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Chapter 818: The Truth Beside The Hot Springs

Liu Ye woke up, and felt as if she was learning through her experience in the dream for thousands of years.

A type of realm, knowledge and energy that could not be described in words. It filled the soul entirely like the ocean, full of it, and it seemed as though it might overflow at any time. She knew that her realm was not enough to accommodate more, otherwise the things she had gained in her dreams would have been ten thousand times more than it is now. That kind of endless world was brought to her by Yue Yang, and it had everyone’s different levels of perception. Liu Ye had never thought that there was such a vast existence beyond her own imagination like the limitless existence of the universe…Master!

Liu Ye sat up, anxiously wanting to see if something happened to Yue Yang.

She was not sure if her losing control and fainting would affect her Master.

“You’re awake?” The Sickly Beauty appeared in front of Liu Ye, and her hands, tender and white, handed her a gla.s.s of water: “Your potential is not bad, you slept for three whole days.”

“Three days?” Liu Ye didn’t understand how sleeping for three days had anything to do with her potential, but she had always respected the Sickly Beauty, Mistress Wu Hen. Liu Ye took the cup subconsciously, while she inexplicably asked, “I slept for three days?”

“Yes. The more you gain in the new realm, the more time your body needs to adjust and adapt. You have slept for three days and adjusted for a long time, which proves that you have gained more! You must know Bao Er and the young slave were the fastest to awaken, taking only one day. Yue Yu, Xia Yi and I took about two days. This proves that you have more potential than us.” When the Sickly Beauty received Liu Ye’s cup, Liu Ye was surprised to find that on her finger, there was a strand of crystallized energy that was almost invisible to the naked eye. It was wrapped around her finger, incomparably spiritual. In an instant, Liu Ye felt that the doors of her heart seemed to be opened, and she could talk to Mistress Wu Hen in a spiritually direct manner.

“What is this?” Liu Ye found that there were also some kind of energy filaments between her fingers, but the shape of the energy filaments was different from that of the Sickly Beauty.

“Linked Heart Knot.” The Sickly Beauty smiled and stroked the soft hair in front of Liu Ye’s forehead: “After the practice of complete spiritual integration, each of us has obtained this spiritual skill. Yue Yu and I decided to call it “Linked Heart Knot”. Although the shape of each person is different, it can indeed be used to communicate with the soul.”

“The energy of the soul?” Liu Ye was surprised to find that this kind of energy was unstoppable by everything in the world and was only controlled by her own will.


The Sickly Beauty didn’t answer, and the rose-red jade finger lightly pointed to the distance.

Liu Ye looked up, and only then did she discover that the energy field of Yue Yang’s World Creation Domain was still gathering and not dispersing, with him still being shrouded in it. And the entire energy field was filled with all kinds of wonderful spiritual energy ribbons. They have different shapes, but each has its own characteristics. Large or small, varying distinctively, interwoven to form a mysterious pattern of the Linked Heart Knot.

Yue Bing and Yi Nan were still asleep, and there were more people lying on the ground, unawake.

They were still immersed in the energy field.

Their bodies were also adjusting to the varying degrees due to the different breakthroughs in the new realm.

Liu Ye saw that the knot of the Night Empress was the most beautiful. Like one star after the other, connected by the starlight, the intertwined patterns were also the most magnificent amongst the crowd. The dazzling brilliance made her dizzy. As for the Linked Heart knot of Zhi Zun, the swordlight soared through the sky, and the cold bone-chilling made people feel unable to look directly at it. Even the unconscious spiritual energy caused the people to be afraid of having any blasphemous hearts. The Linked Heart Knot of Zhi Zun was also the only one with the unique existence of a huge image as if it was a guard. The image of the soul was very similar to her, but sitting cross-legged with hands together. The Divine Might had a slightly more void of hatred and self-anger, and a bit less of the gentleness than ordinary women… Upon Liu Ye’s sight, her own soul reverberated, and she couldn’t help but give a respectful worship for it.

She didn’t know what the image in the middle of the Zhi Zun’s Linked Heart knot represented. But from her most intuitive spiritual connection, it seems like the ‘sacred’ existence.

Unlike Zhi Zun, Yue Yang didn’t have a Linked Heart knot, nor did he have any image of a guardianship.

He laid in the center of everyone.

His whole being exuded an endlessly vast energy like a cosmic galaxy, supplying the people who were asleep at every given moment, so that they could adapt to the adjustment of the body after the breakthrough of the new realm more quickly.

Liu Ye looked at Yue Yang’s sleepy appearance, and the corners of her lips couldn’t help but slightly curve. Her heart was amused, but she suppressed it implicitly and didn’t laugh.

Yue Yang’s Grimoire had changed a lot at this time. It is now three meters long and a meter wide. The runes on it were shining, and that unique ‘world’ was constantly absorbing energy. Seeing this, Liu Ye couldn’t help but be happy for Yue Yang. She used to hear Yue Yang often complaining about the slow progression of the Grimoire, and how it almost got promoted to the Diamond Grimoire, but it just didn’t….

Master should be at ease now, how could his Grimoire not be a Diamond-Rank? It seems that after being promoted to the Diamond-Rank Grimoire, things felt a bit different. But it was Master, so any sort of situation can possibly happen!

Liu Ye didn’t think much about the changes in Yue Yang’s Grimoire.

While letting Sickly Beauty gently support her, Liu Ye looked back at Xue Wu Xia again.

She discovered that the First Lady of the Xue family was worthy of being the Master’s first wife. Among the knots that entangled Yue Yang’s body, Xue Wu Xia’s knots were the most beautiful and wonderful, all composed of runes. The runes that kept spinning were all variants of ancient runes and Liu Ye didn’t know any of them. However, she had a feeling from her soul: those runes must be secret words spoken by the flawless Madam Wu Xia to her Master. She guessed that probably only her Master alone could understand its meaning.

With this rune-Linked Heart knot, the Master would always be able to recognise Madam Wu Xia forevermore.

No one would ever be able to imitate her.

“You also have your own unique specialties! Your purity, your kindness, and the courage to traverse all obstacles are irreplaceable!” The Linked Heart knot of the Sickly Beauty was also connected to the Linked Heart knot of Liu Ye. She naturally knew Liu Ye’s current thoughts and comforted her softly.

“Yes, thank you, Miss.” Liu Ye’s face blushed a bright red.

Was this the acceptance of Mistress Wu Hen?

She didn’t dare to think too much, and hurriedly kept away the knot, as she feared that the Sickly Beauty would understand her shy, inner heart.

But how could the Sickly Beauty not know what Liu Ye’s thoughts are about; she just doesn’t try to expose it. She patted her pink face gently: “Go take a bath, Bao Er and the others are all playing around in the hot springs. And don’t worry too much about cultivation matters, let’s wait for Yue Yang to wake up first.”

Liu Ye nodded obediently.

However, before leaving, she couldn’t help but steal a glance back at him secretly… When she flew up, she was about to step into the air in accordance with the Battle Skills taught by Yue Yang, but she was surprised to find that her body was a hundred times lighter than usual. As soon as she vacated, she moved at will, not needing to control her body as usual. Energy flowed through her whole body automatically. The distance of a thousand meters could be reached with a single thought. Compared with the usual synchronous teleportation of riding her Perforation Deer or the Unity of Spirits, there was no sign of any difference.

It was as if there was an illusion that the sky has become shorter and the world has become smaller.

What was this?

With a wave of shock, Liu Ye landed in a hot spring ten kilometers away. She originally estimated that it would take at least a minute for her to arrive. But it only took her ten seconds now. If she had rode on the Perforation Deer, or used teleportation, she estimated it would have been faster.

It was not teleportation, it was purely flying, walking in the void. But it was much better than usual…What happened to her body?

A naked body tinged with a fair pinkness rushed into Liu Ye’s arms, and Bao’er’s clear voice sounded affectionately in his ears: “Sister Liu Ye is so beautiful. Bao Er wants to be a G.o.ddess’s Envoy too, but it’s a pity that I’m only almost at that stage!”

“Who told you not to cultivate seriously? The young slave is now much better than you!” Xia Yi bubbled in the hot springs.

“No, the young slave doesn’t need to be a Divine Envoy, as long as she stays by the Master’s side.” The young, half-elven slave shyly hid inside the hot springs, showing only her small head. But even so, the rather huge and rich ‘weapons’ could not be hidden at all. They were looming in the water, making Liu Ye feel inferior. Although she was used to seeing it, it now seemed that when the murder weapon of the young half-elven slave was exposed, only did she really discover how powerful and shocking it was.

“What do you mean ‘Divine Envoy’?” Liu Ye subconsciously wanted to ask the young slave what she ate to grow into this way, but when the words reached her lips, she swallowed them back quickly.

In fact, it was okay here. Compared with Bao Er’s young and girlish body, Liu Ye does not feel inferior as Xia Yi has always hated flat b.r.e.a.s.t.s. t. The young slave was an exception, making her unable to compete with her…Besides Sky Law, no one could compare with her.

Xia Yi threw a mirror to Liu Ye. Liu Ye took a look, exclaiming, “This is me?”

Liu Ye was shocked as she could not recognize the person in the mirror.

A holy and beautiful appearance reflected with a slight expression of surprise. Whether it was the supreme will flashing in her pupils, or the “Divine Envoy’s Mark” embedded on her forehead like a diamond, it all reflected that the owner of the reflection in the mirror was promoted into the rank of a Divine Envoy.

How is it possible? I have just surpa.s.sed the Innate realm. The Innate Supreme realm was still very far away, how could I have become a Divine Envoy? Did the mirror reflect the wrong thing?

At some unknown point, Yue Yu appeared behind Liu Ye.

There was a burst of virgin fragrance on her body, and even the shocked Liu Ye could easily smell it.

Liu Ye was startled to realize that a certain strange change had taken place in Yue Yu’s body, but she didn’t understand what it was.

Not only Yue Yu alone, but the Sickly Beauty before her, as well as Bao’er, Young Slave, Xia Yi and the others , all have completely new changes, making Liu Ye feel it was dreamlike and unreal: Was she still in a dream?

“No need to doubt. This was just one of the many gains we got from Little San (Yue Yang), Zhizun and Night Empress. I believe that there are more abilities waiting for us to unlock. Liu Ye, don’t be nervous, just hide the envoy mark and it will be fine. Actually, we can’t be regarded as Divine Envoys yet. Our realms were brought by Zhi Zun and they were also guided by the countless seniors in the World Tree Heaven Stairway. That being the case, if we still could not be able to reach the “G.o.d Envoy Realm”, then that would have been too disappointing! But we have only reached the realm, and our real strength is far from enough… If we use an a.n.a.logy like Little San’s usual example, we now have a flying beast, but we can’t ride it. We are unable to fly up to the sky, and we have to look up to the sky from the ground…As long as we continue to cultivate, we can at least reach the realm we have now. We don’t need to worry about potential or obstacles, because Little San and Zhi Zun have already helped us get through. What we have to do now is to work hard as much as you can and not cause him any trouble so that he can be more focused on improving himself.” Yue Yu stretched out her hand, hugged Liu Ye’s scented shoulder lightly, and gave her a patient explanation for her who had just awakened.

“Yes, I will definitely work hard!” The young half-elven slave made a pink-shaded fist and stood up from the hot spring.

“Wow, so white, and so large…” Bao Er exclaimed in shock.

Everyone was stunned when they saw it.

It took a long time to react. Yue Yu and Liu Ye looked away, and Xia Yi punched Bao Er on the top of the head: “You’re such a fool, where are you looking? Don’t you have them yourself?” The young half-elven slave was embarra.s.sed. With both hands hiding her face, she squatted down quickly, hiding in the water like a quail, only daring to show the parts above her small nose.

In order to conceal her own gaffe, Liu Ye quickly took off her clothes and slid into the hot spring.

By her side, Yue Yu, who was about to go into the water, accidentally swept her hands over Liu Ye’s chest.

Suddenly her whole person froze.

She became stunned and unable to speak.

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