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C715: Creating, Torturing Inner Illusions

Black Wind City.

These few days, the Black Wind City was much calmer. There were a lot of bold businessmen who secretly opened their doors and traded all kinds of scarce goods.

Benefits could turn a coward into a warrior! In addition to immeasurable losses, the war also brought endless business opportunities. Once this business opportunity was captured, countless merchants would rush to Black Wind City in a hustle and bustle, making a huge fortune from the war. Within Black Wind City, only a small number of the original residents and mercenaries had fled due to fear. However, since more merchants had entered, this place was more prosperous than before.

The only regret was that the black market could not be officially opened at the moment. Merchants could not maximize their profits.

"Master, Wild Bull is here, it's outside." The Master of Black Wind City, who was in the process of discussing the battle with Old Demon Wei, Bai Song, and Pang Man, received a report from General Jin Feng.

It was not surprising that Captain Wild Bull had come to partic.i.p.ate in the cross-border war.

The Master of Black Wind City had already made a secret agreement with Wild Bull Thief Guild to attack the powerhouses of the Western Heaven Realm as a third party.

However, Wild Bull, a bandit captain who was underhand, was openly asking for an audience outside the City Lord's mansion. What was this all about? Was he afraid that others wouldn't know that he was in Black Wind City and that he had colluded with them? If he wanted to drink a cup of wine, he could just sneak in secretly. Why ask for an audience outside the door openly?

The Master of Black Wind City's first thought was that Wild Bull wanted to use a cross-border war to extort him.

He had to pay a high price, or else this fellow would throw stones at him from the bottom of the well.

"It's just a Wild Bull, I'll go out and see what the h.e.l.l he like!" Earlier, Old Demon Wei had let Yue Yang beat him into a mess and was in a hurry to regain face in a cross-border battle. He absolutely would not allow Wild Bull, who had a strange heart, to cause any trouble. Of course, Old Demon Wei knew that the person behind Wild Bull was the Emerald Lord. But now, the Master of Black Wind City had taken out four-fifths of his wealth and shared it with everyone, whoever could extract the blood of the Black Wind would be harming everyone's interests.

"Please, Old Wei, take charge of the situation." Master of Black Wind City quickly expressed his grat.i.tude.

"Let's go out and take a look as well." Sect Leader of Bai Song was not as powerful as Old Demon Wei, but he had the help of Elder Qing Song and Elder Hong Song, so he was quite powerful. This time, he had received at least a tenth of wealth, there was no reason for him to watch Wild Bull intervene.

Outside the City Lord's mansion, Wild Bull was waiting openly.

Standing beside Wild Bull were the two vice-captains, Fei Huang and Hua Ban. Their faces were still swollen, as if they had fought a great battle before. In addition, there were a dozen men and women wearing cloaks and concealing auras. Needless speaking, they were all members of the infamous Wild Bull Thief Guild.

Master of Black Wind City got greatly shocked.

These members dressed very normally. Because all members of Thief Guild were treated as street rats, wherever they went, people would shout and beat them. It was very normal for them to put up a cloak.

But what if Wild Bull showed itself in the open?

With strength of Heaven Stage, would one be able to ignore the bounties of the Heaven Realm Mercenary Guild for chasing them down?

"Wild Bull, what are you doing?" Master of Black Wind City wasn't too sure of the situation. It seemed that the Wild Bull's stance wasn't to aid the battle, but rather, it felt like he was criticizing him. When did he offend him?

"Under the guise of a cross-border war, they conspired to betray the Emerald Territory and spread the flames of war throughout the entire region. Yet, you yourself chose to leave the region and made a huge fortune in the war. Black Wind, although we've known each other for many years, I never would have thought that you would have such a strategy and courage." Wild Bull laughed coldly, "If I wasn't so alert and used my subst.i.tute to come over, I would have long been a ghost under your blade."

"What did you say?" The Master of Black Wind City was shocked. Although he wanted to spread the flames of war across the Emerald Territory and then leave it to himself, he had not yet started to implement his plan.

"Today you have a guest. If I make a move, you will tell the Lord that I, Wild Bull, take advantage of you. Black Wind, I will come again tomorrow at noon." With a wave of his hand, Wild Bull turned around and left with Fei Huang and Hua Ban. Behind him, there were more than a dozen men and women quietly standing there, but they did not move at all. Black Wind's heart tightened as he cried out in alarm, "Wild Bull, aren't these your men?"

"I have no chance to meet your esteemed guest." Captain Wild Bull sneered and left in a flash.

If it was any other day, the Master of Black Wind City would have chased after him to explain the situation.

However, he didn't have the time to think about it now.

This was because the leader of the dozen or so men and women who were concealed within the cloak opened it, revealing a special twin mask.

This terrifying twin masked guy had caused the Black Wind to wake up from his nightmare a dozen times. His appearance was definite not a good thing. He had clearly arranged for the battle to start in half a month. Why would he send the crowd here today?

Of course, Yue Yang wouldn't tell the opponent that he was going to tear up the contract and set him up.

Instead, he sternly rebuked the opponent, "Master of Black Wind City, since you kidnapped our Alchemy Master of Western Heaven Realm's Jun Wu Ye, taking advantage of the ceasefire agreement, you shamelessly a.s.saulted me, Tong Tian, Long Teng, and Heaven Demon. With your despicable underhanded methods, we can't bear it anymore. Although the higher experts of Heaven Realm were interested in mediating the war between the Western Heaven Realm and the Southern Heaven Realm, they can still be killed and humiliated. During the truce period, you murdered our disciples and have a blood feud with us, and we, the three sects, pledge our lives to not compromise with the Southern Heaven Realm. We would rather fight to the last man than continue our humiliation."

Sky Execution, Dragon Emperor, and Underworld Emperor, who were standing behind Yue Yang, also tore open their battle cloaks, revealing their true faces.

Each of them was filled with killing intent.

The Black Wind almost fainted.

Triple the size of his head.

Now, even if he was a fool, he knew what had happened.

There must be someone with some ulterior motive behind him. First, kill the Wild Bull Thief Guild in his name, making him off the path of the Emerald Lord. Then, kill the disciples of Tong Tian, Long Teng, and the Heaven Demon, which had aroused the greatest contradiction.

A conspiracy with both sides working at the same time, thus he would be left with no way up to heaven or down to the earth.

"Kill!" Yue Yang made an angry face as he yelled, "Shame on you, you must wash it with blood!"

"Wait … …Wait a minute……" Old Demon Wei still wanted to explain, but Black Wind sighed sadly. At this point, even if he did, the other party would not believe him. The person who stabbed him in the back was really sinister! This method of using a knife to kill and driving a tiger to devour a wolf was simply too vicious! Who came up with it? Rebel? Or was it that stubborn, Jue Hu?

In fact, there was another person in Black Wind's heart.

But he didn't dare to guess.

He was afraid that if he guessed right, he would feel even more terrified.

Long Xiang had just left Black Wind City when the Wild Bull arrived and the masked guy came as well … What does this mean? Other than the extremely powerful king behind Long Xiang, who else had such wisdom? Who else had such strength that could easily take the blame for his actions?

Lionheart King, if I don't die, you can't take it easy!

The Master of Black Wind City didn't dare to fight properly now because he knew that the masked guy's visit this time was different from his previous one.

This time, the masked guy was here to kill someone, not to take back the alchemy master. Most likely, the Lionheart King had already sent someone to inform the masked man that the Alchemy Master Jun Wu Ye was already dead, and had long since died under the giant rock. Furthermore, in the midst of these juniors' attacks on the town, the Lionheart King had sent people to kill a number of talented juniors.

"Go to h.e.l.l, you vile maggots, enter my door and see what's waiting for you inside." Now that Yue Yang was at his wit's end, it was only natural for him to beat the s.h.i.t out of him.

Facing several Heaven stage enemies, he had truly used the Creation Domain.

If one were to say that the Creation Domain from before was still compatible with Xue Wuxia's spirit domain, then the creation domain now was completely independent.

Similar to the ruling power in the Gate of Life and Death, it was illusory and real.

The enemy will see all the psychedelic visions in the realm.

Although it is an illusion, but without any negation, it is an existence of 'reality' ….

In a hundred meter radius, all the scenery vanished, turning into a sky of nothingness. The Master of Black Wind City and Old Devil Wei realized that something was wrong and quickly gathered together. Bai Song, Qing Song, Hong Song, Pang Man, Hoka, Savi, Jin Feng, and Lei Kai also hurried over. Originally, with their strength, they shouldn't be afraid of any enemies below the sixth level.

However, they, who were trapped in the domain of Yue Yang's Creation Domain, felt uneasy from the bottom of their hearts.

It was too strange.

In this s.p.a.ce, no matter how he walked, he would never be able to reach the end.

None of the enemies who had been fighting now vanished into thin air. Even the impossible buildings in the Mayor's mansion were gone. Everything had been turned into nothingness.

"Huh?" Old Demon Wei was the strongest, and was the first to notice a shadow swimming towards him from afar.

"What?" The Master of Black Wind City and Bai Song were also stunned by what they saw.

The Azure Swallowing Python that had been killed earlier, Old Demon Wei's original strongest warbeast, had unexpectedly come back to life … Everyone knew that it was fake, because it had died a long time ago. However, no one could deny it, because even the master, Old Demon Guard, couldn't see any flaws in it. The Azure Swallowing Python crawled to the front of Old Demon Wei, opened its huge mouth, and prepared to swallow its former master into its stomach.

With a pained expression, Old Demon Wei swung his fist, exerting his greatest strength.

The most powerful fist attack of the fifth level of the Heaven stage.

A fist descended upon the Azure Swallowing Python's weak point.

As its master, he naturally knew its weaknesses. The so-called 'snake strikes seven inches', and the 'seven inches' of the Azure Swallowing Python's vital points were under a scale that was almost indistinguishable from the others below its long neck. That was the area of its heart, and the only part of its entire body that could barely be considered its weaknesses.

An ordinary attack had no effect on the Azure Swallowing Python.

As long as the strongest and most penetrating fist position could directly shatter the heart that was protected by the Azure Swallowing Python's scales, it would be effective.

The Azure Swallowing Python hissed miserably.

He crashed to the ground.

"…" Old Demon Wei, who had just killed the Azure Swallowing Python with a single punch, didn't show any expression of complacency. On the contrary, his face was gloomy, as though he had aged several hundred years in an instant.

He also knew that this Azure Swallowing Python was fake, but no matter how rational a person was, there was no way they could deny its existence.

Because it seemed to be alive.

"The torment has only just begun!" "The shame, pain and despair you bring us will be repaid a hundred times, a thousand times!" Yue Yang's voice rang in the ears of Master of Black Wind City and Old Devil Wei. When his figure flashed in front of them, another Azure Swallowing Python appeared from afar. It was exactly the same as the one that had fallen at the feet of the crowd earlier.

"Do you think you can deceive us with these fake things?" Bai Song was enraged.

"My domain can interrogate your hearts. Even if what you see is false, can you deny it? "Look, what are you afraid of the most!" Yue Yang extended his hand and pointed at the Master of Black Wind City. In front of the Master of Black Wind City, a flash of light appeared and gradually, a second Yue Yang wearing a twin mask appeared.

When Yue Yang pointed at Bai Song, a woman appeared in front of him, holding a baby.

Bai Song's expression changed drastically when he saw the woman with the baby in her arms.

The woman who was carrying the baby suddenly bled from her seven orifices. She screamed at Bai Song with extreme resentment, "Bai Song, for the sake of your succession, you took the Sect Leader's daughter. It's not enough for you to abandon your wife and children.

Pang Man saw Yue Yang's finger reaching straight for her.

Instantly, his face turned ashen.

Someone pat him from behind. The Sky Execution that made him feel fear from the bottom of his heart was looking down on him. It was cold and merciless, akin to a death G.o.d. He couldn't help but shiver from fear.

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