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C707: I won't dare to eat indiscriminately anymore from now on

When she recalled the time when the Hornless Dragon lady inherited the divine power of Dragon G.o.d Sovereign, Raging Flames had caused her heart to palpitate like this.

What Raging Flames was sure of was that Princess Qian Qian had not received the legacy of divine power.

This was domain power she had comprehended from the Gate of Life and Death!

The Gate of Life and Death … Could it be that its secret was only a testing point left behind by the experts of the ancient times to carry their descendants? Raging Flames compared the results within her heart. If a powerhouse of Tong Tian Tower like Princess Qian Qian who had pa.s.sed the smelting trial went to the Heaven Realm to fight those powerhouses that didn't have the chance to enter the Gate of Life and Death, what would happen? She believed that the powerhouses of Tong Tian Tower that had completed the smelting trial would slaughter the powerhouses of the same level! Forget about the same level, even if Princess Qian Qian was two or three levels higher than her in the Saint Force Domain, even if she was a few levels higher than the Heaven Realm elite, with her domain and her dragon power, wouldn't she be nothing but a bunch of chickens and dogs?

It was no wonder that every time the Heaven Realm was thrown into chaos by the powerhouses who would always come from the Tong Tian Tower of Western Realm … Now that she thought about it and found out that the power of a martial artist of Tong Tian Tower was strong but without no reason!

Raging Flames couldn't wait to return to the Gate of Life and Death.

No matter what, she had to pa.s.s that perverted trial.

Because that was the only way.

She was a true expert!

The fifth level of the Heaven realm looked very powerful, but it was only a matter of strength. It was lacking in spirit, just like a cripple!

If she still considered herself as a strong warrior, wouldn't she be a laughing stock? Before this, she had seen that these women did not possess the strength as a expert of Heaven Stage did and was quite confident in her heart. She never thought that the one who was truly weak would actual be herself, who possessed the strength of Heaven Stage level 5! The level of levity and the power on the surface confused her eyes and her will.

Why did the clown dare to betray her? Why did he have the confidence to capture her? The reason is because he saw through her flaws!

When she thought back now, she couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat.

Without a warbeast, without a domain, without special abilities, without any a.s.sistance, and only relying on the ancient dragon's brute force, she thought that she would be able to dominate the Heaven Realm and perform chivalry. This was truly too naive in the past!


Princess Qian Qian had beheaded one of the lions, scaring the other so much that it jumped back, afraid to venture any further.

It opened its huge mouth and spewed a long stream of flame.

The flame was like a storm, sweeping toward Princess Qian Qian.

Princess Qian Qian calmly raised her lily-white hand in the air and shouted, "Convert the Vermillion Bird Saint Force!"

It was somewhat similar to a Nirvana Flame Phoenix, but it didn't have the long tail of the Flame of Nirvana. Its entire body was covered in burning purple flames, and an unfamiliar giant fiery bird appeared behind Princess Qian Qian's back. When it appeared, everyone presented felt waves of warmth. Standing in Princess Qian Qian's domain, it was as if there were a pair of invisible fire feathers on her back, making people feel as if they could fly as easily as they wished.

In the face of this strange and beautiful fiery bird, the male fire lion's high temperature fire completely lost its temperature and power.

Even if Princess Qian Qian didn't put up any resistance, the people standing behind her could only feel a cold wind blowing through the fire lion's mouth.

To her surprise, Raging Flame discovered that she had received a boost from the flames. Her strength was doubled, as if the fire spewed out by the lion wasn't an attack, but a boost. She looked up and saw that Yue Yang, Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Xue Wuxia, and the Master of Luo Hua City were all very good at hiding their auras, so she was not very noticeable. However, Yue Bing, Yi Nan, and the Drunken Cat Sister all had rings of fire wrapped around their bodies, making the flames appear stronger than her, the inheritor of the ancient dragon bloodline.

"The fire type attack is ineffective, and it can also be converted into an increase for your side?" Raging Flames discovered that the Saint Force within this domain was so abnormal that it made one's hair stand on end. If she were to encounter an expert with pure fire energy attacks, would she cry in the face of this domain?

The dragon-shaped Saint Force was a destructive lightning bolt. Right now, it was able to ignore the enemy's fire energy attacks and absorbed and converted it into its own energy support.

If there were four types of Saint Force, then what was the third and fourth type?

Raging Flames looked at Princess Qian Qian.

At this moment, the male fire lion didn't even notice that its enemy was bathed in flames. This was the same as enjoying the moment when it attacked and killed the enemy, spitting out flames and taking advantage of the enemy's burning pain to deliver a fatal blow. It jumped up high, brandished its front paws, roared like thunder, and unleashed its greatest strength, preparing to tear the human in front of it into pieces …

The fiery bird behind Princess Qian Qian froze the lion in mid-air, as if it wanted to take the lion out of its mouth in a split-second.

But instead of doing so, Princess Qian Qian changed her domain once more.

The entire earth and cliffs trembled, as if some great prehistoric beast had crawled out from the deepest part of the earth. A magical beast image was so huge that one could barely see its entire body, with only a small part of its back appearing at Princess Qian Qian's feet. The patterns of gold were like turtles, and each pattern had a different pattern of runes. They were extremely profound, and a dragon's head could be seen a kilometer away. On the other side of the cliff, there seemed to be a snake's tail … Yue Yang and the others looked at themselves and discovered that there was a special type of gold tattoo. What was the use of this tattoo?

The attacking male fire lion gave the answer!

It was frozen in mid-air, but as the Vermillion Bird digested it regained its ability to move, and it had no idea that it had once stopped in mid-air to become an obvious target.

He continued to roar and tear it apart with his claws.

Holding the heavy but unsharpened giant bronze sword in her hand, Princess Qian Qian lifted it gently and held it in place.

How could the male fire lion care about a blade-less great sword? Its sharp claws could split open a golden rock.

A claw slapped down on the greatsword that was covered in golden lines.

Sparks flew like a waterfall as tens of millions of sparks flew into the sky and bloomed like fireworks… The male fire lion's claws seemed to have crashed into a copper wall. Raging Flames saw with her own eyes that the claws shattered and snapped, bones piercing out from its flesh. The claws that could split metal turned into rotten meat after a single strike.

The unstoppable male fire lion collided with the great sword and flew out while howling miserably.

He fell on the mountain rocks.

After smashing the huge rock, the extreme pain caused it to fall to the ground.

It struggled to get up, trying to escape, but before it had taken two or three steps, its body had already turned into a zombie in the frost.

Even until its death, it was still in the posture of escaping … Raging Flames swallowed a mouthful of saliva, realizing that she had a choking feeling. That golden pattern was a solid defense, and she had already sensed it. However, what she did not expect was that this gold pattern also had a strong backlash. The stronger the attack, the greater the backlash. Furthermore, the backlash was not only from the opponent's attack, but also a terrifying frost energy.

That male fire lion was a warbeast of quasi-level of Heaven Stage with the fire attribute. After the backlash, it would turn into a zombie with its entire body covered in flames.

If this backlash struck an ordinary martial artist, wouldn't that turn them into a pile of ice shards?

There was no time to try out the fourth domain. The two male fire lions of quasi-level of Heaven Stage had died. This was the power of one who entered the Gate of Life and Death to gain insights after pa.s.sing the smelting trial!

Perhaps everyone was different, but as long as they pa.s.sed the Gate of Life and Death, they wouldn't be any worse off than Princess Qian Qian!

Raging Flames' eyes changed.

In an instant, it flashed with an incomparably resolute brilliance!

No matter what, she had to pa.s.s through the Gate of Life and Death!

She clenched her fists in silence, truly putting down the pride of a Heaven stage expert … Although the fifth rank of the Heaven Stage was very powerful, on the surface it was far superior to Princess Qian Qian and the others. However, with their speed of improvement, it would be too easy for them to catch up to her! If she wanted to become stronger, not only would she need to raise her level, she also needed to use the Gate of Life and Death to become a true Heaven stage expert. No, she needed to become the 'Innate Sovereign' that Xue Wuxia and the others called her. As long as she was an Innate Sovereign, she was worthy of being called a true expert!

"That Lion King and lioness are fleeing!" When Yue Bing discovered that the two lions were dead, the old Lion King immediately turned around and ran.

"It's fine." Xue Wuxia smiled and gently caressed Yue Bing's small head.

Seeing that she was going to test out her spirit domain, Princess Qian Qian, who had yet to fully display her saint force domain, retracted her domain, put the giant bronze sword back on her back, and handed the battlefield to Xue Wuxia.

Only now did everyone realize that the area within the Lion King's Valley was at least at least ten kilometers in radius. It was enveloped in a special psychokinesis energy field. If it wasn't for Xue Wuxia letting everyone know about this psychokinesis energy field, there probably wouldn't be a third person who would be able to sense its existence apart from Yue Yang and the Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

This psychokinesis energy field was invisible. It filled the world and was everywhere.

Everyone had this strange feeling. In this field of psychokinesis, this field of energy that was ten times greater than Princess Qian Qian's domain, in this world, everything was under Xue Wuxia's control.

The old Lion King led the lionesses and ran around the area at full speed for three minutes.

With their outstanding running speed, they could at least run dozens of kilometers away, but in reality, they weren't able to run more than fifty meters.

It was as if there was an invisible maze, allowing them to remain where they were. Several lionesses tried their best to flee, but as they ran, they b.u.mped their heads against the rocks. It was as though they couldn't see that there was a mountain in front of them, not a road. If this explained that they were in a panic, then their actions of using their maximum speed to mercilessly smash into the mountain rocks and not backing off even if they were bleeding from head to toe was truly puzzling.

Why are they like this?

Apart from Yue Yang, who had the Insight of Heaven, he didn't understand.

Xue Wuxia seemed to understand everyone's confusion. With a wave of her small hand, the scenery in front of her changed.

The original Lion King Valley had changed shape. People were standing high up in the sky and looking down at the ground. The lions that were running with all their might were in front of Kangzhuang Avenue and behind them was a heaven stage level 6 Ancient Dragon.

The appearance of the Ancient Dragon gave everyone a big fright, even though it was a psychokinesis illusion created by Xue Wuxia's domain. It looked down on the domineering aura of ten thousand beasts, its burning dragon flames, its lightning-fast eyes, and its terrifyingly huge mouth that could swallow everything. It was so realistic, as if an ancient dragon had descended upon the Lion King Valley …

"The Gate of Life and Death, this is the illusion of the Gate of Life and Death." Raging Flames was stunned. she never thought that Xue Wuxia would be able to turn the Life and Death Sect's trial into her own domain.

Let alone the lions, even Raging Flames herself might not be able to break out of this spirit domain.

Even though the ancient dragon was fake, Flames still could not deny its existence.

With a wave of its dragon claw, the ancient dragon directly sent a lioness flying.


The lioness landed heavily on the ground, blood splattering everywhere … Flames knew it was the damage it had inflicted on the rock, but they could not deny the impact of the ancient dragon's strike on their souls.

Another lioness died as she was being devoured and eaten by the colossal dragon.

Her body was split in half, and half of it was eaten by the dragon.

The other half was covered in blood.

Everyone could see it clearly.

However, Xue Wuxia had changed the scene from the spirit domain to its original state. Everyone discovered that this lioness had died under their own fear. Her corpse was not torn in half nor was there any bloodstains on it. Even if it were to die, its eyes would not be able to conceal its fear of the Ancient Era's Dragon. Furthermore, what was even stranger was the reflection of the image of the Ancient Era's Dragon on its eyes that were wide open.

One had to say, Xue Wuxia's spirit domain had already reached a place where no one would be able to kill her.

Raging Flames now had reason to believe that if she fought Xue Flawless, she might die in this spirit domain. At the very least, she would collapse and become a madman!

Too, too terrifying!

Having completely controlled his psychokinesis, the frenzied Old Lion King did not know the truth. He had experienced hundreds of battles on his escape route, killing all the enemies he had encountered, namely his lioness… In the end, he was so exhausted that he found a sun gem in front of him that could replenish his energy. He immediately swallowed it with excitement … It was the Arctic Ice Crystal that Xue Wuxia had left on the ground. Before it devoured it, it had mercilessly killed its wife and children because it also seemed to want to share the energy of this Sun Gem.

In the end, the old Lion King enjoyed the joy of the Sun Jewel's ascension.

He did not know that the Polar Ice Crystal was in conflict with the energy of the Lion King Fire's heart, so he mistook it for a boost of pleasure.

The result was naturally death by explosion!

"I don't dare to eat anything else!" Flames wiped her cold sweat. Oh my G.o.d, what's a stupid idiot dying? This was! What does it mean to die in a daze? This was! What did it mean to die a suicidal death? This was! The moment the old Lion King believed that he was safe and was blessed by disaster, it was actually the moment of his death!

Xue Wuxia's final test was that if the old Lion King didn't kill his wife and son when he wanted to obtain that deadly sun gem, she might even spare his life.

After that test, the old Lion King deserved to die. He deserved to die!

Yue Yang smiled: "Although you haven't displayed the true power of your telepathic thoughts, I finally understand the power of your spirit domain. This domain of yours, as well as Tigress's Saint Force domain, actually has many similarities with my Creation Domain."

"Then what is this big brother's creative domain like?" Yue Bing looked at Yue Yang with admiration.

"Let me put it this way, my Creation Domain possesses the illusion of the Gate of Life and the illusion of the Gate of Death." There are many similarities with Xue Wuxia and Tigress, but a little multiplication, plus my original domain, and the various warbeasts, and the special effects of all sorts of treasures, real and fake, I believe the enemies who fought me will be tormented. "The only drawback is that my domain has a radius of 100 meters, and the affected area is too small. If my domain is as large as Xue Wuxia's domain, I believe that other than Law Energy or the Will that surpa.s.ses my Sovereign's Heart, there is no other way to leave."

"Really?" "Hurry up and find a Heaven Tier powerhouse to test, I won't be able to use a magical beast to test my strength." The Master of Luo Hua City was anxious and wanted to pull Yue Yang to the test.

"Wait a minute, we still have a Golden Flaming Lion of Flaming!" Yue Yang's memory is very good.

The things that he wanted, he would not be able to escape from!

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