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Chapter 34: A stack of ‘Tian' silver cheques

“Stupid ~ We're not here to hang out.” Zilan opened her mouth to rebuke.

“Well, Zilan is right.” Feng Chuge seconded. She lifted her feet and continued moving forward. “Go, let's go in. There is no shop that doesn't do business.”

A line of four people moved simultaneously forward.

“Yo, four ladies, this is no place for you.” Just as they were about to go in, a richly dressed woman with heavy makeup snickered.

Feng Chuge didn't spare her a glance and went straight in.

“Hey, hey, didn't you hear me? Or are you looking for your men?” The same woman shouted as she blocked Feng Chuge.

She looked up and down at Feng Chuge……

“Such an attractive girl but couldn't keep her husband. Your skills in serving people must not be satisfactory!”

Zilan has always been hotheaded. When she heard the woman utter such words, she immediately felt tense.

She stepped forward, “Keep your mouth clean.”

Feng Chuge raised a hand and halted Zilan.

She looked at the woman, “Call out your Madam……”

“Oh, I understand, you actually aren't looking for your husband but want to enter the Drunken Dream Court, ah…”

“Not a single word more. Hurry and call your madam out… Otherwise, watch your head!” Feng Chuge's eyes narrowed into slits as cold warning vibrated out of her mouth.

Her tone was chilly and her expression was so hostile that one couldn't help but feel a chill in the air.

The woman looked at the dispa.s.sionate countenance of Feng Chuge and instantaneously inferred that this woman wasn't to be trifled with!

She didn't dare stay any more.

“Okay, okay, okay, can I go now?”

In a while, the Madam was called out.

When she saw four beautiful women, bright delight flashed in the madam's eyes.

“Young ladies, were you looking for me?”

Feng Chuge regarded the Madam, “Let's walk while we talk.”

When the Madam was drawn into a quiet corner, she retreated a few steps. Looking up and down this stunning light blue clad woman with such amazing eyes, the pressure she felt got heavier and heavier, “Girl, are you trying to….”

The rest of her words were cut off by Feng Chuge, “Take me to the underground market ——.”

The madam was floored by Feng Chuge's request.

The underground market is a place where the children of the rich and the powerful of each family love to play.

Because it is a black market and conducts underground transactions, only a few know that the brothel was just a cover.

For this woman to know of the underground market's existence, the Madam was momentarily taken aback before she plastered a smile on her face, “Miss, not everyone can enter this underground market…If you want to go in, you have to pay a deposit of five million and two silver… Underground shops are not places you can play when you want to.”

An advance deposit of five million two silver is the rule of the underground market.

One reason is to limit the rank of those who go in and the other is to prevent others from deliberately going in to explore news in the underground market.

“Five million two?” Feng Chuge clarified.

“Yes, Five million two. If you don't have it, don't go around the underground shops.” a.s.suming that Feng Chuge doesn't have the money, she impatiently answered.

Turning around to leave, Biluo appeared in front of the old woman in the blink of an eye.

It was also at that same time that Biluo fished out a stack of silver cheques from her sleeves…

Catching sight of the silver cheques, the Madam's complexion paled and went an instant change.

These Silver cheques are one of a kind.

On the edge of the silver cheque, the shiny golden word ‘Tian' was particularly eye-catching.

The silver cheque ‘Tian' is a special existence in the Yuntian continent.

The currency value of other paper money are not that big, but the ‘Tian' denomination can reach up to a million and two.

At the moment, Biluo counted exactly five ‘Tian' cheques and two silver.

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