly displayed the same level of combat power!

"But when Xue Ying previously displayed his spear techniques, its power was clearly not as strong. How could it explode all of a sudden? Even if he had a breakthrough in his comprehension of the realms, it should be a gradual increase, unlike the illogical explosion in strength." Grand Elder Palace Head remained suspicious. For instance, reaching the stage three realm from the stage two realm would see an increase in one's combat power, but not one as exaggerated as Xue Ying's.

Previously, a spear of his couldn't kill General Ku Meng.

Yet he could suddenly kill him with a spear strike?

His power increased obscenely, causing them to think it was simply their imagination!

"Haha, Xue Ying is the Transcendent who has the greatest talent in our Xia Clan history. How many apex Transcendents like him have you guys seen before? That General You Lan, that Wu Ma Hai, and that Bloodshed Tavern's Chen Jiu are all from the Deity World or Dark Abyss, chosen as the apex DemiG.o.ds amongst many others. They are all tyrannical and unparalleled. Have you ever imagined that such power could exist prior to this? Furthermore, there's also the heaven-defying Transcendents who grasped hold of a grade one True Meaning, and these Transcendents would most likely be even stronger! Who knows, they could easily kill a Deity at the DemiG.o.d realm." Palace Head Chen laughed. "These are all situations which we have never seen before, as we are ultimately mere Transcendents from the mortal world and have yet to experience enough of such situations."

"Mn." The Transcendents present all nodded.

As for the four teams observing by the side, the appallment they felt was not insignificant either.

"This, this…have I seen something wrong? Is this an illusion?" The team from the Temple of the Earth G.o.d was astonished. Bo Bo was even more in disbelief as he commented, "Such combat power, if it was able to kill that silvery person with a single spear, wouldn't it kill me as well?"

"That offense is truly terrifying." The tall and thin male, Ba Han, felt his heart grow colder as he commented, "It could absolutely match that of a Deity! He has reached the level of a Deity power."

Wu Ma Hai's pupil contracted as well.

Even though they did not want to admit, the truth was right before their eyes.

The combat power displayed by this Xue Ying was on the same level as he was! At the level of a Deity! Only DemiG.o.ds like them, who stood at the apex, could be on this level. And at this moment, Xue Ying had reached it.

"d.a.m.n!" Wu Ma Hai growled.

The World Deity that sent him down had paid a terrifying price before being able to send Wu Ma Hai here. Previously, Xue Ying, who had a power that could match his, wanted to join his team, yet he himself had chased away such a powerful expert? The other teams only had a single DemiG.o.d at the level of a Deity, but if his team had two of them, it would cause a qualitative change. The two of them teaming up would most likely increase their survival chances when faced with danger.

Unfortunately, he had missed the opportunity!

"Young Master Wu Ma Hai, were you able to see clearly? How did his combat power increase so much?" Ba Han could not help but ask.

Wu Ma Hai shook his head, silent.

"This is mad! Another native has exploded in power!" The white-robed young woman in the team of Meishan Clan Master was shocked. "A sick person has exploded with such terrifying combat power."

Their Temporal Temple Reincarnators had walked across countless of worlds and had occasionally heard of terrifying Transcendents appearing in certain mortal worlds.

And right now in the Xia Clan World, they had actually met such an existence!

"Truly powerful. Third Brother, did you see clearly? How did he become so powerful?" The black-robed male asked.

"I don't dare to affirm it yet…" The Meishan Clan Master was staring at Xue Ying, unblinkingly. "I am kind of wondering if this had truly happened, but let's wait for him to display the move once more. I should be able to affirm it by then!"

"Unless it is…!" The golden-robed teenager Jian Huang opened his eyes wide.

As the geniuses amongst the Reincarnators of the Temporal Temple, their horizons were much broader than many, as they had experienced significantly more. Even if they never met with such a circ.u.mstance before, they would have heard of it!

Thus, when Xue Ying displayed that spear of his, Jian Huang had thought of a single legend…

"It can't be, this is truly too crazy." Jian Huang was dumbfounded. "Let's see it again."

Wu Huang and Jian Huang were amongst those who had faintly guessed what just happened, though they did not dare believe it.

Although Chen Jiu, Wu Ma Hai, and Lord You Lan originated from the Deity World and the Dark Abyss, and despite the broadness of their horizons, they could not guess what had happened. Still, they were contemplating several possibilities in their heart. Nonetheless, they were all terrifying possibilities!

In mid-air…

Xue Ying and Lord You Lan faced each other.

"Killing Nuo Nuo An and Ku Meng..." Lord You Lan's killing intent, at the moment, rose. His eyes glowed with golden rays. "Unless...you are thinking that you can kill me too? I am a lord, and that is someone with a combat power comparable to a Demonic G.o.d. Do you think you could kill a Demonic G.o.d?"

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