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Chapter 59: Pacifists


Can't be b.l.o.o.d.y and violent?

Hearing her declare so, black lines formed on Zilan and Achen's forehead as they looked at Feng Chuge with disbelief….

She has just ruined Shui Yuer's face but now, she preaching them about being pacifists?

Zilan widened her eyes at Feng Chuge but she couldn't help but break into a smile.

She has just found out that the face of this young miss of hers was really getting thicker.

Not only Achen and Zilan, even Meatball in Achen's arms now turned his head to look at Feng Chuge with the bottom of his eyes revealing a strange glint.

Feeling the strange looks pointed her way, Feng Chuge leaned back on her chair, “You don't get it… Didn't I tell you that I was just helping Shui Yuer? Since the ancient times, integrity makes the day. If she were to break her promise after losing and was unwilling to fulfill the bet, what righteousness is there to talk about? And I… I just pulled her and kept her completely away from such a notoriety…”

With that, Feng Chuge poured a gla.s.s of wine and tossed it back straightaway…

“In a nutsh.e.l.l, Shui Yuer should have really thanked me….”

On the edge, Achen admired Feng Chuge with unnoticeable flashes of smile lurking deep into his eyes.

Sure enough, the woman that has caught his attention, was an original….

The banquet resumed.

Master Shui and Shui Yuer have already left the field followed by Shui Wuji who also came with them. He hurriedly toddled off to take care of Shui Yuer.

In this way, there were only three families left on the field.

The atmosphere on the banquet hall has changed radically after the fight.

He Lian Jin Yu was also leaning on his seat, his face full of surprises.

He thought that Feng Chuge was just a piece of straw bag. He has never foreseen that she could easily beat Shui Yuer!!

Shui Yuer's strength wasn't weak. He Lian Jin Yu was well aware of this fact….

The man held a gla.s.s of wine to his mouth but his ten fingers were clenched tighter and tighter.

His eyes narrowed to slits but n.o.body could tell what he was thinking.

Beside him, He Lian Zi Xuan was also looking at Feng Chuge with eyes filled with interest….

This woman has surprised him once again!

“What do you think, third brother. I've said she wasn't an ordinary woman, isn't she?”

He Lian Jin Yu was a bit distracted.

But the moment he heard He Lian Zi Xuan, he couldn't help but hum coldly, “Since you like her so much, simply ask mother and father to give her to you–“

“Brother, that isn't a bad idea…” He Lian Zi Xuan arched his lips and chuckled.

He Lian Jin Yu glanced at He LIan Zi Xuan indifferently, but the bottom of his heart snorted darkly.

He lifted his gaze again and glared at Feng Chuge who was talking to the boy on her side, and gave another snort —

So what if she wasn't a waste? Isn't she still a vicious woman?

Such a woman wasn't comparable to his Qingwan at all!!


Meanwhile, the Emperor who was sitting high above his pedestal, also was undergoing a constant changing of expressions.

And Empress Su on his side was sighing in gratification.

Sure enough….

This child is different.

The smile lingering on Empress Su's lips widened.

Yeah…. How could this child be any worse?

Most importantly, like her mother, Jiande, she has the ability to enter the continent of Tiandi, and…

Empress Su shook from her reverie and smiled. “Chuge can also protect herself. Now, I am at ease, ah…”

This sigh, relieved a block in Empress Su's heart.

It was at this time that Feng Chuge looked and caught the gentle look from Empress Su. Her eyes slightly squinted.

She had investigated. Her mother and Empress Su were the best of friends.

The concern behind Empress Su's gaze was no fake.

However, when she was driven out of the Feng Family, why didn't the Empress say a word in her behalf and just allowed her to be cast out from the family…?

For a moment there, Feng Chuge couldn't really understand this Empress…

“Hahaha, alright, okay. Let's continue. Don't be disturbed with the interlude.” The Emperor of Tiandi suddenly waved his hand and said.

With the voice of the Emperor echoing throughout the hall, the atmosphere eased a bit and wasn't as strained as before.

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