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Chapter 68: Jumping clowns

Predatory eyes pierced into the shadows.

Feng Chuge stared at them with a sneer –

“Who are you? Utilizing such great handwriting, you even asked people from the h.e.l.l's Palace to come…”

When the men in black who were standing in a row heard Feng Chuge, they were all taken aback.

This woman actually recognized that they were from the h.e.l.l's Palace?!

h.e.l.l's Palace, the second largest a.s.sa.s.sin organization in Tianqi. Although not comparable to the Fengyue Lou that has risen to power in recent years, they were still rumored outside –

“h.e.l.l's Palace wants you dead three times over. We never leave people alive.”

These were enough to show that the status of h.e.l.l's Palace could move rivers and lakes!

However, although h.e.l.l's Palace has a distinguished reputation, people who could recognize them at a glance were radically few!

The moment Feng Chuge realized who they were, she was really surprised.

The few people exchanged glances, even if they too were surprised, they spoke no more of it. They just leaped up and jointly launched an attack at Feng Chuge!!

These five black men has tremendous strength as each of them were in the realm of Spirit Master and Spirit Sect.

A monstrous air current swirled from their entire body.

Feng Chuge blinked as her eyes narrowed into slits at their move.

She suddenly spoke up –

“Zilan, take care of Achen. Leave these jumping clowns to me! Oh, yes, and remember to cover Achen's eyes for a while…”

The instant her words fell, Feng Chuge flipped her sleeves and charged straight ahead…

Within the mile, only the rustling of the leaves and the blasts of air currents could be heard.

The white figure flew straight in the midst of the five black figures.

He whole body instantly exuded an extremely powerful momentum which actually pressed the five people back into breathlessness.

The five black figures who actively attacked Feng Chuge were forced to defend themselves as they were driven back by her momentum!

The dust settled down and fallen leaves were everywhere.

The five people retreated a few meters away before coming into a complete halt…

They once again exchanged glances and without exception, each saw shock in the other's eyes!!

On the same day when Feng Zhaoyang found them, he only mentioned a powerful maid around Feng Chuge and the others weren't to be feared.

After all, in the eyes of outsiders, Feng Chuge was just a waste!!

But at this moment, that wasn't the case at all.

The strength that burst out from Feng Chuge alone was completely out of their grasp. If they weren't mistaken, she must have almost reached the Spirit Master stage or even beyond this level!!

Feng Chuge hovered in the air, hands across her chest, looking down at them condescendingly.

This was the first time that she has revealed her real strength to outsiders in these past few days.

Not outsiders just because in her eyes, these five people are now just corpses!!

The wind rose and blew her hair which was tied in green silk.

The woman in white soaring in the sky had a cold face without any shred of emotion.

Her eyes were cold, so cold as if they were staring at dead people…

Under her glacial scrutiny, the five men in black felt fear for the first time…

That's right, fear.

Feng Chuge's eyes were just too cold-blooded.

They have never seen such cold-blooded stare before.

They radiated…. extraordinarily similar to the eyes of h.e.l.l. It paralyzed their whole being as the chill seeped into their bones.

For once, escape was only what's left in their minds.

But they were too late as a powerful airflow turned into sharp blades were now heading directly at them…

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