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Chapter 65: Drugged herself?

Marry a chicken, marry a pig, marry a dog, but never marry him. Isn't that equivalent to saying that He Lian Jin Yu can't even compare to a pig or dog?

He Lian Jin Yu's complexion turned frosty, “If it isn't you, Feng Chuge, then who else?”

Feng Chuge looked back provocatively, “I think it's you!! It must be the Third Prince who transfered the aphrodisiac when everybody was being searched…”

He Lian Jin Yu never expected Feng Chuge's slap on his face. He raked his teeth, “Feng Chuge, you're talking nonsense — “

“Is Prince angry? Can you now understand that I am angry?”

“You…” He Lian Jin Yu was seething with rage. He wanted to add more but the Emperor who was ma.s.saging his temples waved his hand…

“All right… don't make any more noise.” With that, he looked to the side and found Lin Mu, Lin Mu, have your found anything?”

“Your Majesty… The girl has a handful of aphrodisiac on her hands….. This aphrodisiac has indeed pa.s.sed through her hands.”

The Emperor's eyes narrowed.

“So, this medicine is hers?”

“Your Majesty, at the moment, we can't rule out this factor…” Lin Mu lowered his head and faintly answered.

In this way, the crowd began to discuss once more —

So the aphrodisiac was really hers?


Thinking about this, the people around the hall, from the guards to the maid servants, couldn't help but burst into gales of laughter.

The Master of the Yun family was flushed red on the face. He had never thought that Feng Qianxue would carry such a humiliating stuff!!

Now that Feng Qianxue has married into the Yun Family, this affected his Yun Family!

The Feng Family has already fallen. Now that came out such a thing, the damage in reputation will be borne by the Yun Family alone!

The Emperor himself found it unthinkable. But naturally, he had on a gleaming smile.

“This… this really is incredible…”

“Your Majesty, in fact, this isn't hard to understand.” The Master of the Rong Family was also watching the lively Yun Family. “Perhaps, due to the death of the second young master, the second young miss of the Yun family couldn't withstand such stimulation so she ended up pulling off this act…”

This inadvertently implied that Feng Qianxue has unintentionally drugged herself.

Listening to this a.n.a.lysis from the Rong Family, the Emperor's brow wrinkled as if deep in thought. Finally, he nodded, “Well, it makes sense.”

Master Rong couldn't help a guffaw from escaping again. He turned around only to be met by Master Yun eyes which were staring daggers at him.

“Xing Rong, are you going to throw stones at someone who fell down the well? I tell you, even if something like this happens, you still wouldn't compare to my Yun Family. My son is now in Yuntian Academy. Not only is he top of his cla.s.s, my daughter also has already entered the intermediate cla.s.s… But what about your son and daughter? Although they have entered Yuntian Academy, they are still at the bottom!!”

When speaking about his son, Yun Qianche, Master Yun's complexion slowly eased a lot and the glow in his eyes revealed a bit of pride.

The Yun family has two young masters.

The second son was a fool, yes. But the eldest son, Yun Qianche, was regarded as a rare genius in the whole of Tianqi if not the whole continent.

Five years ago, Yun Qianche entered Yuntian Academy and performed extremely well in the academy. In just five years, he has worked his way from the lowest cla.s.s into the top cla.s.s.

Not only that, in the list of the most beautiful men on the continent, Yun Qianche was ranked second!

In a heartbeat, the air dyed with suffocation from the happening was swept away, and Master Yun stared down at Master Rong with great pride.

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